CES Futures Brokerage Co. Ltd.Don't execute refundings.


Begin August, I have been contacted by Thomas Quinn from CES Futures. He told me that CES Futures had a good opportunity for investing in Futures on gazoline.
I sent them money and after having closed the positions (with a small gain), begin september, I wanted the cash to be sent on my bank account.
Then begun the problems. They didn't executed the refunding. Every day, I send mails and I call that company. Every time that I call, they tell me that they will call me back but, nothing happens. I also never received answers to my mails.

Are those guys swindlers?

More about them next week.


  • Ai
    Aimedez Oct 09, 2008

    Yesterday, Oktober 8th, CES Futures took contact with me.
    I have been told that the refunding would happen on Oktober 9th and that the SWIFT reference of the transfer would be sent to me by the accounting department of CES Futures.

    By the way, this message have been posted on Oktober 9th at 4 PM and ... till now, I don't have any confirmation that the refunding happened. Of course, as every day, I have sent a mail to CES Futures to enquire of the refunding but I don't have any news yet.

    I am every hour more impatient and every hour, my doubts are greater and greater.

    As CES Futures is based in Hong Kong, I have introduced a claim at the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission.
    I keep you informed of the evolution tomorrow.

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  • Ai
    Aimedez Oct 10, 2008

    Well ... they had the time to answer to my request of refunding.
    One month and till nothing.


    This afternoon, I claim in law in HONG KONG, SINGAPORE and in Belgium. Thuesday, I also do it in Switzerland.

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  • Ro
    robert Oct 15, 2008

    I had the same guy Thomas Quinn, and richard Calhoune, but i send it to the FBI, i have some friends there... they are gonna caught, i a shure you that... they are swindlers


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  • Ai
    Aimedez Oct 16, 2008

    This morning I didn't believed my eyes when I saw a mail from CES Futures telling : “Your funds have been released”. Of course, I had asked the swift reference to check if the transfer had really occurred. I don’t have received that swift reference. So, I still wonder if that message is a way to win some time or if the funds will really arrive on my bank account.

    In every way, my conclusion is that nothing exists to warn peoples against suspicious money managers. Complaintsboard is a good beginning but, I think that a site dedicated and specialized into that kind of information would be welcome. I think that I will spend some time to post such a site.

    I keep you informed if the money arrives on my account.

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  • An
    Andreas Oct 17, 2008

    I have been contacted by this company, though I was not at all interested in doing business with them as this is not my area and would put my money somewhere else. :)

    I found this complaint here after I was contacted, always curious who the hell called me. ;)
    Anyway, they called me yesterday again and I told them about this complaint I've found here, so hopefully Aimedez they saw this post and released your funds.

    Curious to see how things works out!

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  • Ju
    jurgen Oct 18, 2008

    they did contact me also and I did open an account already, but I did not fund it yet. When I read this it is better not to work together with them, else I can lose my money.

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  • Ro
    robert Oct 19, 2008

    Ces futures is a daughter company of China eastern airlines...

    Maybe you can call them

    http://www.zibb.com/article/3829004/CES+Finance+Holding+to+Erect+a+Futures+Fund+Management+Firm heb
    > ik een bericht gevonden waarin 'CES Futures Brokerage' wordt vermeld. Een
    > persbericht van 22 augustus 2008 meldt immers dat de firma CES Finance
    > Holding Co Ltd. (die wel in het handelsregister van Hong Kong geregistreerd
    > staat en nog actief is zie hoger) in 2003 werd opgericht en een financiële
    > dochter is van de China Eastern Air Holding. China Eastern Airlines is een
    > van de grootste Chinese luchtvaartmaatschappijen. CES Finance Holding Co
    > Ltd. overkoepelt de firma's CES Finance Co Ltd., CES Futures Brokerage Co
    > Ltd en CES Capital International Co Ltd. CES Futures is kennelijk ook op de
    > Zhengzhou commodity exchange genoteerd (zie
    > http://english.czce.com.cn/DispDocument.aspx?dn=MemberFirms.htm - nr. 142).
    > Op de website van de Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEx)
    > (http://www.hkex.com.hk/vendor/chargesch/PV_MCDP.htm) heb ik dan recente
    > adresgegevens over CES Finance Holding Co Ltd. (24/09/2008)teruggevonden:
    > CES Finance Holding Co. Ltd
    > TEL: (86) 21 64068785
    > FAX: (86) 21 64068852
    > www.kiiik.com
    > [email protected]

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  • Ai
    Aimedez Oct 24, 2008

    To answer to Robert :
    I think that the company called CES Futures is not really a daughter company of China eastern airlines. Press informations are not always trustable. They can have been published by the company itself to give themself credibility.

