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CBS Interactive Complaints & Reviews

CBS Interactive / Complaining about TV Show "Love Island"

Jul 12, 2019

I am complaining about the new show "Love Island." How can a show like this replace good down to earth shows. Our world is in bad enough condition without encouraging promiscuness. This is on at family time so needless to say you have lost us as a consumer. I hope the show receive...

CBS Interactive / programing

May 13, 2019

are you getting me??? jeff glor is as close to walter cronkite as anyone in the 21 st century. You will continue to lose viewers while forcing viewers to trust anchors unknown, untrusted . Trust takes time. You did not trust glor or your viewers. Shame on you and the unfortunate choice...

CBS Interactive / jeff glor

May 11, 2019

To CBS, My husband and I have watched your news programs for many years, and this means watching Jeff as well as Nora on your morning and evening programs. So I will not list my likes or dislikes of either of these prodcasters, I will simply say that you can hear Nora read the news, but...

CBS Interactive / the replacement of jeff glor

May 06, 2019

To whom it may concern. I have been a loyal CBS news follower for most of my life and seen many great a anchors over some 50 plus years, and Jeff is one of your best.The so called shuffle is a mistake that I strongly feel will hurt the morning and or the evening programs .Note, this may be...

CBS Interactive / planned removal of excellent jeff glor as anchor for cbs evening news

May 06, 2019

Dear sir/madam: I was outraged to read that you are planning to replace jeff glor as anchor for the cbs evening news! Mr. Glor is an outstanding professional and a great, honorable, compassionate, empathetic, and ethical family man! He is the primary reason that I view the cbs evening news! I...

CBS Interactive / television programming

Apr 17, 2019

I was finished with all but one of your programs - family feud. It has so quickly, viciously, obnoxiously and *offensively* become an obvious political vehicle that I have sadly watched it for the very last time. Your network is one of egregious hatred and you did not do yourself or your...

CBS Interactive / s.w. a.t. (2017 tv series)

Dec 15, 2018

Season 2 Episode 6 "... Character Christina "Chris" Alonsos contemplates an unorthodox proposition from the new woman she's dating: a triad relationship with her boyfriend. The American public has endured the insertion of homosexual relationships into almost every plot of almost every TV...

CBS Interactive / paying for steam monthly and not receiving the service

Oct 24, 2018

I have paid for steam for over a year now, I have not been receiving it for the last seven week. I am also having trouble losing he program while watch it or any thing I watch on CBS, that will include the news. I really don't know if it could be my computer. My not getting steam has nothing...

CBS / coverage of the fedex championship

Sep 20, 2018

I watched the Tiger Woods production today and listened to all the accolades the announcers could come up with until I was sick at my stomach. I realize that he is a draw but there are 29 other golfers out there that deserve to be shown as they play whether or not they are in the lead or... / pga final round coverage

Aug 13, 2018

During the final hole of the PGA Championship final round. I was listening to the tournament on the radio broadcast. While Adam Scott was preparing the hit the shot, the male commentator mentioned that Brooks Koepka was probably anxious to hit is second shot to the green. The female (with...

CBS / steven colbert

May 09, 2018

Can you PLEASE ask Colbert to stop with the horrible and worn out Trump jokes? I'm not a Trump fan so this isn't about my allegiance. I'm just sick of him focusing his entire monologue on this subject every night! It's OLD... even if the event is current, ragging on the president, no...

CBS Interactive / cbs this morning

Apr 09, 2018

How come when your news people reported about the Trump building fire this morning all they talked about is how Trump opposed the sprinkler laws. Why didn't they go in more depth in reporting how many buildings in New York that don't have them? What about those owners? Why didn't they say...

CBS Interactive / removal of national anthem

Oct 17, 2017

I have read the networks are planning to stop showing the National Anthem during sporting events. I want to let you know that I stand during the Anthem in my living room. If you or any network truly believes this will help, let me assure you that it will not. This action will require me to...

CBS Interactive / star trek streaming

Oct 09, 2017

I as well as many many more are disgusted that you showed the new series for people to see, then put it on as streaming, so people have to pay to see it. If you look on Facebook tons of people, including myself are not and will not pay extra to see this show. You should put it on regular...

CBS Interactive / news photos and captions

Oct 02, 2017

In reading through postings from CBS about the Las Vegas massacre, revisions are necessary. First, revise the caption under David Becker's photo. "A man lays on top of a woman as others flee the festival grounds." SHOULD READ — "A man lies on top of a woman as others flee the festival...

CBS Interactive / big brother 19

Aug 30, 2017

It's disguisting that you allow house guests to make threats against family. You have had fans for almost 20 years. You are basically saying that it's ok to threaten someone's family. Their families didn't agree to participate on the show. Did you ever think this could also affect Julie...

CBS Interactive / big brother 19

Aug 14, 2017

What happened this year to BB? I have been watching since season 1. Every year I can't wait for BB, it makes my summer. I purchase the live feeds every year. I am very disappointed in production this year on 19. It is so obvious that for some reason you took Paul back this season, which...

