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Cherokee OutpostBad Juju and beware when buying anything from Cherokee Outpost!

As many have I bought something in good faith off Ebay, Paid ASAP only to find out the seller/vendor didn't have listed item nor did they have any coming to fill previously sold listings.

It seems this is a norm for this business, sell/list something they don't have, float on you money and later if you want a refund you have to leave positive Feed Back on Ebay or you wont get your money back. They will also leave Negative feed Back, even thought you paid and blow off all emails.

I have sent 10 eamils, made phome calls and filed complaints with Paypal and have heard nothing other than a request to With Draw Negative FB on Ebay from the vendor.

No Knife, no offer of a refund and no communication what so ever....Bad Juju and beware when buying Anything as I am not the only one to get screwed by Cherokee Outpost.


  • Lu
    Lumpy Dec 15, 2006
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    Verified customer

    There are many ways that problem issues may be handled. When it comes to the internet, it seems that can and will be a little difficult, especially with some customers. But, all problems usually can and WILL be handled, but communication is a must. You can't just saaayy you sent 10 e-mails, when you didn't, and expect it to get handled.

    We are one of the few Internet companies that give out a toll free number. We receive OVER 300 calls a day along with 300 to 400 e-mails a day, and every one, is answered, diligently. Now, not withstanding being all human here, some may slip through the cracks, granted, BUT, we do return every call, we DO e-mail EVERY SINGLE CUSTOMER that sends us an e-mail, every single, solitary day.

    If there is a problem, we can fix it, but we are NOT giving product away, and we are NOT in business to let customers NOT pay for their items they purchased. If you want it, buy it, if you don't, just leave it alone, especially if you can't afford it, and, if you have a problem, fix it, don't lie about it.

    Teresa Timmons
    Cherokee Outpost

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  • Fl
    Flyntt Jul 26, 2009

    Not true! I dealt with these rats and they are scammers. The sent me an item that was not what I bought on ebay so I sent it back. And waited for a return. And waited and waited and waited.. I called over and response. Just ignored. So, I bought another item off of ebay since the ebay complaint time statute of limitations had expired and I had no way to resolve it through ebay. So I bought another item like the one I returned and told them, You have my money, so send me the item and we'll call it good. Again no response. So... I left them flamingly bad ebay feedback. So after that suddenly dear little Teresa (the lady shark) calls me (surprise!) and asks if we can mutually agree to remove each others bad feedback. I agred ONLY when the funds are returned to my pay pal account. If they got too much bad feedback they got kicked off ebay and believe me they had a lot of it and were on the edge of getting kicked off. I had to hold their feet to the fire in order to get my money back. Despite what they say they have a TERRIBLE record NEVER buy anything from them! ~Flyntt

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