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This company has scammed me by phone promising to provide a free companion flight for my husband when we had to fly to a funeral. We had limited funds for the trip as it was, and the phone rep who called coerced me into paying over $200.00 for a special flight offer that I could use - to get a rebate, use certificates to get rebates off our flight, etc. He told me to call the support line on the website and talk to them and they would help me get my flight.

It was all a scam. There is no one who ever answers the phone. The flights on the website cost more than we can get them for through every other company.

They are a total scam - selling bogus memberships. No rebate certificates ever arrive - there are no instructions except how to supposedly get a rebate.

I think I may do a film about this company and its incredible ripoff.


  • Sa
    Sarah Haskins Jan 20, 2011

    I also was scammed. I was told that I would receive 4 airline tickets and that the people I was to share them with did not have to live in the same state as I. I told the representive that I was sick with cancer and didn't know when or if I would use them. I was told that I was a life time member and an executive member. Was told that the people had to live in the same state as I. Never got to use the tickets because I was told that they had expired. How disappointed I was because I had invested a a lot of money. At one time, I told them not to call me anymore and that I was not going to give them anymore money. Today 1-20-11 I called, wanted to see about making a reservation for a motel. I had to go through sign on for membership to talk with someone to get a phone number for travel in regard for a motel reservation. No one answer the phone, was to leave a message. This is not the first time that I have called and never received a phone call back. Yes, I did received one call but in 2010, I was sick and didn't want to talk with no one. I never received a membership card, was given an ID# that was no good and wrong telephone numbers, the phone would ring twice than stop, no one would answer. THIS IS A BOGUS ORGANIZATION, JUST A RIP OFF. SOMETHING SHOULD BE DONE ABOUT THIS GROUP OF PEOPLE. They are taking advantage of people, they are no different then the ones that go around fixing homes for people that have lost through hurricanes, etc. I am a life time member of NOTHING. Maybe President Obama needs to see and hear about these complaints. One day soon Cheaptrips will have their day in court. THEY ARE CROOKS?

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  • Mo
    Monica Marta May 28, 2010

    I just received another call from one of their sales people. I asked her to email me their offer to check it out. Here it is:

    YOUR CHOICE OF A 3 DAY/ 2 NIGHT VACATION GETAWAY FOR 2(includes 2 r/t airfares plus hotel accommendations) CHOOSE LAS VEGAS, NV ORLANDO, FL
    PUERTA VALLARTA, CANCUN, MEXICO( a list of 24 destinations) OR SUBSTITUTE FOR A 3or4 NIGHT ALL-INCLUSIVE CRUISE FOR 2(choose from a list of cruises, includes fabulous meals and shipboard entertainment) YOU GET AN 8 DAY/ 7 NIGHT RESORT CONDO STAY FOR UP TO 4 PEOPLE(choose from a list of over 25 destinations) ALSO 4 R/T AIRFARES TO ANY DESTINATION IN THE CONTINENTAL US, CANADA, CARIBBEAN, MEXICO AND HAWAII.


    If you read the advertisement carefully you can tell from the start it's a scam, very confusing and busy...They got me in 2005 for about $200.00 Never received their four FREE tickets, FREE CRUISE VOOUCHER or any of the other offers. But they did keep my money and never refunded one penny... WATCH OUT FOR THESE CROOKS!

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  • Te
    Teresa49 Oct 08, 2009

    My name is Teresa Brown and I live in Detroit, Michigan. I also have been scammed by Cheap Trips this year 2009. It all started in April, 2009. I got the phone call and went for it because I wanted to travel to North Carolina. I cancelled my membership because they never send me the correct corresspondence and they were very confusion during our discussions. They act like I was suppose to know the procedure. I was also sent the VIP form and still didn't get the answers to all my questions. So I decided to cancel in April 29, 2009. When I called they said we didn't receive your cancellation request until May 8, 2009. Today, October 8, 2009 I still have not received my refund for $59.99. They pacifially left a message to call Chris on October 8, 2009 btw. 10a.m. - 4p.m. to talk to Chris. I called this morning and Chris was unavailable. I called this afternoon and now he is sick and have left the building. A man name Scott is all into the scam. He's the one that answers the phone and makes you feel like you're just stupid. They are continually saying my refund has been done on July 29, 2009 to no avail not true at all. They even gave me a reference number they themselves created. It was never found on my banks end. I want my money back. I have been dealing with this for 5 months. Can you believe that? 5 months to receive $59.95. It only took them 2 days to take it out of my account. I will like to take them to the HALL OF SHAME here in Detroit. I will need other complaints to make this a media mess. My email address is [email protected] If there is any other means of getting our money please I 100 percent involved.

