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CBS Interactive Complaints & Reviews

CBS Interactive / Steven colbert

Linda Marlow on Jan 23, 2017
I can't change the channel fast enough when this Anti Trump, Anti American #### comes on. No matter who his guests are, even if I would like to see the guests, I will not watch. I do not condone his conduct every night attacking Donald Trump. Colbert and is disgusting. This show i...

CBS Interactive / Prime time shows

Charlie Inhoff on Dec 23, 2016
Why is CBS screwing around with prime time scheduling ? Madame Secretary starting on the half hour instead of the hour ? Last nite, Thursday, Pure Genious- same thing ? You come up with some great shows, but you are screwing up the showing time. Blue bloods- # 1 best show ever, # 2- Madame...

CBS / Audio noise and interference

Doug Cannon on Nov 22, 2015
I am experiencing a loud humming vibration background noise when tuned to our local CBS HD channel. Local cable provider has indicated that CBS is having an unspecified "outage" of some sort, yet there is no issuance of a notification from CBS, nor does CBS make it easy to contact...

CBS / Noisy background music

Reviewer33943 on Nov 3, 2015
Cbs shows in general, but particularly criminal minds, ncis and ncis new orleans, have constant background music. It's annoying, unnecessary, distracting and, most importantly, drowns out the voices and one can't comprehend what people are saying. Even commercials have constant background music. How silly is that?

CBS (or it's local channel) / Loud background noise

MarjAZ on Mar 1, 2015
I, too, am fed up with the sound on many (Not all) cbs tv shows. When an actor is speaking, the sound is muted so we can hear the dialogue, but when the actor stops speaking, the background noise rises in volume and is very annoying. This doesn't happen all the time so feel it isn't our tv sound. Other tv networks do not have this!

CBS Sports (Football) / Shannon sharpe can't announce a sentence

Speech Writer on Nov 6, 2011
I must say, after watching football this sunday, listening to him (Shannon sharpe) , speak and not being such an educated person, since he can't subject himself putting a sentence together. It bothers me, that cbs with jim brown, would put such an uneducated, nitwit on the air brodcasting...

CBS / Weather advisory interrupting bb12

I am a huge fan of big brother and I have watched every season and without fail every season, jamie simpson interrupts the show with a weather advisory report. I know that the weather is an important thing to keep us updated on especially when there is a thunderstorm or something. But my...

CBS / Collect calls

Hey just complaining about ongoing issues that I have had with correctional billing when I use one of the machines is the jail were I pretty much have to call 24 hours after the payment is sent to them then they turn around and tell me that I have to wait another 24 hours for them to find...

CBS / Audience tickets

This is a repeat of a 2008 complaint. People come in good faith with their tickets to be part of an audience that CBS has no intention of honorinbg. I booked my "ticket" well in advance, drove to LA, left the campground at 5:40 in order to arrive at 7:10 AM for the 8:30 stated arrival...

CBS News Comments Public Forum / Propaganda news ban anti-obama blogsters

Cbs news comments public forum has a controller sitting on their website 24/7 with several nic names supporting himself while posting pro-obama propaganda. He uses the several nic names to support his comments. He also has control of the board and he will ban anybody that posts facts that...

CBS / Loud and noisy background music/racket

The background music/racket on Channel 2 is so loud that we cannot hear the dialogue. Other people have also complained about it, . Turning up the volumn doesn't help because the racket is louder, also. Unfortunately, my husband has some favorite shows on Channel 2. There has to be an...

CBS Broadcasting / Distracting background music

We wish to ask cbs broadcasting what purpose it serves to have "background music" on all their programs. Half the time they are louder than the conversation we are trying to listen to. We realize background music has been around for a long time... But this new background "noise" behind the...

CBS 3 / Pyrex problems

I’m writing from cbs 3 in philadelphia where we are working on a story about pyrex problems. I would like to hear from someone in our area who has a problem with pyrex shattering, breaking, exploding. Our area would be philadelphia and it’s pa surrounding suburbs as well a...

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