Cash Saveremployee

I Jan 15, 2020

I want to fill a complaint on an employee named Dan at the Cash Saver in Lake Worth. He was rude to my eight year old daughter.
He read her shirt; (we are talking about a little girl) which says "Act like a princess, think like a boss, look like a model" and he said apparently I don't see one?..
I looked at him if he was playing but he was serious. I left the store came right back in and he said oh, it's you again. I told him you need to watch your mouth, you are talking to my daughter or regardless who's child it is keep you comments to yourself. He just micked me and said I will keep my comments to myself sarcasticly. This is ridiculous I have never had a problem at this store. I am frequent customer and this unacceptable and childish telling that to an eight year?? I believe not one mother or father would like to see and hear an idiot talk down on their child.

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