    Teresa Brown
    Detroit, MI

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  • Ma
    Mad in VT Jul 02, 2009

    I have been trying for 4 months to get my money back. I sent their " information packet" back registered mail which cost me another $15.00 but at least I have records that it was done. How many complaints does it take to get action!!

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  • Sh
    Sharon Mesaros Jun 19, 2009

    I too was scammed by this so called cheaptrips in cherry Hill New Jersey. They told me my membership would be $9.95 charged to my checking account and then $69.95 at the end of 30 days. They also told me I could have 2 other free memberships for signing up. They charged my account $181.29 and over drew me which cost me another $60.00

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  • Bl
    blanche Jun 04, 2009

    I too have been cheated by cheaptrips, as iread all these complains it is similar to what i have gone through.I got alot of information, i am going to mail a complaint to attorney general in new jersey, hope that it help in refunding my money.
    blanche vas, new mexico.

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  • Ma
    marcia mcnish Feb 19, 2009

    cheaptrips are professional crooks, i just wish i could catch them my mom got rip off also they promised her free tickets and a gas card for $1oo.00 when the so called package came nothing like that was enclosed, then they went back to her credit card took another $49.00 out saying it is a payment tor membership fee which you have the whole year to pay, yet the next month they took another $49.00 out, now it is a big problem to get the stupid customer services and get someone to talk to, i wish to god the f.b.i. could come down on their thievinging ### and put all of them behind bars time is hard and these thieves are prospering by going into people purses, thieves shall not prosper i am leaving them to god and leaving them to time, people beware

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  • Mf
    mfrankie28 Feb 18, 2009

    it's so funny as soon as my boyfriend told me he had got this great deal from "Bob" for a pair of tickets from cheaptrips i knew something was up. The operator told him all he needed was a credit card to enroll him as a customer, BUT that no charges would be made on it, the information was just for verification purposes. Yeah right, my boyfriend thought he was smarter than "Bob" he gave the number of a non funded card so that even if they attempted to charge it there would be no funds available. Guess what cheaptrips did, they waited until the funds were available on the credit card and charged it days later after "Bob" spoke to my boyfriend. Little did they know that we would find out right away. This card is usually left at home for me, since we have a newborn i can't travel so i take care of our bills and things like that from home. So basically the first thing i did was so contact my credit card compnay. accourding to visa, cheaptrips made an authorization for the amount of $113.00. I explained to them that i never gave them authorization to make this charge. i am sure you know what visa told me, "you must contact the company and see if they will issue a refund if not a dispute must be made". So i did, i called cheaptrips so far from the day they charged me i have made a total of 15 calles. As of now i have spoken to "tom, Sherlly, Lisa etc... every single one of them have given me every excuse available. The last time i called they claimed, yes we received our papers back, yes we will issue a refund, yes, yes, yes. [email protected]#%*, now cheaptrips claims it can take up to 30, to 60 days for my refund to clear on my billing cycle...but their charges go through in less than 1 minute... Here's the how the scam works, the object is to get you t ogive them your credit card info they will promise you some kind of free gift or ticket. then a one time fee, membership, what ever they can come up with.Then they will send you some type of paper which basically repeat all the information you all ready have about the availability for cheaper ticket purchases. When you do, if you do so decide not to continue with their services and want your money back, . Cheaptrips claimes that if you return the items sent to you within 30days of delivery the company will issue a refund on all charges. But heres the catch they prolong the "so call refund' so that if you are disputing the charges by the time the investigation is over you are no longer covered by your credit card company, Because we all know you have only 60 days. After this period you are held resposible for all charges and fees. Here is were i stand, still waiting its been 35 days and counting, i am furious that a company like this with so many complaints had yet to be shut down. My boyfriend and i are parents of a ten years old and a newborn whos just making 12 weeks. He is the only one working. This man works very hard for his money and for these people to go and take something that is not there for the taking is wrong. I swear what ever i have to do, to air this cheaptrips company i will, thats a promise...