CBS Interactive / unethical behaviour

May 05, 2017

I am completely disgusted with Mr. Colbert. His attitude towards our President is utterly disrespectful and un-American. If your network condones this message, I will boycott your network and all of your sponsors. The people of the United States of America made their choice on election...

CBS Interactive / broadcast interruption

Mar 23, 2017

You people need to get your act together. The big bang theory is scheduled for 7pm cst and instead you put basketball on. Everyday the young and the restless comes on at 11:30 am followed by the bold and the beautiful @ 12:30pm. Instead, last thurs and fri., you put basketball on. Can't...

CBS Interactive / landlord abuse of power

Mar 09, 2017

As a 78 yr. Old jewish veteran I can not afford to replace items robbed during burglary facilitated by the corporation that owns 100 apartment buildings master key. Me and another 45 tenats were victimized without forced entry. Includin the manager kevin cooper. After I complained on...

CBS Interactive / disability back payment due to father committing suicide waiting on payment

Mar 08, 2017

My father was found dead in his apartment on March 21, 2016. He committed suicide approximately on March 11th and was found later in his apartment. He had been working on getting Disability for almost two years until he finally gave up. His health would not allow him to work anymore due to...

CBS Interactive / steven colbert

Jan 23, 2017

I can't change the channel fast enough when this Anti Trump, Anti American # comes on. No matter who his guests are, even if I would like to see the guests, I will not watch. I do not condone his conduct every night attacking Donald Trump. Colbert and is disgusting. This show is not...

CBS Interactive / prime time shows

Dec 23, 2016

Why is CBS screwing around with prime time scheduling? Madame Secretary starting on the half hour instead of the hour? Last nite, Thursday, Pure Genious - same thing? You come up with some great shows, but you are screwing up the showing time. Blue bloods - # 1 best show ever, # 2- Madame...

CBS / audio noise and interference

Nov 22, 2015

I am experiencing a loud humming vibration background noise when tuned to our local CBS HD channel. Local cable provider has indicated that CBS is having an unspecified "outage" of some sort, yet there is no issuance of a notification from CBS, nor does CBS make it easy to contact them...

CBS / noisy background music

Nov 03, 2015

Cbs shows in general, but particularly criminal minds, ncis and ncis new orleans, have constant background music. It's annoying, unnecessary, distracting and, most importantly, drowns out the voices and one can't comprehend what people are saying. Even commercials have constant background music. How silly is that?

CBS (or it's local channel) / loud background noise

Mar 01, 2015

I, too, am fed up with the sound on many (Not all) cbs tv shows. When an actor is speaking, the sound is muted so we can hear the dialogue, but when the actor stops speaking, the background noise rises in volume and is very annoying. This doesn't happen all the time so feel it isn't our tv sound. Other tv networks do not have this!

CBS Sports (Football) / shannon sharpe can't announce a sentence

Nov 06, 2011

I must say, after watching football this sunday, listening to him (Shannon sharpe), speak and not being such an educated person, since he can't subject himself putting a sentence together. It bothers me, that cbs with jim brown, would put such an uneducated, nitwit on the air brodcasting...

CBS / weather advisory interrupting bb12


I am a huge fan of big brother and I have watched every season and without fail every season, jamie simpson interrupts the show with a weather advisory report. I know that the weather is an important thing to keep us updated on especially when there is a thunderstorm or something. But my...

CBS / collect calls


Hey just complaining about ongoing issues that I have had with correctional billing when I use one of the machines is the jail were I pretty much have to call 24 hours after the payment is sent to them then they turn around and tell me that I have to wait another 24 hours for them to find...

CBS / audience tickets


This is a repeat of a 2008 complaint. People come in good faith with their tickets to be part of an audience that CBS has no intention of honorinbg. I booked my "ticket" well in advance, drove to LA, left the campground at 5:40 in order to arrive at 7:10 AM for the 8:30 stated arrival...

CBS News Comments Public Forum / propaganda news ban anti-obama blogsters


Cbs news comments public forum has a controller sitting on their website 24/7 with several nic names supporting himself while posting pro-obama propaganda. He uses the several nic names to support his comments. He also has control of the board and he will ban anybody that posts facts that...

CBS / loud and noisy background music/racket

The background music/racket on Channel 2 is so loud that we cannot hear the dialogue. Other people have also complained about it,. Turning up the volumn doesn't help because the racket is louder, also. Unfortunately, my husband has some favorite shows on Channel 2. There has to be an...

CBS Broadcasting / distracting background music


We wish to ask cbs broadcasting what purpose it serves to have "background music" on all their programs. Half the time they are louder than the conversation we are trying to listen to. We realize background music has been around for a long time... But this new background "noise" behind the...

CBS 3 / pyrex problems


I’m writing from cbs 3 in philadelphia where we are working on a story about pyrex problems. I would like to hear from someone in our area who has a problem with pyrex shattering, breaking, exploding. Our area would be philadelphia and it’s pa surrounding suburbs as well a...