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Car Fax review: Purchasing 6 car fax reports

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On December 27, 2022 I logged into my Car Fax account. Which I have used numerous times. I purchased Car Fax Reports for $99.00. I then proceeded to run a car fax when I was notified I did not have any more reports left. I then proceeded to check my checking account and the $99.00 had already been deducted. There was no telephone number listed and it said they do not respond by phone. I have sent numerous e-mails and the only response I am getting is that the team is still investigating and when they resolve this issue I will hear from them. I finally sent an e-mail informing them if they cannot resolve this issue I would like a refund. The only issue here is on my end I paid for a product in which i did not receive. I lost the sale of a car due to not having access to getting a report.

Desired outcome: I would like the 6 reports I purchased put on to my account soon. If that is not a possibility I would like a refund.

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