CACH review: Lost lawsuit, refuse to pay 2

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12:39 pm EST
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Cach Sues me in Pa, went to arbitration, I was awarded $1000.00 for unfair reporting. FCRA - under fair credit reporting act. After calling CACH, I was cursed out by a man said he was a lawyer. I told him Lawyers dont act like that. He said we can not sue in another state, I said I have the complaint filed in commonwealth court from Denver Colorado. I sure would like my money, what do I do next? My name is Robert Gimbi Jr...[protected]...This is the biggest scam in America, state attorney generals get kick backs from these rogue lawyers, and will not help consumers.

Stacie Lee O'Brien
, US
Aug 20, 2018 4:47 pm EDT

CACH, LLC does any thing they can to collect money. They will take you to court and even lose in court and still try and collect the debt. Beware of your rights and don't back down

Chandler, US
Nov 23, 2012 4:30 pm EST

The number he left was not available, he did not set up his voice mail box.
You can not help someone if they do not not leave
correct information or a proper way to contact them.
I am a certified paralegal and do not put up with much nonsense.
Not everyone takes the time to go to law school, I understand that.
He should have also included an e-mail address
He needs to take his judgment to the state where the offense occurred,
asking that state to enforce the judgement of his home state
Constitution of the United states provides for this