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Dog Breeders Complaints

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Monaco Doberman / breeder

Adrienne Keyzer on Jul 16, 2017
Molly King -- Monaco Kennel-- Horrific; had to put the dog down after a year aggressiveness and sending my child to hospital; paid 1200 and neutering ; breeder took back this dog and resold him to me saying original owner wasn't "home enough" to care for this dog ; when i reached out to...

Shelties Purebred Perfect / sheltie

J&T on Jul 14, 2017
Shelties Purebred PerfectMy husband and I raised hope in our home. She was 8 weeks when she came to live with us. She will be turning 2 soon 7/17. We offered to buy her for $1, 500.00 in 11/16 we were told no as teresa levine wanted to make money she wanted at least 3 litters from hope. We told her we wanted to...

Puppyspot / dog was not properly socialized by breeder

Kevin78 on Jul 14, 2017
I bought a 12 week on golden retriever five weeks ago. By the time I received the dog he was 13 weeks old. I was surprised when the puppy refused to go for a walk. The puppy was terrified of cars and would freeze when we went outside in my quiet residential neighborhood. I tried...

Castle &, Cottage Country Home Puppies / puppies multiple breeds

Lavoielies on Jul 11, 2017
Castle &, Cottage Country Home PuppiesDenise M Ronayne, aka Denise M Lavoie, aka Dee, aka DeeDee, is a breeder who operates her kennel of many breeds in Sutton, Massachusetts She lists her kennel at 34 Merriam Lane in Sutton, MA but the tax assessor does not have a property listed there. Her home is at 38 Merriam Lane with an...

Clairparavel Boxers Deborah Watts / dog breeder debroah watts

Kayzk9 on Jul 5, 2017
This women Debroah Watts has purched a puppy from me last year and claimed she is a pet home. I recieved a email last week out of the blue demanding a breeding registration. I informed her that she only purchaed pup at a pet price and perceeded to send her a copy of the contract she...

Courtney Talbot and George Karayianni Kayzk9 French Bulldogs / sick puppy, refusal to provide ckc registration, unethical behaviour, puppy mill

I bought a french bulldog puppy from Courtney Talbot Sept. 2016 with promise of CKC papers due at time of payment received. I signed a contract. Courtney produced a different contract sent by email she states I signed. A contract with different wording not signed by me. Puppy has been...

Zauberberg K9 LLC / german shephard puppy

Aline Nagler on Jul 3, 2017
I purchased a puppy from Zauberberg K9 in Tucson, Arizona in August 2016 with a guarantee of lifetime advice and a health guarantee. This dog almost died in March from a week immune system and has had several other health incidents. She had to have an emergency spay at 9 months She came...

Silvercrest Labs / female lab puppy

Joewhat on Jul 1, 2017
We purchased a female silver Lab puppy from Patricia, instead of having the puppy shipped to us, we actually went to their facility to make sure that it wasn't a puppy mill type of situation. When we got there Patricia's husband was out cleaning the "the puppy house" like it is not...

Guisella Gervasi / dog breeder

pwusnc on Jun 30, 2017
Guisella GervasiI bought a Yorkie Terrier from the breeder Ms Guisella Gervasi and the dog came very sick. She referred doctor Gomara for me to take the dog and then I started the treatment. After more than 6 months the dog was not cured and Dr Gomara told me she had sold more 4 dogs with the same...

Roy Stephens / dog breeder

ea tover on Jun 29, 2017
We had a horrible experience with dog breeder Roy Stephens. He sold us a sick puppy. The poor puppy got sick 2 days after we took him home. He would not eat, very lethargic and had difficulty breeding. When we took him to the vet, they said that he had a bacterial infection and pneumonia...

Clarion Pups / unethical behavior, ripoff, lies

unappeased client on Jun 26, 2017
I had a horrible experience with Clarion Pups, Lanora, specifically. She was extremely negligent about the dogs she was selling, information on them and how to differentiate the dogs. She had zero clue on how to tell them a part and refused to try any method to tell the dogs a part when...

Lauraldale's Siberians / extreme behavioral problems with puppy - and he's not the only one.

betweenthebirds on Jun 22, 2017
Purchased an 8 month old puppy from Laura in March of 2017, and despite me specifically asking his socialization (and her saying he was well-socialized), this dog is TERRIFIED of humans (men in particular, the larger/taller ones tend to be way more scary)... I mean absolutely TERRIFIED. We...

Husky Furever / puppy breeder

doggiemom on Jun 15, 2017
This breeder has done business under multiple names and websites over the last couple of years alone. She adopts out her puppies at 6 weeks, rather than the 8 weeks that is by law. She says that she provides dewormer to her puppies, but it took months to get my puppy dewormed after...

Richard Pintar BMD Breeder / bernese mountain dog breeder

WinterE on Jun 14, 2017
I had a terrible experience with breeder RICHARD PINTAR of Coldwater (Barrie) ON, who I found on Kijiji. I travelled from Windsor to Barrie to pick out my BMD puppy from Richard, provided my deposit of $250, and began counting down the days until I could bring my pup, "Burt" home. On June...

Curve Hill Pomskies / dog breeding

KT Shealy on Jun 13, 2017
Mary from Curve Hill Pomskies deleted my review from her Facebook page because I wasn't happy with her service. She took the review option away because her stars went down. She never showed me my pups parents and reverse bred my dog. She doesn't care for her pups as she should and the end...

David Autry / german shepherd pup

LS David on Jun 11, 2017
Disappointed, tired and still in search for a pup… After 24 hours of driving almost 1600 miles to Kenockee Michigan and back, I returned home about midnight without a pup, without the $400.00 deposit and without the almost $300.00 in travel expenses for fuel and a motel room. About 11 week...

Luda's Havanese / havanese breeder

AnnaBelleAdams on Jun 10, 2017
I have been working with Havanese for 7 years and purchased a male chocolate 4-month-old from Luda about 8 months ago.When I walked in the door the smell of ammonia from urine and *** was terrible, and the number of dogs was astounding. However, her puppies seemed clean and friendly so I...

China Doll Chows / breeder refuses to send akc registration papers.

David Fratella on Jun 10, 2017
Purchased 9 week old AKC Chow Chow puppy on April 25 paid cash. Drove 300 miles to pick up pup and was informed that the registration papers had not arrived. Breeder promised to mail papers in 10 days. After many phone calls and a number of excuses, still no papers as of June 10Th ...

Buckeye Puppies, Ohio / breeders lied about the type of dog

morgancs on Jun 10, 2017
I adopted a beabull, or so i thought it was a beabull, 1 year ago. Come to find out, as the dog got older that he was in fact a boxer beagle instead of a bulldog beagle. Not only that but the dog was traumatized from the day i brought him home. He is scared of everything, extremely...

Betty's teacup puppies / she's a scammer and a fraud. she never delivered the puppy

charlesx3 on Jun 7, 2017
Joanne pedram came into an agreement with me to send me a puppy within a given date and never sent out the puppy. I am out thousands of dollars and she will not answer my messages or phone calls. Do not purchase from her!! She will feed you lies and her worker will feed you lies as well! I...
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