C Angels Maine Coonsbad breeder selling sick kittens

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I purchased a Maine coon kitten from C Angels approximately 2 weeks ago. The kitten was showing symptoms of a cold ( green discharge from eyes and nose and sneezing). C Angels assured me it was a cold and minimized it, staring is happened after the kittens first vaccines. I took the kitten home and immediately made an appointment with my Vet the next day. My Vet treated the kitten with a 2 week injectable antibiotic. After 10 days the kitten was no better. I again brought the cat to my Vet and paid for a full upper respiratory panel. The kitten tested positive for mycoplasma felis and calici virus. Upon questioning C Angels again, they stated that the kitten was displaying symptoms of an upper respiratory infection prior to the first vaccines. C Angels lied to me. Why would a breeder bring a kitten whose immune system is not great yet, in for vaccines only to stress the kitten out more. What makes matters worse, is that the kitten infected my 2 year old Selkirk Rex. Although my Selkirk Rex was vaccinated, he now has discharge from one eye and has to be treated with an eye medicine. I returned the kitten back to C angels and an still waiting on a money order for half of the Vet bill. It appears as though it hit lost in the mail. When I brought the kitten back I noticed that all her adult cats and kittens were displaying the same symptoms. I informed C Angels that ethically and morally they have a duty to call everyone they sold these sick kittens to and disclose this information. C Angels should not be breeding cats and does not know the first thing about breeding. C Angels was treating the kittens symptoms homeopathically and failed to bring them to the Vet. Had I not done so this kitten would have died.

bad breeder selling sick kittens


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    Maureen Colby Feb 28, 2020

    I'm very sorry you had a bad experience...that being said I had called this purchaser one week prior to delivery and asked to back delivery one week and thoroughly explained to this purchaser that the kittens had been going through a cold, they had had seen the vet and I was holding them for a week so they could rest and recover. When she came to my home a week later I reiterated several times that kitten was without symptoms but if she had any worries I could keep the kitten longer or refund her deposit. She insisted that the kitten seemed fine and took delivery. At the initial vet check by her vet he found the kitten fine. Apparently the stress of changing homes caused a relapse of the cold. She took him to the vet who gave her worse case scenario "it could might be..." I told her to bring the kitten back. She refused, "I want to give it a couple more days" she decided to have him screened. I stand by my kittens, they're family, even though time was out at this point for the initial screening window I agreed. a couple days later she called me again. She felt he was still sick, again "please bring him back I'll have him treated, pay for his treatment and return him to you good as new or I'll refund your money and you can move on from here." She replied "NO lets give it a couple more days but it could be this or it might be that..." OK. Screening came back positive for Calcivirus...her vet had screened for a virus the kitten had just been vaccinated against, of course it's going to come back positive! I finally insisted that she bring the kitten back or wouldn't issue a refund. This is a full week later, of course her other cat was going to start symptoms if you keep them together that long. I didn't lie! I went above and beyond my contract requirement! I refunded her completely although she refused to return the kitten within the 72 hour window it was at least 168 hours... I paid the entire cost of the antibiotics and half the cost of the screening she decided to do, over $300. I refunded her entire purchase price. The kitten recovered completely, and was happily placed into a lovely home. I've since updated my contract to insist on the return of a kitten within 24 hours of Vet visit. The poor kitten could have been treated and recovered within a short time period of diagnosis. As far as the money in the mail, we sent it registered and sent her proof it was sent and she knows it. Kittens get colds but a good breeder stands behind her kittens, sometimes even worse and it's heartbreaking but I am a person of integrity and was there every step to try to resolve it. Unfortunately both parties needed to cooperate to resolve this issue, it doesn't work if one side refuses...

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