    Concerning the story or the refunding. They told me more than one week ago that the money had been released. Great news isn't it? But till now, I don't have received one cent from CES Futures. And of course, CES Futures is loyal with it's communication policy which consist in NOT COMMUNICATING.
    I mean that I have requested the SWIFT reference and the detail of the wire transfer but ... of course, without any result.
    As they are vestigated in Hong-Kong, and if you also have some problems with them, I advise you to take contact with the Hong-Kong Securities and Futures Commission (sfc.hk : [email protected])

    I will keep you informed.

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  • Ai
    Aimedez Oct 25, 2008

    For the information of the whole Internet community :

    I received today a mail from a person ... lets call that person Jack or Bill ... Lets keep Bill because he also pay the bill ;-)

    So, Bill told me : "I think I also lose my money. The same Richard Calhoun did call me and I did open an account with them. I have heat oil call now, but they will expire soon. I'm scared they will steal my identity and use my accountnumber also. I think I'm going to close my bankaacount in my country"


    I see that this is your first trade with CES Futures. For sure, they will call you soon. CES Futures will explain you that you must cover your positions by also having puts in position into the case that the price of the underlying instrument continues to drop.

    In other words, they will ask you more money to buy puts. Thomas Quinn will explain you that with taking a paper page … If you don’t understand what he say, it is not important.

    Two possibilities:

    - CES Futures is a honest company. Then you have to have puts in position to protect your investment.

    - CES Futures is not a honest company. Then you have lost some money and will loose more if you send more money.

    My opinion is that they are not honest. I am now sure that they are swindlers. That is my conviction.

    On the other hand, so long that you don’t have requested your money back, you cannot claim in law. If you sell your positions and claim in law, just send me an e-mail and I will tell you what the true name of Thomas Quinn is and where he lives. I am now able to identify that guy and I have someone who took pictures of him and of where he lives. Don’t ask me who did that and how ... lets say that I asked to more dangerous than them ;-)

    Don’t be afraid for you identity and your account number. All what they can do is to wire money on that account and that would be welcome isn’t it but … don’t dream. They will never do that.

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  • Ma
    Marcus Oct 27, 2008

    I've recently had dealings with CES regarding the purchase of commodity options. I have dealt with Thomas Quinn who guided me thru the investment process. I have not requested my money back yet, but in doing some more research on options and
    CES futures, I did found this website and now I am afraid that things are not what they seem... I am trying to get contact with my broker but am having little luck. Has anyone been in contact or received moneies back?

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  • Pe
    Peter Oct 29, 2008

    I was called by a person who named himself Sean Evans. He was so patient - he had been telling me about their services and incredible possibilities to earn a lot of money, probably 500 % of profit in 1 month. He gave me web-pages' addresses and examples how they made money for their clients. It was interesting though I never take that kind of a risk and to transfer money to China. Somehow it was clear for me that it is too risky and a person who is told fairy stories should be vigilant.

    I am curious to see more stories about that kind of "business" not only of CES Futures but, I am sure, there are lots of companies alike.

    Good luck! And don't be pulled the wool over your eyes!


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  • Ai
    Aimedez Nov 01, 2008

    Last week, I was travelling for the dispute that I have with CES FUTURES.
    That is why I am a bit late with publishing the folder that I told about a few more than one week ago.
    Now that I am back, I am able to publish the information.
    As it is not easy to publish such information on complaintsboard, I have created a blog dedicated to CES FUTURES.

    That blog can be found at


    It am publishing there a downloadable folder of a few mega-bytes with a lot of information on CES FUTURES and on contact persons from that company.

    The day that my money is voluntarily refunded by CES FUTURES, I will delete that blog and the downloadable folder too.
    I think that it is a normal think. If they send my money back and the actions in law are stopped, I don't have any reason to claim against CES FUTURES no more and have to remove all that information.
    In other words, download it before it disappear ;-)

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  • Lu
    Lucky Nov 03, 2008

    Well, I tried to download that folder, but couldn't find it.
    Has it already been removed ?
    If so, please could you explain the steps you followed to get them to return your money ? Where did you file your legal actions, etc ?
    I'm in the same situation as you, so I would also like to recover the lost money.

    Thanks for your help

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  • Ai
    Aimedez Nov 04, 2008

    No, Lucky, the folder is not posted yet.
    I intend to do it very soon but, first of all, I must take some legal measures.

