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Dog Breeders Complaints

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Vons / deli

user1931240 on Oct 18, 2018

VonsWas at your local deli Dept today for lunch, and noticed you had 8 piece of fried chicken on special: 2 breasts, 2 legs, 2 to thighs and 2 wings (just for you or whatever), so got it for the first time. Took out the first piece to eat, and could not identify it as any of the above. Have a...

Glamour Exotic Dachshunds (Dog Breeder in Tennessee ) / he (dog breeder “nathan archer”) was selling a dog

Caitlin_F on Oct 18, 2018

Glamour Exotic Dachshunds (Dog Breeder in Tennessee )Hello, I have been looking for a miniature dachshund for a few months now. I recently lost my dachshund Charlie. I came acrossed online and I reached out to this breeder in Tennessee, this is his number [protected]) I explained to him how interested I was in his Silver...

Hoobly / fruad

Iami on Oct 17, 2018

User name momeof3boys is a fruad. She is scamming people, taking money with no puppies in return. I know many people who have tried to get puppies, sent money and have recived nothing in return. I do not think it is right that she is basically stealing from innocent people that just trying...

Adorable Mini Dachshunds / not mini & broken tail

Dlee16 on Oct 12, 2018

Nearly a year ago I purchased my "mini" dachshund from this breeder. Supposedly, he is a pure bred, "mini" dachshund but he has grown to be nearly 20lbs at less than a year old. He arrived to me with a broken and crooked tail that was not mentioned prior to my interest in him or sending...

Kingfisher`s Alaskan Malamutes / dead puppies!

Truthteller 13 on Oct 8, 2018

BUYER BEWARE!! Malamutes have always been my fiancés and I favorite dog breed. We planned for a longtime to finally get our pup. I reached out to KingFishers in July of 2017 and spoke extensively on several occasions with the yard manager, Monica. I was adamant that our top priority was the...

Courts Singapore / customer service / delivery

dineshsabapathy on Sep 20, 2018

Hi, I ordered a L-shaped sofa from Courts. I do not have my tax invoice number but I understand you may obtain the details from use of my mobile number ([protected]). The sofa was supposed to have been delivered on 19 September 2018. It was not. When I check with two of your customer service...

Poddar Kennel / pet

Sabir Mirza on Sep 20, 2018

have bought a gsd male puppy from Poddar Kennel and i paid a lot compare to what i was getting in my city but I wanted a kci puppy as Poddar Kennel promise me puppy is registered and they will send kci paper in two months but as on date five month gone they haven't send any paper and stop...

Dream Dogos / dogo puppy

Dogo lady on Sep 19, 2018

In April of 2016 I contacted the owner of Dream Dogos, Samir Salama, to inquire about purchasing an intact male, all white puppy of show quality. (On his website he has the BBB logo so I thought he would be a reputable business owner.) He was paid the full amount for the puppy and as of...

Tea Time Pomeranians / pomeranian breeder

BunnyR1 on Sep 18, 2018

I was looking to purchase an adult Pomeranian from this breeder and noticed many inconsistencies in her ad. Initially she advertised the pom for more than two thousands dollars with full breeding rights with the statement that the pom was not appropriate for her breeding program. Then when...

FlixBus / FlixMobility / route 911 - monday 17th september 2018

Elo Lolo on Sep 17, 2018

First of all, the bus got more and more delay on the way. I did this route many times between Krakow- Budapest but this is the first time without proper stop in Rozombek ( SK). But the most annoying is no announcements at all : greetings, informàtion about stop ( how long ) and why !!! I...

Aaron's / the staff

Tina kilgore on Sep 17, 2018

I have been a Aaron's customer for years and now I'm being over charged and kept on my service agreements when it's supposed to have been paid off.. making up payments like I haven't been paying or trying to make me pay for stuff when it's been paid off already it's difficult and stressful...

Willow River Farm Aussies / barb wilson sells sick puppies!

Becca Maynard on Sep 13, 2018

I bought my mini Aussie in April 2016 and within 24 hrs we were at the vet fighting Parvovirus. He almost died and when she refused to continue treatment because of her ‘contract' I said my peace and did whatever I had to keep my puppy alive, and he is thriving now! This woman, Barb Wilson...

Glenna Dilley / puppies

Lkj2018 on Sep 13, 2018

We bought a pug puppy from this lady and thank God we took her straight to, the vet. She was infested with fleas, had scabs all over her, had worms, not in good health. She has pugs in her home that she breeds and I'm concerned they are not being taken care of. She needs to be reported for...

Hartland's Puppies - Flint Hill Labradors - Monique Hart - Brandon Hart / puppies

James Garr on Sep 8, 2018

Hartland's Puppies - Flint Hill Labradors - Monique Hart - Brandon HartBeware of this puppy mill! Hartland's puppies - monique hart - they breed and sell dogs with genetic seborrhea and malassezia yeast infections both of which are not curable!!! Go ahead and ask this breeder about her health guarantee, she will tell you..."state law says the puppy only ha...

Love Cuddles Website / Jason Mcdowell / puppy mill / not breeder

Devastated mom on Sep 8, 2018

I was on maltipoo website. It bounced me to next day Then connected me to love cuddles. I wrote an email to love cuddles inquiring about a Yorkiepoo . I got an email back from Love Cudfdles using the email address of It had picture...

Nextdaypets / puppy mill jason mcdowell

Devastated mom on Sep 8, 2018

Next day Pets is one of the aliases for a pampered pups. We bought our teacup Yorkiepoo April 5, 2018. She passed away September 5, 2018. She was taken to the vet for all her vaccinations by us and there's no explanation for her death except for birth defect. When we bought her from Jason...

Brenda Fisher / puppy mill animal abuser & animal killer

Randy's Guilty on Sep 1, 2018

Brenda FisherThese are the filthy conditions Breeder Puppy Mill Owner Brenda Fisher leaves her dogs in, She even sedated poor buttons till he was dead with over dosing him on medication, the witch is a true narcissistic sociopath & animal abuser killer, two dogs she purchased not long ago she rehome...

Gemma Medcalf Cockapoos / sale of cockapoos puppy

S.butterfly on Sep 1, 2018

I was invited by the breeder to pay a £200 deposit for a puppy she was selling so that the puppy would be reserved for me. The following morning I paid the deposit via PayPal and was surprised to receive a message from the breeder (shortly after) telling me that the puppy would not be reserved...

PM Weimaraners / dog breeder

Patty Marion on Aug 29, 2018

I have never spoke to or met this woman in Montana. Her name is Dawna. I had called her as I was interested in purchasing a pup. I told her a few dogs, and she wanted to know each breeder I had purchased them from. Four out of the five breeder as I mentioned she started to talk about in...

Puppies for Sale / payment for puppy not refunded

RimesK on Aug 29, 2018

Mr Ronald/Roland Clams is advertising on Hoobly with multiple puppies for sale. I was interested in one of the Pomeranian's he had for sale. I contacted him as the site requested by texting him at [protected]. The puppy was $600 and that I needed to get a money order to Ronald Clams in...