Cammie's K9 FriendsBad breeder/deceitful practice

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We purchased a puppy through this breeder and have begun a small claims case due to unethical behavior. If you would like information, all documentation can be provided or you can keep up with the court case. Pup was guaranteed to have no congenital defects. We were urged by Cammie to NOT take him to the vet because this breeder worries about them getting sick from vet. Breeder knew all the right things to say, purchased, took the dog to be neutered and low and behold after the neuter, the vet shared that the dog had grade 2 luxated patella. Breeder offered another dog or $500, after we invested over $600 in having neutering and deciduous teeth removed that would not have come out on their own even though breeder said they would. Vet ensured that at 8 months old, they would not naturally come out without causing issues for the permanent teeth. We chose the $500 because we love the dog and already had so much into him at the vet. Cammie never sent the refund or the AKC documents that were PROMISED in email after the dog was neutered. All electronic communication and voicemails available to share.

The last reason for not sending AKC papers was due to garage flooding (in writing), then the next was that she never agreed to that (email and voicemail tell otherwise). BUYERS BEWARE!!! Purchased in January 2015.

Be careful, she will blame any issues on her "partner" Natalia Scalia for whom we never met.

  • Updated by jszataz · May 23, 2019

    Please feel free to contact me regarding the post written by "Camie" or "Natalia." All emails are saved and the promises of papers are included in those emails. Further, the ongoing cost that we, as a family, incurred to keep the dog we became attached to are easily retrieved and anyone can contact the associated vets who have assisted in caring for our dog. This breeder is right, our dog became a wonderful part of the family. We trusted this person and as for the shots that she said she gave, not a single vet or the county would accept her records and therefore, to be in compliance with licensing, it was necessary to do it all over again. The shunt in the liver is still there "Camie." You know, the one that was there from birth and the reason why you only fed him veggies when we got him from you (so he wouldn't show symptoms of having too much protein). Every year we must go through so much to be able to have his dental cleanings and once again, real vets, not your made up documents provide verifiable accounts.

    We are lucky our boy is still with us and if I we had wanted a dog that was free, we certainly would not be the type of people who kept a dog with multiple health problems he was born with to spend thousands to care for him. If you are a great breeder, then surely your reviews will reflect that. In the meantime, I hope any person(s) purchasing from you is more wise than we were and thus the consumer complaint and rightfully so.

    Cammie Camillo of Apache Junction, and I don't make money off selling animals, you do from your home. Who is the person with an incentive to be dishonest? I am following up to be sure that dog lovers know that they can contact me at any time for the receipts for care for an illness present at birth and diagnosed shortly after purchase reflect the reality of what it means to be an owner who actually purchases dogs and becomes attached, assuming that the breeder is honest and forthright.


  • No
    normnoble Aug 17, 2020

    We love our Westie. She is adorable, very smart, obediant, and loving. Never had a problem with Cami.

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  • Js
    jszataz Oct 29, 2020

    @normnoble That is wonderful and you are very fortunate. A good person wouldn't want it any other way for you or your Westie. Now can you explain to this breeder that it was you that posted in August 2020, not me? Her latest unhinged rant is a result of your comment.

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  • Jo
    Joan Koblas Jul 16, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Our family got our beloved Westie, Yuki, from Cami 9 years ago. We have stayed in touch with her all these years and we are now getting another Westie from her this August. We have NEVER had any bad interaction with Cami such as this person described. Cami has been honest and forthright and provided wonderful pets. She is a conscientious breeder who cares about her dogs and the homes they go into. I have never found her to be a liar or dishonest in any way. She never discouraged us from taking our pups to our Vet to get checked out when we get them. I can't imagine her doing such a thing. The person this disgruntled woman describes is NOT the Cami we know and have dealt with for 9 years. I would not hesitate to recommend getting a pet from Cami to anyone, and have recommended her to many friends looking for premium, hand-raised pups.

