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California Truck Driver Academy review: Equipment not working properly not training with trailers on commercial driver training

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I was enrolled in this truck driver training school

CTDA Barstow Ca 92311

I saw equipment in disrepair

Trucks & trailers not working properly also not giving students enough hours to practice having too many students training at the same time

Also witnessed tractors without trailers practicing driving on the roads

They call this simulation of a trailer.

These are safety hazards and can not only endanger the drivers that are training but also the general public as well.

Please look into these matters


Clients pay good money both EDD office & the Leif program

I payed in access of 10 grand thru Leif ,also many trainees as well

I think these safety issues need to be resolved

Also these issues are not with any of the instructors

They are all excellent and work really hard with the trainees

With the equipment they have.


Desired outcome: School ordered to fix or replace equipmentTo require them to train in a semi with a trailer while on the road.Lower school trainee occupancy To give others plenty of time to practice the skills needed to pass DMV commercial licence tested

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