Century West Apartments Hawaiiprejudice (treating people wrong!!!)

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I have worked for century west for some time. I was a security guard. The resident managers name is richard (I do not want to leave his last name... Sorry). This is a list of issues and prejudice of this man...

#1) I have wrote tickets for all people that are not obeying the rules according to century west!!! But, when I give him those tickets he tears up all the homeowners and/or the people he likes. The renters etc. Get tickets with big fines. For instance a $500 fine (you heard right $500.00) if someone throws a small piece of garbage over the balcony... They do not get a warning ticket for that!!!

#2) if you have kids and your are a renter, you are put under a magnifying glass. They watch for everything to fine them..

#3) if you are local, dark skinned, he talks down to you. He treats his employees unfairly he also yells at them, alot. He has no professionalism at all.

#4) lets say you sold a couch... You live in this building... You are a renter... It is 1:00 in the afternoon... Someone is moving in... They rented the elevator... The people moving are done or not there... Richard will "not" let you move the couch in or out... But, if you are a homeowner... Of course, you can... No problem... (I have seen renters who rented the elevator and they were in the middle of moving in and richard would just tell them to hold on a minute and let the homeowner move their stuff..

#5) pool time is fun time... If you are a homeowner and you are at the pool (having a party) it is ok. To play talk loud etc. But if you are a renter they will kick you out of the pool immediately... You can not even splash water. They call that extreme horseplay. And it is strickly enforced.

I can keep going on, on, and on...

I feel sorry for the residents there. It is almost like living in a prison.



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    Lov Ing Feb 14, 2020


    Place is a dump. It is old with no fire sprinklers on every floor. Too pricey for what it is. Bugs in building. Dog poop in building, parking lot and anywhere on premises. AC drainage is useless as water does not drain but accumalates causing infestations. People gardening on lanai. Weirdos hopping over gates and entering premises such as the pool and useless 24/7 Security guards have yet to secure premises. Tons of neighbor disputes. Male stabbed girlfriend then committed suicide by jumping off lanai from 15th floor and ended up on the ground in front of building. Creepy place.

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  • Sc
    ScSc213 Feb 14, 2020

    Shelley A. Clark a Kaiser Permanente employee still harrassing residents? Still harrassing families with children? It's been nearly a decade since I lived there and it does not surprise me that she continues her complaints about nothing. In 10 years you would think she could had afforded herself a visit to the psychiatrist at Kaiser for all the noises she constantly hears. Time to court mandate her to get help for the sounds she hears. Or maybe get her a man to stuff her mouth since being a single mother of nonbiological children who the state pays her for is driving her nuts!

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