    Best regards.

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  • Ro
    robert Nov 04, 2008

    i had a lot of money lost, and i have some friends who are searching for them, and i had some luck...
    they made some mistakes, and i think i have the id of one of the guys, they are gonna search for him and talk to him, i will publish the names of the swindlers soon on the internet, first i have contact with the police and gouverment ... i'll keep you informed...

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  • Ai
    Aimedez Nov 05, 2008

    Today, at 7:55 AM, I have sent a mail to Thomas Quinn to tell him that the folder with information about CES Futures had been posted on the web. I gave him the name of the blog (http://ces-futures.blogspot.com). At 8:14 AM, Thomas Quinn have accessed the blog using SBC Internet Services (to hide do he think, its real IP).
    At 8:25 AM, one of his collègues stopped the internet server on which the folder was posted.
    Don't worry, till now, everything is under control. All this was foreseen. The real server used to distribute the information to the whole internet community is far better secured and will be running this evening at 8 PM.

    This proves that they don't want to much information about them to be published and ... of course, they don't want to. They try to hide behind services changing their IP and it don't works. That could be a problem if their real identity was published isn't it.
    Be patient. That will happen at 8PM today but ... it will be only for the ones having claimed in law against them. The deal is that YOU claim in law (I will also do it of course) and I provide you the real identity of those persons and I prove it.

    Keep cool. We are close to the goal.

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  • Lu
    Lucky Nov 05, 2008

    As I also mentioned in one of my e-mails to you, how do you feel about a grouped claim in law against them ?
    This would put ourselves in a stronger position, I think.

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  • Ai
    Aimedez Nov 05, 2008

    Dear Lucky,

    I fully agree with you.
    The best way of doing is to group the claims in law and group the information too.
    The fact is that everyone of us must claim in law into its own country.

    So, I think that the best thing to do is to build a place where we can meet us using the Internet and share the information that we have, build groups of claimers per country ...
    That meeting place must be safe so that CES Future cannot have access to it.

    I think agout it and I will post my ideas on my blog (cesfutures.blogspot.com) and also here

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  • Lu
    Lucky Nov 05, 2008

    I fully agree with that.
    In fact my lawyer is introducing a claim now in Belgium.
    I have sent you yesterday an e--mail with my complete details also to request the needed password for your file. I look forward to receive this so I can pass all extra info to my lawyer also.
    I also look forward to your ideas for setting up this grouped claim.

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  • Mr
    mroizo Nov 06, 2008

    i think i'm also the victim of this company.
    How can i get access to the blog?
    And how can we i do a claim in law to them?

    please advice

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  • Ai
    Aimedez Nov 06, 2008

    Paul, the blog is


    Till now, I don't have written how to claim in law because I thought that everybody knows it.
    I will prepare a folder and post it on the blog to explain what to do.
    In every way, you all can help me to make that blog better known by posting links to that blot into forums.

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  • Lp
    Lp Nov 06, 2008

    Have you guys ever heard of a 'Boiler Room Scam'

    Google it.

    The promise of big money makes people lower their guard and not do any checks on someone that's called them out of the blue.

    If it's to good to be true, it's to good to be true !

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  • Jo
    Josiah Nov 06, 2008

    Hi All,

    I have today received a call from CES to transfer $85000 for options in heating oil.

    I just found this blog and would appriciate if anyonce can advice me better on these guys.

    Are they trustworthy??

    I was told that if I do not pay the $85K within 48 hrs, I will loose everything.

    I would appriciate your comments.

    Tks to all

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  • Ed
    Edison Nov 06, 2008

    I work for the real CES Futures Brokerage Co., Ltd in Shanghai. We are a member of the China Eastern Airlines Group and 100% owned by the State Council of the Chinese Government. We don't have any branch offices in Hong Kong nor Singapore and we certainly do not call around and scram people out of their monies.

    If you are a victim of the fake CES Futures Company. I urge you to go to the authorities without delay.

    Best regards,

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  • Ed
    Edison Nov 06, 2008

    To help you better distinglish between the real company from the fake one, please check out their web sites:

    Real CES Futures web site: http://www.kiiik.com/company_futures.jsp

    Fake CES Futures web site:http://www.cesfutures.com/

    Best regards,


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  • Ai
    Aimedez Nov 07, 2008

    Indeed Edison.

    Thanks for your intervention. It might be said that there is a REAL and a FAKE CES Futures.

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  • Hu
    hunter Nov 13, 2008

    Instead of the geniuses they see themselves for,
    the ###s from CES futures are nothing more than a bunch of ordinary thieves and swindlers.

