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Dog Breeders Complaints

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MiniHuskies / something is up!

XZY12345 on Aug 13, 2018

After extensive research I faced the fact that if i wanted a mini Siberian Husky i was going to have to go through this site. I read all the other posts on this site so i was very hesitant, but I decided to give the benefit of doubt after speaking with a happy customer I found on...

Tim Hortons / service

Mahjabeen60 on Aug 13, 2018

Went to his location Sunday August 12 near 10am. Went to use the ladies room. There was no toilet paper there. Informed one of the associate and she told the manager who was standing across the front line. Manager then yelled across the hall at a young gentleman who was cleaning tables and...

Strauss Haus Shepards / refuses to give back deposit

medieval on Aug 12, 2018

Put a deposit of $500 down on a puppy after filling out application. Was told that female dog was pregnant and to get on her list, I needed to send the deposit. Then about a month later received an email saying the dog wasn't pregnant and she'll put my deposit towards "maybe" puppies in...

Fairybell Farms / dog breeder

Spillinthebeans on Aug 11, 2018

Fairybell Farms is a backyard breeder puppy mill. Please reference Winchester Pomeranians before purchasing from this breeder. She has miss led many a buyer with her claims of AKC registrable dogs. Her dogs are caged in a workshop building on her rented property in Clastkanie, Ore. and are...

Rock House Frenchies / puppy breeder

Samiam873 on Aug 11, 2018

I have also purchased a puppy from RHF. The puppy has been healthy. The only thing we have had to address are allergies; which is typical of the breed. I did want to add to the post that we were also told that the AKC papers would be sent to us and they never were. We will buy another...

One Love Poms / pomeranian puppy

L Lochard on Aug 10, 2018

RECENTLY, in may and June, 2018, I paid 3, 150.00 for a puppy (500.00 deposit, 350.00 airfare, 2800.00 puppy). AFTER I paid in FULL, they called to tell me puppy was small and had hit a plateau. They offered me a 2nd choice pup which I did not want. They will not refund one dime. I have an...

Ace's Tall Pines Kennels / kennel with fake trip advisor reviews and fake testimonials

Cmiller45 on Aug 4, 2018

*Warning long post* Just wanted to post here so other people with pups don't run into the same problem we did. Ace's Tall Pines Boarding and Breaders out of Utterson. We contacted this facility after the website stated that many local businesses recommended it and had great tripadvisor...

PuppySpot Group / Puppy Mills

Bill Will on Aug 3, 2018

I found what I thought was the perfect puppy for us on Puppyspot. They would not let me talk to the breeder or even tell me anything about the breeder so I could do some research. I should have listened to my inner voice but the puppy looked perfect. She got here with Giardia. The breeder...

Hoobly, Inc / Trying to purchase a puppy

pbraswell03 on Aug 3, 2018

I have been in constant contact with a breeder in my area to purchase a puppy. I was told the puppy I was interested in was available. I have tried for two days to get the breeder to contact me for information as to how I would get the puppy (i.e. the address). I was planning to leave...

Heritage Farms Kennel Dog Breeders / pomsky puppy

donotbuyfrommarkritter on Aug 2, 2018

Heritage Farms Kennel Dog BreedersDo not adopt from these Missouri dog breeders. My partner and I had been searching for a reputable dog breeder for a few months before we stumbled across Heritage Farms in North Eastern Missouri. They claimed to be super ethical dog breeders who are kennel-less. They even said all their...

Freeman Frenchies / issues with breeder

smueller0472 on Jul 31, 2018

Freeman FrenchiesI do not advise purchasing a puppy from Freeman Frenchies in Neosho, Missouri, no matter how cute the puppy pictures are! I was trying to give the breeder the benefit of the doubt before I started submitting reviews to try and warn others, however after it being over four months since I...

Delivery agents / puppy

Transfer on Jul 30, 2018

These people are trying to hold my puppy until I come up with 1720.00 dollars on top of 4200.00. I've already sent. They say they're going to have you come and pick the puppy up and then sue me.I bought the puppy over the internet and from there shipped by these so called delivery agent...

Mi Pao Kennels - CKC Registered CHOW CHOW Breeder / unethical, dishonest, irresponsible & money-driven breeder

Toby's Mom on Jul 26, 2018

I want to report the subject chow chow breeder, mi pao kennels. minnie is a dishonest, irresponsible, money-driven breeder who failed to disclose buyers the top "pure breed show" dogs have idiopathic epilepsy. I wish to make it known to other chow pet lovers and cautious them be extra...

Riverview Goldendoodles/Alisha Epps / unethical behavior

GBlan on Jul 23, 2018

We wanted a hypoallergenic/low shedding mini Goldendoodle and settled on Riverview/Alisha Garlick/Alisha Epps after she stated in an email to me "the puppies are non-shedding from a long line of non-shedding coats". This was our number 1 and primary request. Her website describes how... / breeder

Debbie Treutle Tufo on Jul 23, 2018

My 4 year old gsd had to be put down to what I believe was bad breeding. When we 1st got her, her umbilical cord was fully taken off so my vet had to do it. She was full of fleas when I got her home and the breeder stated she didn't have them when she left. I told her my gsd ears weren't...

where to get Samoyed puppies / samoyed puppies

harrytaj on Jul 20, 2018

With the updates in Social Media apps now like Instagram and Facebook i took upon myself to look for a breeder online. i didnt think i was going to find any but i gave it a try anyway. iso i took to instagram first and after a long search i came across this guy @samoyedhaven. his puppie...

Quality / service

mr.steak on Jul 19, 2018

On Thursday June 21st I interviewed with Joshua Stearns in Oklahoma City for a position of General Manager in the Oklahoma City area. I started the interview with comments on the many times I have been to Whataburger, I have always been impressed with the quality of food and the freshness of...

Cindy's Loves / Cindy Biggs / old english sheepdog

Christina Schneider on Jul 19, 2018

I provided this lady with a $300 deposit for a female old english sheepdog puppy. When the liter was born she claimed all 3 females died and refused to refund my deposit. I have since been notified by previous buyers who informed me their dogs all had genetic health issues due likely to...

Success Cavalier King Charles / selling non-existent puppies from stolen pictures. stolen personal information.

Victimized8 on Jul 16, 2018 These people sound as though they are a foreign operation, trying to scam Americans for Cavalier King Charles puppies, claiming to sell and ship them at an insanely low price. ALL of their pictures are stolen from others. Even the information on...

Hoobly / no help... can not access my account

novstar on Jul 15, 2018

no problems for 2 yrs...then got this ERROR notice for 3 days now I cant get into my listings > get someone elses cant get into my messages > get someone elses THIS IS NOT GOOD TO BE ABLE TO GET INTO SOMEONE ELSES ACCOUNT makes me wonder who is getting into my account can NOT deleted or...