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Caesars- Harrahs GC

Caesars- Harrahs GC review: Waitress making unwanted physical advance/ improper handling of situation

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On January 3, [protected] time) my husband and myself were about to spend our last night of our trip in Harrahs Gulf Coast. We had been there for a 5 day/ 4 night birthday celebration. As we entered the casino floor we played a couple of games before settling in on the back wall next to the security check and the women’s bathroom. We sat at the line of Dragon link machines along the wall with a couple of friends who came to say good bye before our departure. My husband and I ordered drinks from the waitress- a bud light and a cocktail. “Nikki Mello” (what we were told later) returned with our drinks. She gave my husband his and then handed me mine and I turned to get a tip from my purse. My husband told me don’t worry about it he would tip. Instantly, I hear my husband ask her, “Did you just touch me? Don’t touch me.” Rightfully so I turned to he quickly to see what was happening. He said to me “she just rubbed my leg while you were turned away.” She replied, “ I just wanted to see what kind of fabric that was… I was wondering if they were jeans.” My husband told her that’s not acceptable & if that was so she could have asked him. She attempted to recover by saying, “Oh I didn’t know you guys were married… how long have you been married?” I told her to dismiss herself. He was upset and wanted to leave. I asked the security member close by how we could complain about this incident. He directed us to go to the bar and speak to the beverage supervisor. As we approached the counter, the guy he spoke with greeted him with a fist bump as they had become fast friends over the duration of our stay. He began inform the bar keep of the situation and he seemed disappointed yet apologetic it. Simultaneously, we can see the waitress speaking with someone and the other lady is rubbing her shoulder consoling her and said don’t worry about it. That lady, now we know was Felicia Drake- she came around the counter and told my husband that he could not stand there. She said that he could speak with her about the issue somewhere else. At this time, I lagged back and let them have their discussion. She said she was the head of security. The bar keep said that ticks him off because she should not be speaking with him at all because she is not the waitress’s boss. A minute or less later, I see her becoming very animated with her body language and she told my husband that he could leave. I was blown away that after being assaulted, my husband was getting threatened to be put out of Harrahs. I used my phone to start recording the incident to prevent my husband from being depicted as an angry drunk man. As she realized that I was recording she erratically waved at me in a sarcastic manner. This is when my husband saw me and informed her that I was his wife. I let her know that we just need to do a formal complaint because the excuses that she gave for the incident was not satisfactory. (For instance, Felicia stated that “Nikki did not touch his leg- she rubbed his pants and he was trying to make it seem like she was feeling on him.”) After she realized that we were not letting it go she said we could do a complaint if we want and as she walked away she threw her hand in the air and appears to flip us off. She returned and my husband filled out the complaint and she said she could walk us out and give us a copy at the front desk. I said no thanks. I felt like she was trying to make it appear that she was removing us for security reasons and I was not comfortable with that. I went to the bathroom and we did receive a copy of the report as we left and never returned.

This whole situation was disgusting. The lack off professionalism by two different departments was mind blowing. We were prevented from speaking with the correct supervisor by this security person. My husband felt like it was downplayed because he is a male versus if a man had touched a female. We spent time arguing for basic rights that should have been common sense, common respect, and this just should not have happened. As a frequent casino goer, when I get in the casino I should be able to get drunk as I want and play as much as I want knowing that I am in a safe place- as any other person should as well. I felt disrespected more than anything and felt I was out in danger. I would never go somewhere that may trigger my anxiety or PTSD where I feel like I need to fight. This could have went worse. If I would have seen that myself I could have put my hands on her instantly. Could you imagine being next to your spouse and someone touches them in a secretive way. I have videos of the incident with the manager. I have emailed the head of security: Horace Brown. I do not feel like anyone cared enough. Our memories now entail him being rubbed up on next to me instead of the night we won big for my birthday.

My videos are too long for this input but I would love to send it in pieces if I get an email back.

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