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Call box review: mis leading

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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I own a Janitorial compay in Sacramento, California and I used Call Box to do some telemarketing for my company. I talked to a guy named Gary numerous times. I was told for $2000.00 they would call 8 hours per day for for 1 month to set leads for my company. Gary said they would make Aprox. 125-150 calls per hour and produce 30-40 leads during this months time for the first 10 days after i signed up with call box i did not hear anything from them.I called and asked if they even started on my account yet and i was told yes just havent set any appointments yet the next day they emailed me an appointment i went to appointment and my contact person said he did want apointment and that he had told the person who called him. Call box is a rip off and i would never hire them or refer them to anybody.
For $2000.00 i received 109 appointments only 2 had potenial other ones did not fit the criteria i set up with call box in the beginning. I did not want 1 time cleanings I did not want anything under 1500Sq. feet and 1 time a week service. So to make a long story short I paid $1000.00 per lead.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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May 16, 2016 10:11 pm EDT

I want to hear from anyone that is actually happy with Callbox services - someone i can talk with as currently the only people who want to talk are the unhappy ones - i feel all positive reviews are just fake!


I've been a Callbox client for 2 months now and so far I've been overwhelmed by the results they are producing for our company. You see, we are on a payroll and insurance industry and it very difficult for us to generate leads to become clients in our own. I was introduced by a friend who's been using their service. I've been hesitant at first knowing that we're not sure how the process works but with the help of the assigned team, we were able to create a system which I may say very effective in our end.

I believe the first month would be quite hard knowing our target specifications but with constant training and communication that their team and our company are sharing, we were able to fine tune the best approaches to do for our campaign.

Trust me, in our second month, the appointments assigned zoomed up twice compared to what we had on the first. I suggest you sign-up for a 3-month campaign instead of one. You can't see results right away as both parties are truly adjusting with the kind of industry we are with and targets we'll be contacting thru telemarketing. Their services are not solely focused on calling alone. they have other marketing solutions used to generate leads for me. Quite impressive!

I can't generate 30 appointments in a month, they did. They made it 65 on the second. Just work with them closely. once a week catching up with the team won't hurt.

I guess, the rest of the comments here are posted years ago and I guarantee that they have grown and polished their solutions which are very competitive now. I can't wait for the 3rd month of our contract to start.

Apr 18, 2011 9:10 pm EDT aka CallBox or Call box is a rip off. It's a legit business but they are using basically the lowest end people in the industry (Phillipino workers with basic office skills). They sure get a few leads for you, I had a dozen leads from 3 months $6, 000 investment. None of the leads show up because the appointments are forced, everything is forced- it's cheesy 1980's style selling where you don't care what the prospect feels...No lead qualification though I was promised it (by Gary, their professional first point of lead gen on YOU). Just a handful of dumb and weak leads. Callbox talks the talk but they DO NOT walk the walk. Big thumbs down for Call Box.