Dog Breeders Complaints


Mistydays Keeshonds / cancer from health tested stock?

on Apr 18, 2019

Linda neal, called me and told me first hand how one of her prize babies, died at the tender age of only 3 yrs old of cancer. The pups name was asha she and her family lived in florida. I was told asha had a wonderful home, parents who cherished her very being, they supposedly bught from...

Stirling Collies / puppy

on Apr 8, 2019

I am heartbroken as I write this review. Received my beautiful Shollie in Oct. Everything seemed Ok until my daughter took away one of his toys. Without warning he bit her. Unfortunately this wasn't a one-time occurrence . It just got worse. When I called Stirling Collies to find out what...

Kashmirwhippets / dog breeding

on Apr 4, 2019

The owner and breeder of kashmirwhippets, enola discriminates against age, marital status and size of home and area, personally was discriminated with all of the above, offered to sell my puppy until she brought dog to my home, judged my age, didn't like the size of my home or location...

Vom Calvario Kennels,AKA Jose Borgos,Jose Vom Calvario,Vom Aguilar Kennels / rottweiler puppies bred with genetic defects

on Mar 30, 2019

First puppy from him diagnosed with elbow dysplasia at 11 months, after fighting w/him fro replacement 2nd puppy was sent. This puppy came with 2 heart valve defects! Was told by specialist NOT to breed parents of this pup ever. Breeder said he didn't care! After more investigation found...

Howling Hickory Hollow / wolfhybrids

on Mar 28, 2019

Howling Hickory HollowWhen I post a add on the wolfhybrid page. My add automatically goes to page 7 instead of starting on page 1. And everyone knows the futher down the list your add is people are more likely not to go 7 or 8 pages back. So this is a very important issue for me. We have used hobbly classified...

Kristina Svienson, Yensid Saint Bernards, Ryan Williams / dogs

on Mar 18, 2019

Kristina Svienson, Yensid Saint Bernards, Ryan WilliamsThis happy trio killed one of my purbred registered saint bernards back in aug 2015. Her name was katie, she was pick of the litter, and just as they have done currently, they used the therapy dog gig to gain my trust. Katie was in their lives from november 2013 until they euthanized her on...

Icewind Shiba and Golden Breeder / bad experience

on Mar 16, 2019

We had a terrible experience with a icewind breeders. We did a ton of research and found them as an akc heart breeder who gave life time health guarantee in northern jersey about 3 hours away from our house. We spent $2, 600. She did not give us the vet clearance certificate (we assume it...

Lobos English Bulldogs / sold us an english bulldog with cancer

on Mar 15, 2019

My wife has always wanted an English Bull Dog. We really wanted a mature dog as a pet, no interest in breeding. It was to replace our dog that had been part of our family for over 13 years and just passed December of 2018, we found MIley at Lobos English Bulldogs. She wa...

Naomi Teacup Pomeranians / unethical behavior, item not received

on Mar 7, 2019

I reached out to "naomi" via her website regarding puppies for sale. She let me know she could have puppy I was interested in shipped within a day of paying. After sending me photos and videos I paid via paypal. She "ships" dog. I get a suspicious email the day of shipping saying I need to...

Mistydays Keeshonds / deceptive theft of my breeding stock

on Mar 2, 2019

Linda neal, of mistyday keeshond was a friend of mine for years. my first mistake. in the last 2 years myhealth went from bad to worse, seizures, then a heart attack, then a brain tumor and its removal, another heart attack, a stint, and angioplasty? then I was informed after two years of...

Shallow Lake Lodge Labs / lab puppies

on Feb 20, 2019

In my opinion, Shallowlake Lodge misrepresents it's "product" price. The labs are advertised as "AKC registered/registerable" for $1400. That price is for a pup WITHOUT papers. They charge $1600 for a limited registration and $3000 for full papers. I just purchased a pup with papers and... / jan gray is selling sick leonberger puppies clandeboye kennels

on Feb 6, 2019

Do not buy this woman's puppies. She comes across at first that she is a caring breeder but she is not. I bought a female puppy from her and was rushing her to the vet the next day. Round Worms, Parasites, Blood in her poop, fever. I wasn't expecting to have a 800 vet bill in the...

