Chevron Franchisefountain drink area

R Jul 18, 2019

I got there around 6:15pm or after. When I got there . I went to the fountain drink area.therevwas No Large or extra large cups. I ask the male cashier if the anymore cups he said no. They only had a tape a cross it. So I asked if I can refill my jug. My jug is 1/2 gallon. That is equal to extra large cup. He said yes but don't fill it all the way. So I filled it. But after I got 2 medium & filled 1 with Sprite. After filling it I tasted it & it had no Sprite favor. I asked him again. You're Sprite is out, do you have another bib? He responded back then don't take it. There was no out of service sign. This cashier was Straight up Rude. The store was drity, he was eating in front counter. So I was charged $3.95 for three drinks & $10 for gas. I didn't say anything because he was so rude to me my total should been $12.67

fountain drink area

  • Updated by Rosa Soto 01 · Jul 18, 2019

    Bad customer service. Be careful cashier will over charge you.The store very dirty.

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