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Capitastar (Capitaland), Queensbay Mall & Lovisa Malaysia review: unethical treatment of and dissatisfactory service to capitastar members

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12:44 am EDT
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I had made a purchase at Lovisa Queensbay Mall on 13 Oct 2018. Capitastar App rejected this receipt for Capitastar points; citing that it is "Unable to identify mall".
I then went to Information counter of Queensbay Mall and was informed by the staff there that I should get Lovisa to chop my receipt with their shop name. I went back to Lovisa and was told by Lovisa staff that they do not have a chop (their receipt has a branch number stated on the receipt BUT Capitastar App is not smart enough to recognize that the branch number corresponds to Queensbay Mall!). Lovisa staff informed me there's nothing they can do! I told the staff please feedback to yoru management on this issue but I was told again that there's nothing they can do, they do not have a chop (Lovisa Malaysia, I expect better service from you! ).

I went back to the Information counter to formally lodge a complaint against Lovisa and the mall but the staff is not empowered to do anything to help me address my unrecognised receipt but instead gave me an email address to customer service for Queensbay Mall (I have yet to receive any reply from them after I sent them a complaint).

Now as a customer all this just makes me very angry and upset. It shows negligence by the management of Queensbay Mall, Capitastar and Lovisa. Is Lovisa a participating shop for this mall and Capitastar member points? If it is not then please announce to all customers or please honour the receipt in the app!
If the App is all means, please get your staff at the participating mall to honour the rejected receipt!

Also, if Capitastar App is not smart enough to identify the shops in its own malls without the receipt explicitly stating the mall's name then either upgrade the app (and its database) OR insist that all shops in the malls follow a standard receipt format (and then ensure there is compliance).

It also shows me that Capitastar Malls management is unethical. By right all shops in the mall are participating shops for Capitastar points but Capitastar does not recognise the points for purchases made at these shops. Highly unethical.

Overall, the customer experience quality I had due to this incident is below sub-par standard. I will definitely not shop in Lovisa again and ensure everyone knows how Capitastar malls treat their customers.

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Dec 12, 2018 8:09 am EST

Hi Lovisa Malaysia,
I have been a regular Lovisa customer for many years and hundreds of your accessories is in my house l..years and years buying your stuff, but tonight I went to paradigm mall petaling jaya which is my regular Lovisa shop that I go to normally but when I wanted to do the payment the salesgirl was telling me about the amount of bag that I am supposed to get..I am buying few gifts for Christmas so I asked for a bag each..and even before paying she already argued about the bags that I am supposed to get with one I told her then I will separate my receipt..imagine if I am a customer buying one accessories I will get one just because I am buying lots of accessories it is not fair I just get a bag..then I should be buying from separate receipts I told her..but then she said ‘NO’ and I told her, fine I will not buy any then..and guess what she said..she said ok..and also you can check in your camera there are few guys behind the counter with her squatting down and looking at me..I guess this is not professional as you are selling accessories and should be kind with your customers like the other sales girl..

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