Halo German Shepherd / abuse of animals

on Feb 3, 2019

2018 I went to get a puppy but choose to get a white. I just happen to get there before she did so I snapped photos. She stated at that time she had about 80 GSD'S. I got the pup & rushed home to call AKC humane society.2 no avail. Finally I got to the Georgia Department of...

Wheelers Oak Hill Kennel / puppy

on Jan 23, 2019

We bought an English Bulldog puppy from vicky Wheeler. He is a chocolate tri who we paid $4500 for with breeding rights. We have had nothing but health problems with him. He has twisted vertebra in his spine and had an ingrown tail which had to be removed. We also had him neutered because...

Yensid Saint Bernard Kristina Sveinson Dog Killer Alberta / kristina sveinson dog killer yensid saint bernards

on Jan 21, 2019

Yensid Saint Bernard Kristina Sveinson Dog Killer AlbertaDo not buy or sell KRISTINA SVEINSON a dog! Yes I was stupid and sold this woman a beautiful Bernese Male Pup. She had a few saints from my daughter and wanted a Bernese for therapy and nose work. After I wrote up the contract she then tells me she won't have the money and could pay for him...

Long Coat German Shepherd / breeder

on Jan 20, 2019

Buyer beware! This breeder is operating under a new name. She is formerly known as Royal German Shepherds. Google the name and read the reviews. If you should proceed with purchasing a puppy, make sure you understand the health guarantee, know the return policy, and verify you actually...

Charity Miniature Dachshunds ( also [email protected] / dog breeder scam [protected]

on Jan 17, 2019

I recently found the above company on line. the website is very professionally done and I purchased a puppy from the breeder who went by the name Sam. I stupidly sent my money via western union and was scammed out of it completely. This site is completely bogus. When calling the number...

Royal Kennels in Moscow Ohio owned by Pamela J. Peterson / unethical behavior with genetic disease in her puppy line

on Jan 16, 2019

Royal Kennels in Moscow Ohio owned by Pamela J. PetersonPamela J. Peterson of Moscow Oho and Royal Kennels sold me a sick puppy with a genetic condition known as KCS or Canine Keratoconjunctivtis Sicca this is often known as Dry eye. The eyes of the dog do not produce the tears needed for the eye to be healthy. It cannot be cured, only treated...

Royalty Akitas / dead and dying puppies.

on Jan 1, 2019

Do your research!! Please think twice before purchasing an Akita puppy from Royalty Akitas-- he is a glorified backyard breeder, with a "nice" facility, but no concern for the long term health of his dogs and their offspring. I know there are many positive reviews on here, and statistically, when you...

Neighbor / dog kennel

on Dec 29, 2018

NeighborVery poor living conditions that the dogs are living in. They attack each other causing harm & even death to other dogs. The dog igloos almost all have huge holes on the tops. The dogs have to lay in mud & their own waste. This is so sad to see daily. Hundreds of dogs piled on 0.43 acre...

Leroy Mast Puppy Breeder / puppies

on Dec 19, 2018

We bought a golden retriever from him. This is our fourth golden, first from him. We will NEVER buy from him again nor recommend him. The puppy we reserved and was sent pictures of looked nothing like the puppy he had. His puppies ALL had dark muzzles which is a genetic defect in Golden'...

Berlin View Kennels / goldendoodle puppies

on Dec 18, 2018

I purchased a Goldendoodle puppy from Marie Plank at Berlin View Puppy Kennels in Nov 2017. She soon started showing signs of not being able to see . We took her to a vet and was told she had cataracts and probably had them due to a hereditary issue. She needed cataract surgery a year...

Keepsake Labs / lies, unethical

on Dec 17, 2018

Keepsake LabsPlaced a double deposit with Keepsake Labs, after the owner Judy agreed that we could have second pick of litter x, and first pick of litter y, as we wanted a female lab and the litters were being delivered around the same time. We called and emailed Keepsake Labs over 20 times to find...