    a very made housewife

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  • Be
    beverley murphy Nov 20, 2008

    how is this company still in bussiness.i was also skammed, i phone this company about 50 times.there sales people were very rude.or thay would hang up on me.i also found out they dont even have flights from canada.i paid my money and got nothing only a pin# and membership#.which was no good.

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  • Ab
    abby Nov 18, 2008


    - They have a few different offices... one call center in Cherry Hill, an office in Denver, an Office in Sun Valley Idaho.. and a couple others. The Cherry Hill and Sun Valley offices are legit with addresses.

    - The company isn't technically 100% a scam. But you're essentially paying a membership fee to use a Travelocity booking engine.

    - They make their money by setting up impossible refund policy and deny refunding peoples money through technicalities they have set up in small print contracts with their lawyers.

    - Whatever the salesman sold you on the phone... be very doubtful of receiving it. So the 4 free plane tickets, 85% off airfares, etc... whatever it is... not going to happen. Read the fine print... you might get a free ticket... after jumping through hoops in back and forth mail, but now in order to be eligible you're booking a room that's twice the cost.

    - They are using an affiliate portal search engine made by So any prices you get as a "member" when logged into an account at Cheaptrips are the exact same prices you'd receive from Travelocity.

    - They get A LOT of people requesting their money back because their services aren't legit.. so they can only refund so much money at a time to keep under the radar.

    Regarding the comment from a telemarketing employee above, regardless of if people responses have typos or not its no judge of their character. I've seen this company scam thousands and its horrible. Even if there are technicalities that lawyers carefully set in place regarding if your eligibility of a refund... its FALSE ADVERTISING at its best.

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  • Le
    Leonie Zylstra Oct 03, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I can't believe they just called me again. WHY HASN'T ANYBODY SUCCESSFULLY DONE SOMETHING ABOUT THESE ARS##@%%$%$%$????
    I also got sucked in. 2005 they called with the offer of 4 free tickets-not only did I not receive the tickets I never received the package-but the worse thing was they had also given out my credit card number to another sub company who automatically signed me up and if I had no problems with them after 1 month not to worry as they would automatically send me a monthly statement????
    On other sites I have read from people all over the world having problems with these people. One guy in Germany had actually managed to track down a physical location, only to be thrown off the premises by body guards
    One poor old lady had been automatically deducted the exact same amount of 262 dollars or whatever it was, every year. When the bank tried to search for the company names(as they always changed)- there was no trace of them.
    I was called again today, 2008 . I could not believe they still had the records on file. Of course the guy couldn't believe about the abuse I had encountered from his peers he also didn't have a fax number I could send to him with all the information about what had happenned previously, he asked me about what particular websites had been discussing cheaptrips as a scam and when I tried calling him back- the number would not go through???
    I hope that for all you people that work for cheaptrips (which I heard were only about 4), that you understand the law of Karma and one day someone will rip off a family member you care deeply about .

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  • Ma
    Maria Liquori Mar 21, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I too was scammed. I bought the membership because the rep told me I would get 4 free tickets anywhere in the US. When I went to book my husband and I a "free flight" I was told that to get the free flights I had to participate in 1 of the offers on the brochure included in my package. The cost of one of the offers was more than double what it would cost me for a flight. for instance i had to buy no less than 5 nights at a certain hotel at more than $150+ per night to be eligiable for 1 free flight. This was not told to me when I purchased the membership and I have found cheaper flights on the regular airline websites than cheaptrips offered. I sucked it up and put it down to experience. But BEWARE anyone else... ITS JUST A BIG SCAM TO get your membership money.

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