    They will learn by hard the meaning of "what goes around comes around", maybe next week maybe next year, maybe only in 10 years, but as you know "revenge is a dish that's served cold". So there's no hurry.

    The silly ### do not seem to realise that they are raising an army of revenge-seeking-soldiers.
    Plenty of stolen money they will never rest, they will awake at night, becoming pittyfull scared ###ers, doomed to never trust anyone. There will be a victim lurking at their silly faces behind every corner.
    And not all of the victims will deal with these boys trough official justice...

    I for myself have found a new investment. I will invest a tenfold of what i've lost, in the hunt for Sean, Thomas, Richard or whatever their ###ing names might be. In the plan that i'm designing for them, names even faces are of no importance...

    Of course they are surely rolling over the ground laughing their guts out reading all this with their pockets plenty of stolen money...But that's exactely what will kill them, conceitedness always preceeds the final fall!!

    The hunt is open,
    I almost can see them from where i am now...

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  • La
    lament Nov 14, 2008

    As we are all aware of today, that they have closed their "office" and I am as many of you other a victim who will be part of your rampage against CES Futures. My names from that place are Victor, Eric Klein, Charles Cartwright and Thomas Richardson.

    I signed up for a copy of Aimedez report and will gladly contribute with my knowledge.

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  • Ai
    Aimedez Nov 15, 2008

    Dear Hunter,

    I don't want to know what you intend to do but, I advise you the following :
    1 . Install Tor (www.torproject.org/) on your computer. This is a ognon router that makes it nearly impossible to trace who you are.
    2. Open a yahoo or hotmail mail account. It must be a web mail account.
    3. Send me that email adress (my mail is [email protected])
    4. I will send you the password to the folder that I posted on Internet.
    5. Download the folder from http://ces-futures.blogspot.com/ using the download button and after having read my disclosure.

    and at last, never give me your identity.

    After then, you will have enough information do be able to talk with those guys face to face. You will be able to meet them when you want to and discuss with them.

    If you want to, I also can give you the name of some contacts that I have in Bucarest. Those persons can go with you where you want to go. They offer affordable taxi services.

    Best regards,
    ... and keep me informed.

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  • Lu
    Lucky Nov 19, 2008

    As you have all noticed, the website from CES has disappeared.
    Maybe we should all come together some place to discuss possible actions.
    If you are interested, please let me know and I'll set up a meeting.

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  • Ca
    Carl Nov 27, 2008

    I am in the same situation with those guys.
    Richard calhouen and david Dexter.
    can I join your group?

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  • Kl
    Klas Mar 09, 2009

    Possible new Scam, maybe CES futures is back behind a new mask?

    The other day I was called by a company from Great Brittain, Scottsdale Futures and Options ltd. What made me listen carefully was that it was exactly the same as our "good" friends from CES Futures but now they wanted me to invest in Unleded Gasoline.

    Scottsdale Futures was trading at London Global and futures exchange who was controlled by UK Future and Options commission. So far it sound great...if I havent heared and experienced CES Futures. Following is my leads that it is a scam:

    1. Search for either Scottsdale, London Global Futures exchange and or Uk Future and option commisson on google and the result is that 1 hit on each and its linked to eachother...isnt it strange that a huge Exchange only have one 1 hit and is only linked to Scottsdale??

    2. www.scottsdalefutures.com and www.londonglobalfutures.com are registred Feb 8 and Feb 9 2009 at the same "cheap" webhost in USA...isnt that strange??

    3. As mentioned before I cannot find any information about London Global Futures Exchange or UK Future Option commission.

    4. Wanted to see how their invoice looked like and made a purchase of 10 contracts Unleded Gasoline and on it you can not see that its going to London Global Futures or something similar. By the way, I didnt actually transfer the money :)

    5. Talked to representative about all above who got very stressed and gave me some strange explaination and promised me a email from them explaining it all...it havent arrived yet.

    The whole set is so familiar with CES Futures so it keeps me wondering if it is the same guys who are behind this.

    I havent done any real purchase or transfered any money so I cant be 100 % it is a scam, BUT it sure looks like it!!

    Please forward this to anyone who might be in jeopordy, I will also make a new thread about this.

    Take care All.

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  • Mr
    mroizo Jun 15, 2009


    is there any progress in the action against these criminals?
    i'm also the victim of them


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  • Ma
    Mark the shark Oct 06, 2009

    I am also a victem of them but they use another name now... but they still use the same banking account.
    [email protected]

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