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Complaints & Reviews

The Late Show

I am shocked that CBS condones the tasteless humor in The Late Show with Stephen Colbert tonight poking fun at CoVa19. People are dying. This is uncalled for and irresponsible. Poking fun at another persons tragedy of shows a lack of compassion and empathy. This reflects the lack of care for humanity. I will certainly
Not watch the late show in the future.


I have been a member with carshield since 02 03 2017 I have never had to use the warranty until now I took my car to the Hyundai place in hickory nc for what they said about the problem bearings called cabby behind the timing chain was not covered now it is going to cost me 2000.00to get it fix the warranty has been payed out for a 1 1/2 years now they won't help me

replacing normal shows in daytime with the impeachment fiasco

I feel strongly, and I think if you polled your audience 75-80% would agree with me, that playing the impeachment trial (or any long political event) in place of normal television is absolutely insulting and boring!!! I usually stay home and watch tv, but not lately. I hate watching boring - if one wants to watch political shows, you can always watch it on cable, but for all channels to carry it is ridiculous! You are certainly going to lose viewers.

  • Ba
    Ballard Rutherford Jan 24, 2020
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am more than fed up with you pre-empting young & restless & if you ever decide to quit pre-empting let me know. Until then I have decided to pre-empt all cbs shows, & I hope you go out of business.
    Ballard Rutherford. [email protected]
    Romans 8:28, Joshua 1:9.

    0 Votes

2014 chevrolet malibu

January 7, 2020 I took my 2014 Chevrolet Malibu on 11/21/19 for service, and to my amazement, Webb...

stephen colbert

I can not stand Stephen Colbert anymore and now he has commercials. He is not funny and is actually repulsive and offensive. I know my message means nothing to you because this is all money related. However, it's worth letting you know that I am sick of his disrespect for half of this country. He is a part of a huge problem. It's sad because he could use his platform to promote peace but chooses to add gasoline to an already out of control fire. Shame on your company for promoting this!

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evil tv show

This show is proof that CBS is just looking for ratings has anybody ever realy watched this show. The subject material stinks, first week Kirsten meets her new boss and wants to sleep with him, then a new priest David takes drugs and wants to sleep with Kirsten later sleeps with another girl. First week Kirsten had told her shrink she wishes she didn't have kids. Later a guy is teaching a loner how to be a mass shooter, and then a grandmother is teaching her grandaughter to take a rock and smash it in a another girls face and how she should always lie to everbody. Then a show on line that puts in young girls heads that are watching a make up site in thought they should kill them selfs. If this is a show you are giving a second season I'm done with CBS and I will tell people they should contact you against this show. These writers of this show are trying to push their CRAP.

magnum pi

Why do you have to politicize everything? You do realize you're turning off a larger segment of the population then you think... it's obvious you have an agenda.

Such a shame. Not that you really care, but you've lost a viewer. I don't need to be hit over the head with liberal ideology while I'm just trying to enjoy a [censored]ing sitcom.

I too have sympathy for the issues regarding illegal immigration and homelessness, but it's much more complicated then you make it out to be. Not everyone glosses over all the issues and feels the same way you do.

What's next? If you're not a complete progressive liberal there'll be nothing on TV you can watch without the forced indoctrination?

Keep catering to 15-20% of the population. You obviously don't think the rest of us matter, but it's just bad business.


the needless coverage of the impeachment investigation.

It seems all networks including CBS have dedicated news stations. Why do we have to listen to all of the impeachment preceding when the whole thing will be on every evening news again and again. For shut ins our daytime TV is part of our daily life. Being limited on funds and mobility are probably something you don't consider. We don't need to hear these preceding 10 times in one day and miss shows we enjoy. Yes, I care about our country and what is going on, I just don't need to hear every word. Your reporters will let me know the highlights.

Thank you!

cbs tv shows

I have had a problem with my dvr recordings of cbs shows (ncis swat seal team etc.) Only first few episodes of these shows were scrambled and then froze. This only happened on cbs. It is my belief that this was done in an effort to encourage people to join cbs all access. I have no way to prove this, but that will always be my opinion.
Now I don't understand why I would need to add more to my complaint as I said what I wanted to say since I am also absoloutley possitive nothing would or could be done about it. The only other thing I could possibly think I could logically add is that I won't be shy about telling other people about it. And this effort to make me add more to my complaint is a blatant attempt to get me to not submit my complaint.

  • Updated by Ed w Harris · Dec 01, 2019

    still blatant attempt get void my complaint.

  • Updated by Ed w Harris · Dec 01, 2019

    kiss my ass

blocking tv shows

Everyday I wake up and wish to watch my favorite shows while getting ready for work. I often listen to the programs and know exactly what time it is by the spin of the wheel, or the weather forecast. Too often these shows are blocked by breaking stories that should be left to a news channel where they belong. EVERYONE who wants to see those stories already knows that they can turn to their favorite news channel to see that kind of coverage. Meanwhile, there are very many of us complaining that our favorite programming had been blocked AGAIN! We wish you would just scroll it across the bottom of the screen, like you do when there are closings and such, and leave us late shifters to our Price is Right and other programs that we are missing dearly every single time. If you would just scroll an advertisement or make a quick message about the situation, it would give those who want to see that, the opportunity to change the channel. Please stop interrupting our programs. There are thousands of people who actually look forward to them, EVERY SINGLE DAY.

racism and sexual orientation discrimination on survivor

I have been watching Survivor with my family for many years. I was very upset tonight when I watched the latest episode where a straight, white male contestant on the show was basically ridiculed and looked down upon for what he was. You took several minutes during the episode to basically scold straight white men. By doing that, you have to admit one of two things. First, you as a network condone racism against white men and discriminate against people who are heterosexual, or you are saying that straight white man are superior to others so they need to check their white priviledge. I would love to hear your explanation about why I am such a bad person for being a straight white male and you don't even know me. Do us all a favor and entertain us. Stop with all this garbage about being woke. Your progressive agenda is so obvious and because of that, you have just lost another viewer.


