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CB Animals and Pets Review of Caravanserai Turkish Vans / Pat Chapman
Caravanserai Turkish Vans / Pat Chapman

Caravanserai Turkish Vans / Pat Chapman review: No registration as promised! 7

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She dropped the cat off at my home 7 am on a workday morning 10/29/07, minutes before I had to run to work. I waited for her for 2 days! I Paid her for the retired breeder cat in full by check $375 and got a paper from her. When I got home that evening I found all I had was a rabies vaccination with incorrect information on it. No contract, no registration, nothing that I was promised. After 2 months still nothing except all kinds of sob stories about finances, PCs crashing and cell phone never working - sounds like a scam to me! Still no CFA registration showing I bought what I was promised and don't know if I'll ever get it, or if the cat I got is authentic as stated. She does not respond to my requests for when I'll get the registration or otherwise. The cat had an ear infection and eye infection when I got her and she had scratches on her face and ears and a chunk of flesh was missing from the base of her tail. Noted all this after getting home that night and finally getting to check the cat out. No settlement no responses except a lot of hot air and sidestepping. She knows everything except how to treat a customer!

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Art Dunkle
Allen, US
Mar 18, 2009 9:24 pm EDT

I personnally know this breeder and have for many years. I have never picked up a cat from her that has had any of the stated problems. I am also aware of the circumstances surrounding the delivery of this particular cat. I also have first hand knowledge of the personal situations Ms Chapman was going through at the time. This complaint is onerous and as far as I'm concerned totally unfounded.

Pat Chapman
San Antonio, US
Mar 18, 2009 10:11 pm EDT

Noreen was informed that I would be driving from San Antonio Texas to Denver Colorado to South Dakota to Nebraska then to her Chicago suburb. The trip was done on my days off from work as a long haul truck driver. The personal delivery with a $75 gas fee was offered in lieu of a $193 airline flight to Chicago. Noreen was updated on my progress during the drive so she would have an ETA for my arrival.

Prior to her decision to adopt Perihan, Noreen was repeatedly told that Perihan was shy to the point of being neurotic and was being picked on by my other cats. I told Noreen this was the reason I was seeking an “only cat” home for Perihan.
Noreen repeatedly e-mailed me complaining about my lack of response, about not receiving Perihan’s registration papers or contract, and about Perihan herself. On 14 December 2007, 4 days before Noreen posted her complaint, I sent her an e-mail offering to bring her a full refund, including the delivery gas fee, and take possession of the “flawed” cat. (No one provides a refund AND lets you keep the “defective” product.) Noreen refused.
After getting my computer and printer problems resolved (documentation from Dell can be provided), in December and January I sent out contracts and registration paperwork to the families who received Vans during my delivery trip. Noreen returned her contract to me with an obscenity laced refusal to sign it.
Anyone interested in a reasonable evaluation of my cattery and of me as a hobby breeder is welcome to contact me for a list of references.

Noreen Ballack
Elgin, US
Mar 17, 2010 7:07 pm EDT

So, Pat Chapman...Why did it take you 2 years to respond to this complaint? Art Dunkle has no personal knowledge of what occurred, who is this guy? A customer? I don't think so, he is a personal friend who would lie for her. I would not trust Pat Chapman's list of references either.

If this was Pat Chapman's "days off", then what was she doing driving a semi from San Antonio Texas to Denver Colorado to South Dakota to Nebraska then to my Chicago suburb, as stated in her comment? She arrived at my home in a semi and told me then that she had to stop to pick up freight in Indiana first! She was a liar from the start. All you need to do is talk to her once to pick up that she is full of herself and allot of hot air too. Never told me Perihan was neurotic, or picked on by other cats. I still have all emails/ correspondence from her. Also she never said anything about any "only cat home". Again she is a liar. She says I was updated on her progress during the drive so she would have an ETA for her arrival. Again she is a liar, she was constantly having phone and computer issues - remember she mentioned it above. She would tell me a date and I would sit at home and wait for her - and nothing, no cat, no call, nothing - this went on for 2 days. When she did finally show up, she only gave me the cat's rabies vaccination and that had incorrect information on it - another legitimate reason to doubt her. She also keeps all her personal information from you, no address no nothing - I call that a person who is hiding something.