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  • Js
    jszataz Oct 29, 2020

    @Joan Koblas Perhaps you can explain the latest rant of this "conscientious" breeder you know. Just because you can't imagine it, doesn't mean it didn't happen per the voice messages I have been left over the years regarding this breeder and my complaint. In addition to that, my boy was not a "pup" but a year old and we purchased because we had just lost our beloved yorkie. I assume you are saying that a vet's determination of a liver shunt, which would be known before a year old, is inaccurate.

    Cammie is welcome to ask anyone to comment on their experience. For those who were the fortunate ones, that is fantastic for the sake of your animal.

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  • Js
    jszataz Oct 29, 2020

    @jszataz And yes, by the way, we found out our boy was at least almost a year old, not 8 months that we were told. Perhaps that is why we never got the papers we were promised to have sent to us with his information.

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  • Li
    Livid in Arizona Oct 29, 2020

    @jszataz Jszatazz Jennifer's zatkowski. You forgot to tell everyone here, that your husband Chester called me and wanted to buy another dog period And I was the one that told him sarcastically, "do you even realize who you've called?? And NO, I'm not selling a dog to you people. " You have gone as far as you're going to go. Writing my customers, after so many years with your nonsense and garbage. When I prove, that my dogs are from out of the country and champions #1, #2. You signed a contract and you knew clearly what the contract read. You were aware of the conditions, terms etc. I was no longer doing business with you when you attempted to steal from me. the very reason for why several years later when your husband called to buy a dog for me again I shut the door on his face. Dogs like any thing that's alive organic, end up with predisposed issues. That's why you had a contract and guarantee. But you wanted a free dog. Everything else that are spewing here, is just a baby tantrum that you're having reaching out to my clients. Shame on you and you're supposed to be a teacher and educator, someone that should know better.

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  • Js
    jszataz Oct 29, 2020

    @Livid in Arizona You are indeed unhinged. No one called you looking for a free dog. And, we NEVER did anything just orally with you after you continued to stall sending us your papers. You are very unstable to say that anyone called you go buy a dog truly shows how sick you are!!! We have two dogs and would never buy a third, let alone another dog from you.

    By all means, keep posting on this board so that any buyer can see what type of "breeder" you are. We are still waiting for those papers you promised, in writing. You and "Natalia, " if that person exists can continue to sell as many dogs as you like and I will continue to hope that no one goes through what we, and the woman who left me messages about your dealings, have went through. You were supposed to send us "proof" with the papers of what your dogs were...

    Best wishes to anyone who purchases their new family member from you. In the mean time, if you choose to keep posting your garbage, I will continue to reply, Cammie...actually, that isn't your real name, but I won't go there either.

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  • Ca
    Campups Jul 16, 2015

    JENNIFFER SZATKOWSKI of Auhwautukee, AZ administrator at a gilbert school has not removed this post for reasons that are motivated by malice, discredit, control and with the attempt to threaten breeder "writer" and coerce an unreasonable monetary refund for pup . This individual has raised false lies, proven by dogs "Yorkies" pedigrees and by passports when entering the USA from foreign countries. And proven by the bill of sale/agreement, which buyer signed. This individual has never taken this to court. Writer has written a response to this underhanded accusation that has no validity and which, is written under Jennifer Szatkowskis's name.

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  • Ca
    Campups Oct 28, 2020

    @Campups Jennifer szatkowski this is Cami Camillo. You are slandering and throwing wild accusations and helping others to build lies against my business and against my name. More so, when I've never dealt with them nor had any business transaction. I take this very serious in light of the fact, of your recent post of August 2020. I only dealt with you and in a separate transaction, I collected a $500 non-refundable deposit, as it is my practice, from a woman who has joined allies with you to attempt to succeed in slandering the good name of my business, who was disgruntled.

