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Camden Construction Group LLC review: The company refused to finish the project, because I didn't pay more money for their job 1

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I hired company Camden Construction Group LLC. They worked hard and suddenly they didn’t show up to finish my house. They took money for some materials, but they haven’t delivered them. I contacted the owner, but he told that he needed more money. I refused to pay and he didn’t want to finish the project. The company is very unreliable and they didn’t spend money appropriately. Stay away from this company.

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, US
Jan 06, 2016 9:56 am EST
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I also hired Camden Construction Group LLC- Owner Camden Morgenstern and he didn't finish my job. He had me pay workers and for supplies twice as he used our money and had no money left to finish our project. We even bought used items on Craigslist to try and get our project done but still he was unable to complete it. What a horrible company stay as far away as possible! I have filed a case with the state attorneys office against this company and reported them to scam reportS so others can be aware of what this company is out there doing to good people.