The cat had an ear infection and eye infection when I got her and she had scratches on her face and ears and a chunk of flesh was missing from the base of her tail. I Noticed all this after getting home that night and finally getting to check the cat out. It would have been nice if she would have warned me about that. In my book that is deceitful. When I called to let Pat know, instead of taking responsibility and covering the medical needs of the poor neglected cat she got pissy and said she wanted the cat back? That was not my intention (Pat does not hear anything anyone says, by the way, she knows everything too - LOL) and personally, I wouldn't offer her a stray. Her animals are almost ferrel, they are so neglected. And when she does handle them she handles them like a piece of meat, until they are frightened of humans.

I continually emailed, because I was getting no responses at all, and she was not following through with anything she said. All I wanted were my cat's registration papers, or even a date as to when I could expect them, and I expected Pat to take responsibility for the cat's health. Without these items she promised, I understandably thought I was being ripped off. Pat said she would deliver the registration information with the cat as well as a contract. So what does computer problems and phone problems have to do with putting the registration in an envelope and putting it in the mail - that took her almost 4 months to do, but she cashed my check in less than 24 hours!

I sent no obscenities, again she is a liar. I just refused to sign a contract that was 4+ months late! Contact me first and I will forward all email correspondence as proof of what an unreliable and irresponsible breeder Pat Chapman is!

MS McNabb
Eaton Rapids, US
Sep 09, 2010 1:36 pm EDT
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I purchased both of my Van "kids" from Ms. Chapman in April 2010. Not only was she very willing to answer my million and one questions about the breed before the purchase at all hours of the day, she returned my emails and voicemails very promptly! My husband and I chosse to have the kids flown from TX to MI instead of driving to pick them up. Both Mercy and Dresden were in great condition (Other than having just left their only home and FLYING, which is stressful for almost any animal traveling like that) Our kids settled in quickly and Ms. Chapman CONTINUES to asnswer all our questions! Ms. Chapman was recommened to me by another breeder I had been talking to and I'm glad I was! If we ever purchase anymore Vans, it will definatly be through Ms. Chapman again. We will reccomend her to anyone looking for well adjusted healthy Turkish Vans!

Bozeman, US
Dec 13, 2010 12:10 am EST

Noreen, you said yourself that Pat offered to take the cat back and you refused. If you were so unhappy with the transaction and the animal, you should have returned the cat and accepted your money back. Since you didn't, I can only conclude that things must not have been as bad as you say. Sounds like Ms. Chapman's only mistake might have been not getting a signed release from you, up front, confirming your understanding of Perihan's special needs and care requirements. Or maybe she did, and you just didn't bother telling us that part.

You made it clear *in your own words* that you took delivery of a living thing, dumped it in your house, and went to work all day. Eye infections and chunks of missing flesh would be obvious even at a glance, which proves to me that you didn't even look at the kitty before running off to do things for yourself. FOR AN ENTIRE DAY. "Poor neglected cat" indeed... I am truly sorry you didn't accept Pat's generous offer and let her re-home the cat with someone who would care for her. By your own words, the irresponsible party here is you!

I don't even know Pat Chapman, so don't bother flaming me about being one of her friends. I just get sick of people who slander others about problems of their own making. Both your screeds tell me you didn't get your way about something, and you'd rather act like a baby than work it out like an adult. Grow up... and next time, use spell check.

Aug 27, 2016 2:07 am EDT

This comment is a many number of years late, however, I adopted two adult Turkish Vans from Pat when I was 13 years old! That was in 2006, The two I adopted were Oktay and Leapchen. I'm located in Houston, TX, the drive was not far but Pat delivered the cats to a mutually agreed vet clinic. The cats were in pristine perfect health except some understandable nervousness, new surroundings and all, all certifications and documentation were in order and accounted for. 10 years later, I am 23 now and Oktay and Leapchen are still alive and well coming up on their 12th birthdays! They could not be healthier happier cats and I love them to pieces, I found her service not only to be impeccably up to scruff, her business ethics in my experience were flawless, but she provided me with two very happy mentally stable healthy felines that have been my life companions for 10 spectacular years. 10/10 without a doubt!

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Pat Chapman
Jul 14, 2021 1:11 pm EDT
Replying to comment of gynydam

If you ever wish to contact me, contact the vet clinic where you picked up your kids or tag me on Facebook. Pat Chapman

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