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Dog Breeders Complaints

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Pool Wire Fox Terriers & Australian Cattle Dogs / theresa pool failed to tell us about vet's findings

tom wheeler on Dec 6, 2017
We were sold a puppy that she said was healthy. On 11/21/17 her vet told her that there was an issue with his rear right leg. She did not disclose any info concerning his leg to us before we bought him. Our vet told us on 12/4/17 about the leg problem. Had we been told there was an issue...

For the Love of Shepherds / dog breeder

nahcllib on Dec 6, 2017
In April 2017 we purchased a German shepherd pup for $1, 500 from this breeder in Goshen VA. The dog became extremely anxious and randomly aggressive towards members of the family at 10 months old. It tried to bite my son and lunged at my pregnant daughter. We brought it to a Veterinarian in PA who...

Northwinds Golden Retrievers / dog

Breeder sold us a puppy declared to be "perfectly healthy." First of all, she had a parasite which was diagnosed after we got her home. Secondly, when vision problems were identified, the breeder refused to refund our money based on the warranty for this health issue. Other health issue...

Hoobly / fraud sales of english bulldog puppies

Cheryl Horn on Dec 4, 2017
HooblyWas interested in son English bulldog puppies that was for sale .then was given the email address of in law that had two left for adoption . Thebravefamilly2020@gmail.com and then have emails from him and proof of emails of sale of dog . We paid 430.00 through western union and was told...

Down South Havanese And Bichon Frise / do not trust this 'breeder'

Jecb on Dec 4, 2017
I am currently in the market for a Havanese. I ran across the 'breeder' and the website Down South Havanese and Bichon Frise. I've been told to ask the seller to please take a current picture with the puppy I'm interested in buying along with a piece of paper that has my name on it, in...

Brooklyn Beefcake Bullies / english bulldog puppy

concerned bulldog mom on Nov 28, 2017
I bought a puppy from Julie Duncanson on Oct. 22, 2017. Upon bringing her home, I immediately noticed she was urinating excessively which is indicative of a urinary tract infection. I brought her to my vet and she was put on antibiotic drops. Her condition escalated to where she began...

Amber Furst, AJ Furst / dogs

D.Ahokas on Nov 25, 2017
We thought we bought two 8 month poodles. The breeder said they are 8 months old. One male, one female. I was given a contract, CKC papers with the parent's names, and date of birth. I was also given shot records, minus the rabies vaccine, that she had already told me she had not given...

Poodles 2 Doodles / dog breeding

MThomas24 on Nov 14, 2017
We had a very devastating and terrible experience. We were a guardian home for one of her males for a few years. He was an amazing dog. Jill took him for breeding and he was there for an extended time. She refused to return him to us unless we signed another contract that she wrote. He wa...

Krumdiack / washington breeder selling labradors with liver shunts

Wa_doglover on Nov 5, 2017
This small breeder is continueing to breed a female yellow Labrador knowing that she has a genetic anomilie that produces babies with congenital intrahepatic liver shunts. Liver shunts are hard to diagnosis, especially in large breeds, and it is often too late once it is discovered. If it...

Australian Shepherd Husky Puppy / puppy sold with parvovirus

Sheilahj on Nov 4, 2017
Australian Shepherd Husky PuppyPost ID - 6361295066 Tel # 407-479-8309 She sold 8 week old puppy $425 to my grandson and 1 hour later the puppy was throwing up in our house. We took him to vet next day and he was diagnosed with extreme Parvovirus a highly contagious virus with 80% death rate. The vet said that the pup...

Luvakis Rhodesian Ridgebacks / negligence on aggressive dogs

Sara Wilson on Oct 29, 2017
Luvakis Rhodesian RidgebacksPaul and Teresa Holmes live in our neighborhood with their dogs. Their male got loose this weekend and viciously attacked our family dog in our own backyard. If my mom didn't intervene, our family dog would be dead for the Rhodesian Ridgeback was tossing her around like a rag doll. Paul...

King of Cages Boerboel / dog

Coc on Oct 25, 2017
Beware his breeder. We bought a dog years ago and NEVER received her papers. In addition she had a multitude of orthopedic issues very early- both knees requiring surgery, hip dysplasia and OHD. The problem was not as much that she had these problems but the breeder did not care at all. We...

Texas Sugar Puppies / 2 puppies

Please Beware on Oct 6, 2017
Texas Sugar PuppiesYoung Van Roekel operates under multiple websites (one is listed below). We were lied to and taken advantage of and she continues to try and do it to others. We are out $1450 for mix breed puppies when we thought they were AKC registered. I will be turning her into the Human Society...

Joni Albanese / gsd breeder

Mic Kel on Oct 2, 2017
This person claims to be an AKC breeder, but will not give you the paperwork you need to register the dog. She sells puppies to anyone with money, even if they have NO experience as a dog owner. She sold a puppy to a boy barely old enough to legally drink. Once the "cute puppy" stage wa...

Lab Breeder in Oklahoma / inbred puppies

Nassimjade on Sep 28, 2017
We have had a bad experience with a breeder in Ardmore, Oklahoma who breeds Silver, Black, and White (Cream) Labradors. At one point she admitted to me in writing that her white male dog has issues around people, yet she continues to breed these aggressive dogs. When confronted with the...

Hall Havernese Puppies / puppy

IR#4 on Sep 27, 2017
She is really cruel. She insisted on a 5 page questionnaire regarding how you would treat a puppy. She started sending emails that "the puppies were coming". I stayed up all night as I thought we were getting a very special little guy...only to find that by morning she sold both of them to...

For the Love of Boxers / bad breeder

TFrech5 on Sep 12, 2017
I purchased a puppy from For the Love of Boxers in Merrimac MA. My poor pup has an autoimmune disease along with horrible allergies. She is terribly undersized as well. After exploring the breeders Facebook page, I am not the only one who has had issues with puppies. Many others have below...

WigSis / where is my wig

Jennifer Moore on Sep 5, 2017
order #FA170822C702 from ordering my wig from this country, I have not received. However.138.00 dollars deducted from my credit card company. I called the number on charge statement but with no help. I am going to contact credit card to stop payment if I don't get some kind of response at...

PuppyFind / english mastiff breeder

Chelsea Brenner on Sep 4, 2017
On aug 7 me and my husband found a breeder on puppy find. Com, her names Kimberly McNeil Morin, we followed her facebook page and liked what we saw. So I messaged her and she seemed very professional and nice. On aug 17 she informed me that the puppy we had picked had passed away and we...

TextNow / universal dog breeds

Puth on Sep 2, 2017
i have severally tried to login into textnow to obtain a US number but nothing is happening, please help me out.It keeps on telling me Unknown error - Please try submitting again. If the problem continues contact Customer Care for assistance.I really need it urgently please. Am located in...
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