We have watched the Survivor series from the first show. I have tried to look past the subliminal messages to promote gays and lesbians and transgenders. Watching tonight I see that CBS is pushing the white privilege scenario. Not that you care, but my wife and I have watched the last episode of Survivor. We are tied of the major networks trying to push their agenda on the American public.

PGA tour golf coverage

You fired Peter Kostis and Gary McCord ? Are you guys nuts ? What idiot made that call ? And nothing against the replacements, but if I wanted to watch paint dry I would watch British golf. What [censored] made that call ? Do you not realize that watching golf on TV can be an absolute bore without the correct men in the towers and on the course . BIG mistake by the management team that made this decision.
Angry viewer, Faben Wolf
Cape Coral, Fl 33993

interrupting sunday morning show

This is ridiculous! The news will report on this syria issue all day for about 2 days. There is no reason to interrupt the sunday morning show to cover it. Stations always wait u til a good show comes on to put on a news report that will go on for ever. This has got to stop and not only will I not see it they will not okay it again. Please cut this off and put back the sunday morning show and interrupt face the nation who will also talk about then as well

felon m. stewart-please discontinue all shows involving her.

We are blocking NY Ch 2 TV . .We were disappointed to find that criminal M. Stewart is back on your channel. Isn't she in prison?
She has a bad reputation for dishonesty and lying.
Please discontinue all her shows 100%.
At that time we will re-enable and unblock your channel.
It is a disgrace that CBS would have such a person doing a TV show.

Thank you.

your fake news

Why are you guys so one sided against our President. you never talk about the Republicans side. Fake news is all you spread. Stay out of politics if you can't tell the whole story. inserting your views that are mostly incorrect..tell both sides. Again, the Dems are not getting anything done for me. Talk about that...They have the nerve to go on vacation again on my dime. Bunch of corrupt Politicians is what we have. Sincerely Jeanne Finnerty. TRUMP 2020

cbs news

After many decades of being a loyal viewer of the CBS Evening News I am bidding you farewell. The recent removal of anchor Jeff Glor to make room for the less qualified, in my humble opinion, Nora O'Donnell has driven me to ABC. I don't pretend to know or understand the inner workings of a television network and their decision making process in the types of affairs, I only know how it feels, for lack of a better term. And it feels rotten. It feels like Glor got the axe because he was a male. Glor conveyed a sense of truth, honesty and sincerity, all qualities Ms O'donnell seems to lack. She appears to be quite disingenuous, in fact. I'm sure she is a very fine person but I find her newscasts nearly unwatchable. Signed, 67 year old male in Ohio.


CBSN equals colored, black, sluts and negros...all your oroigrams lately cater to blacks in america. You revamp morning news and slid Oprahs ex girlfriend Gayle into top spot, afternoon brings the talk, lesbians, blacks and total man bashing, followed by Lets make a deal with black MC, you cancel Kellie and Ben and replace with another black and that follows with the famous lesbian negro lover Ellen, and the world wonders why their is racial tension in the world. CBS intigates it each and every hour of programing

  • Os
    OscMat Oct 02, 2019

    Since Gayle King has joined the morning news on CBS, I've become more hesitant to watch. Over time, she's shown her "favoritism" for her own race due to her odd comments & questions that I deem ridiculous.
    About a month ago another outside newscaster was speaking of a big fair going on in another state, boasting of the crowds of people, rides & good food. When this news blurb came to an end, Gayle couldn't let him go without asking a foolish question..."Oh, I noticed there weren't any blacks at this fair?" What nonsense! Who CARES how many whites or blacks attended this fair?! That's NOT what the story was about!

    Her interview w/ a young black singer recently also seemed to push a button that shouldn't have been pushed. Sadly I don't remember his name but the interview was recent. Seems his song wasn't deemed "country & western" in reality but he was ever so gracious about accepting that news & his explanation of his feelings proved he was a decent human being accepting the negative. Yet Gayle couldn't leave that be. Instead, she preferred pushing the issue..."I'm so surprised that news didn't affect you!" She doesn't leave well enough ALONE! At a time when race needs to be erased in this world, you have a newscaster who seems to be looking for trouble on this topic, seeming to want to stir the pot.
    Shame on CBS for allowing this.

    -1 Votes

cancellation of "instinct" - please don't

I have just read that CBS intends to cancel "Instinct!" Please reconsider. This is
one of your best "relatively new" programs. Give it more of a chance. Great, really interesting characters, good balance, drama/comedy and a cast that is individually
and collectively outstanding. I look forward to it - please don't cancel.

I love CBS...it is my favorite channel.

If this is not the correct platform for my comments, please forward.


Hello, I am not sure if this is the department that can help with this problem.
I am very disappointed that you are canceling the show Instinct. It truly does deserve to come back for many more seasons. It is so different, intriguing and new. Very unlike a lot of the same shows that have been on for years. I have totally enjoyed watching it. I wish you would reconsider putting an end. Not sure what else I can do help sway you to keep it.