    You were upset because I would not let you keep the dog and refund you the money, that was paid for the puppy. You called after some time to complain about the puppy having issues. And then when I mentioned what was on the contract . That it read, that you must return that puppy to me and I will give you another puppy in turn, from another dam or sire. You did not want to return the pup because you said, that the pup loves the family and that you have fallen in love with the pup too.

    My contract reads specifically, that if there is a ((congenital issue with the puppy that is of a serious nature, compromising and shortening the lifespan of the pup, A NEW PUPPY WILL BE GIVEN TO YOU FROM A DIFFERENT SIRE OR DAMN, THERE IS NO MONEY REFUND OF ANY TYPE)). But you wanted to keep the puppy and have me refund the money. It doesn't work that way and this you knew clearly.

    Over the past year and a half I've been busy in my business and in building my business. And you have not let up with your continuous slandering. I have copied everything on this particular site & others. You are wrong in your actions. A lot goes into raising puppies and I don't have time for your nonsense.

    However, because you have gone out of your way to slander, bismerch my business as an instrument to help others, like the woman that did not get her papers right at court., because she didn't pay the fee. that by the way I was ready to pay for her gladly to litigate this case. The same woman, who you've given a lot of false information and lies . I was ready then to litigate the case. I'm ready to take you and "your friend" on who you have used and conspired to continue to slander me and my business. If you would have had a legit claim against me, you had facts, you would have taken me to court a long time ago. The statue is 2 years my dear, and your complaint was in 2015.

    I have copied everything that you have written on here. I will see you in court for spreading your lies that are vicious and unfounded. You are a very envious woman bringing up that I sit home and collect money. You have no idea what you're talking about, other than the fact that you are envious and did not get your way. A lot goes into raising animals the right way not to mention the pedigree that I have and guard. By the way, it is my business and I get to run my businesses, as I wish I get to set processes and procedures, prices etc., that I wish to set, just like any business owner.

    As a professional woman an educator, that you are supposed to be, in the Gilbert School district. You should be ashamed of yourself for being a liar and wanting something for free.

    Cammie Camillo

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  • Js
    jszataz Oct 29, 2020

    @Campups I have done a screenshot of this posting and I plan to report it for harassment. This individual is completely unhinged and I have no idea what she is talking about any update as of August of 2020. Our boy is still going with much help from our Vet who would easily be able to confirm the liver shunt and as for your "guarantee" it isn't one if you want to have a pup returned to then risk getting another one from that same breeder. Not to mention, I have no confidence that our boy would have been well cared for.

    As for the rest of your information, it is so far off, I can't even do anything but laugh and report this information to the proper authorities. I don't know where you get information of where individuals are employed, but whomever provides you with that information is not correct.

    There is no lie. I have plenty of documentation to show what transpired including the archived emails and text messages from you and "Natalia."

    Please know, I have had phone calls and messages from others who have had similar situations with you and my best hope for animal lovers is that they stay clear of you. Not only for the sake of their animal member, but clearly because you are unhinged.

    I did NOT want a refund of the money! I wanted you to be responsible for the care and issues that we had to. Anyone giving an animal back to you would have to be heartless and we decided it was better to move on and do thorough checks if and when we purchase from a breeder again than have our boy returned to the likes of you.

    Get your facts straight. I have not posted anything until I got a notice in my junk mail from YOU to check this board. Perhaps you should consider additional education as it appears that a man named Norm Noble commented on August 17, 2020 on this string. This is just another example of your lack of professionalism and personality.

    Good luck to anyone who chooses you as a breeder. Pull yourself together and learn how to read so you don't bring attention to YOURSELF.

    Providing personal information on an individual does not make it less true. In fact, it shows the type of person you are. You try to bully and intimidate and you are wasting your time because it doesn't work when someone shares their experience.

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  • Ca
    Campups Oct 29, 2020

    @jszataz You're just immature and shame on you. you are an envious and vindictive individual. this all stems from you wanting a free puppy. you proceeded to throw a temper tantrum like a child and that's what this is about. you're sick woman to continue with your stupidities and nonsense get your head checked

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