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CHeddars Restaurant review: They are thief's in that restaurant

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5:52 pm EST
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BEWARE! This was the second time that i went to this particular Cheddars, and the first time they added in a $5 tip even though i left a tip in cash. This second visit, they did the same, except this time they charged me $8 more than my bill, even though i left a $7 tip. My bill was $29.32 and my bank statement read $37.32, and of course they didn't give me my receipt so i can't prove it! Just want people to know that they are thief's in that restaurant!

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Jun 22, 2015 4:08 pm EDT
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My boyfriend and I dined at cheddars this afternoon, the server took a while to even acknowledge us, once she did she never gave an introduction or even tell us her name, we placed an order for a chicken and beef Nacho with no beans, I had to give her a pen out of my purse because she came to the table unprepared without one, so she "wrote" my order down and still bought it out wrong, so once she came back to check on us with the nachos I told her I didn't want them anymore because im sure the entrees would be arriving, the manager then came and bought the food to the table, I ordered the sirloin and chicken tenders with a loaded baked potatoe and brocolli, my food came out with a baked potatoe only cheese, green beans and my steak was supposed to be medium, it was welldone, the manager never came back to the table to check and see if I was satisfied. I am a server myself and I've worked in this industry for about 7 years and this is very unacceptable, the manager did not seem very empathetic or concerned with the issue and the server in my
Opinion was very overwhelmed and had too many tables because that was the worst experience ive ever had, I am a regular customer at cheddars and I would like to continue dining with you all, but problems like this need to be fixed

Jun 20, 2015 2:48 pm EDT

OK I went to cheddars last wk in tyler, tx and when i was done with my lunch he gave met he reciept and so i pd for it and was suppose to get change back n didn't all he told me was have a nice day and was there anything else he could get for me. also the chicken fried steak is always too salty n this time it was the broccili n cheese that was salty too. this is sad!

Jun 15, 2015 5:46 pm EDT

I received a $30.00 gift card for Christmas. I went to Cheddars in Fort Smith.Arkansas today and was told there was a zero balance on th card. I would like to know when and where card was used. Card # [protected] 2. Thank you very much ahead of time for looking into this matter for me. Phyllis Vann [email protected]


Visited new chedders at 4101 park blvd. pinellas park, fl. # 0860 on 3/24/2013 at 7:30 pm. First impression my last impression . Waitress was very good, but the kitchen had everything messed up. Orders came out with a second waitress and items missing and items wrong. Ordered monte ccristo, sandwich came with no jelly then was told ( no jelly) that's want makes the sandwich, missed 2 orders of fries, 1 salad, 2 soups, and 1 chicken sandwich . No baked potato sold out at 7:00 . Manager helped us and some of the items came to the table to late we finish the first half. Manager compet 1/2 the bill but your store needs big help. Other customers were also complaining with us. Thank you for your time. Kevin Schuerman [protected]

Nov 14, 2011 7:08 pm EST

What the guy said about gratuities applying to a party of six or more is not true. Work it out with management, they are pretty good about these things. Show him your mank statement and have him look into it.