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Stay away from Charles Edward Lincoln III and ALL COSTS, him and his little scammer partner Peyton Freeman he will tell ANY lie to get your money, he will not do a minutes worth of work, and then when he has bled you for cash he will lien your house of file suite against you! If he asks for a loan, he will offer collateral that is ALREADY covered in liens, or a property he does not even own! He is a fraud, a lair a cheat and a COWARD...shame on you Charles Lincoln for taking advantage of people that need help...he is also a convicted felon, and is in and out of jail. You have been warned do not make the same mistake I did, do not give this scammer a penny, and for good sakes do not transfer the deed to your house to his name, he will steal your home AND your money!

foreclosure defense scam


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    clscams Aug 19, 2012

    A friend said she knew an attorney that could help with an inheritance case I was going to file. So I called Charles, not really knowing who he is. And he said in the first 4 minutes on the phone he wanted $5K as a retainer. Then it got creepy he said he needed to come live with me (right away) while he worked on the case. I had never meet him etc. An attorney doesn’t need to “live” with you to prepare a case. He can’t charge a retainer, he isn’t an attorney. I pointed that out and it changed to a research fee. After I did some research on his credentials and found out what a fraud he was.. I talked to my friend who recommended him and she said she was a real attorney and could get his license if he paid a fine. She got serious mad at me for telling her the truth about Charles.

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  • Li
    Linclon Scammer Sep 09, 2012

    Charles Lincoln, Peyton Frieman are BOTH scammers they are working with and Bob Hurt now. There is evidence of their scams all over the internet, they scam and bum money from their clients, and when the money runs out they lien and sue their clients after they rip them off!!! Look up his suite against Orly Taitz, he fabricated an affair and then sued her husband! Lincoln also tried to scam people out of money by saying he was running for senate, he is a convicted felon and a birther on top of that! Avoid Charles Lincoln at ALL COSTS!

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  • Bo
    Bob Hurt Sep 12, 2019

    @Linclon Scammer I am Bob Hurt and I have never "worked with Lincoln, Frieman, or I referred desperate mortgagors to Lincoln years ago when I did not know he was a scammer and I thought some legitmacy to foreclosure defense existed. Since then Lincoln stole my laptop computer which I had loaned him, and I now encourage mortgagors to give him a wide berth. For a good strategy, mortgagors should study

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  • De
    debbie90216 Oct 04, 2012

    Thank GOD for this Page!
    I heard of Charles Lincoln from, and did a quick google search, and found this among other thbings!!
    I have enough problems as it is, thank you for saving me from a nightmare!!

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  • Bo
    Bob Hurt Feb 14, 2016

    Lincoln Scammer's comment above mentions Bob Hurt in association with Charles Lincoln. Bob Hurt disavows any and all business association with Charles Edward Lincoln III. Bob Hurt promotes precisely the OPPOSITE approach to Lincoln's for dealing with foreclosure or troublesome mortgages. Charles Lincoln is a "Foreclosure Pretender Defender" disbarred former attorney who offers to help troubled borrowers by convincing them to quitclaim their home to him so he can fight the foreclosure in court without needing bar membership. Ultimately he typically only succeeds in dragging out the inevitable foreclosure, and then the mortgagor has a hard time getting Lincoln to give up any benefit such as rents to the mortgagor.

    By Contrast, Bob Hurt promotes the MORTGAGE ATTACK methodology (see mortgage attack dot com) which requires the borrower to find out how those involved with the mortgage transaction injured the borrower, and then attack them for the injuries. if done artfully, the borrower nearly always prevails by way of a settlement, setoff from the debt, or compensatory/punitive damages and legal fees paid.

    Although Bob Hurt sees the lending industry participants as crooks lending money to borrowers who cannot afford to repay, or who jack interest rates and play monkeyshines with the borrower over debt modification efforts, Bob Hurt also recognizes the reality that many borrowers who KNEW they did not qualify borrowed money anyway, and thereby set their own mortgage foreclosure trap for themselves, then hire foreclosure pretender defenders to drag out the foreclosure in an effort to get an undeserved free house. Bob Hurt considers such borrowers as scammers, but considers the lender team as even worse scammers for making predatory mortgages.

    Nevertheless, as the Mortgage Attack dot com web site shows, borrowers who can prove the lender made a wrongful mortgage can win financial benefits in court and in a negotiated settlement. And Bob Hurt's research shows that the lender team has cheated or injured upward of 95% of single family home mortgage borrowers. Therefore Bob Hurt encourages ALL home mortgage borrowers to get a competent professional to perform a comprehensive examination of all documents related to the mortgage transaction in a hunt for evidence of injuries to the borrower.

    If Charles Lincoln is a foreclosure defense scammer, he is no worse than thousands of licensed attorneys across America who scam borrowers out of monthly fees in a futile hope of saving the house from foreclosure. There is no reliable defense for a borrower who breached a valid mortgage. Therefore the borrower's only hope lies in ATTACKING the validity of the mortgage transaction, beginning with finding out how the lender, servicer, title company, mortgage broker, appraiser, realtor, or some other party, injured the borrower. MORTGAGE ATTACK is the ONLY reliable methodology for cheated borrowers.

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  • Ke
    Kevin Horton Aug 14, 2019

    Charles Edward Lincoln III is a convicted felon, disbarred attorney, alleged scammer, and serial bankruptcy filer, with a formidable track record of abusing the court system
    Charles Edward Lincoln, III is allegedly running foreclosure delay scams all over places. He claimed himself as expert in foreclosure defense, and allegedly will do and say anything to get money, including scammed the owner in foreclosure to hand over the property to him for $10.
    Here are deed transfers by two desperate homeowners transferring their property deed to Lincoln III for just $10 and $25.
    1. Deed transfer of a property in New Jersey,
    2. Deed transfer of a property in Florida.,

    More details on

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  • Pe
    Peter lann Sep 12, 2019

    I found more detail of this guy's recent scams and bogus litigations on

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  • Ke
    Kevin Horton Oct 16, 2019

    Facts about Charles Edward Lincoln III: Charles Edward Lincoln III may appear charming, well educated or even religious, but he is a convicted felon, disbarred attorney, alleged scammer, and serial bankruptcy filer, with a formidable track record of abusing the court system. You can find more detail at

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  • Ke
    Kevin Horton Dec 08, 2019

    Apparently there are YouTube videos about this crook scammer Lincoln III,

    As December 2019, Charles Edward Lincoln III is believed to be in New Orleans area, and possibly has a new victim (probably a divorced woman), poor lady. I really hope this woman did not have a young daughter ...

    It's odd that Lincoln's clients often has a young daughter or grand daughter, I wonder why ...

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