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Terra Siberians / Cat breeding

StopTerraSiberians on Jan 5, 2017
I am going to share my negative experience with Terra Siberians cattery. This is a personal experience that occurred in the summer of 2016. I spent a while researching cat breeds and I decided on a Siberian cat. Terra Siberians is located in Waterford, Michigan. After my research, I decided to...

Deena Hewson Bengal Breeder / Backyard breeder, sick cats

sunray33 on Dec 17, 2016
Deena hewson who resides at 6 falls grove road, nashua new hampshire, 03063-3456 is a scam artist and a back-yard breeder of bengal cats! She bought a bengal female which she named elsa as a pet, which she was suppose to spay as it was only a pet quality bengal! She signed a contract and...

Broadway Darling Ragamuffins / Kitten fip & guardia, avoid this breeder

grieving on Dec 11, 2016
We purchased two Ragamuffins kittens in June 2016 from Carol Ohlund, owner of Broadway Darling Ragamuffins. One kitten was born April 25 and the other was born May 17, 2016. They had different mothers but the same father. We live in Phoenix so were able to visit the kittens on several...

Blue Mountain Ragdolls / Cat breeder selling kittens with ringworm

Horrified Buyer on Dec 6, 2016
This breeder/cattery Blue Mountain Ragdolls, Sharron Smith sold us a sick kitten infested with ringworm which we acquired on July 23, 2016. We've spent well over $1500 trying to bring our kitten back to health and rid our home of this monstrous infectious monster. Both my husband and I...

Ranchin Ragz Ragdolls / Cattery

rue39 on Dec 5, 2016
DeKoel Smith of RanchinRagz Ragdolls is deceptive. She sold me two kittens, under the false pretense that they were Ragdolls. She was sending me photos of two kittens that looked like Ragdolls, but when I got them (my husband and his friend flew all the way to Alberta to pick them up, and...

Fiona House Pammenter BSH Cats / She breeds cats infected with coronavirus and calicivirus

jessiebillabong on Dec 5, 2016
After Fiona told me she was terminally ill with cancer, i bought a kitten from her even though her house was filthy. I felt I was helping. Straight away the vet said how poor condition my boy cat was. Hehad thivk ear discharge and ear mites. Took months to treat. I contacted Fiona and still...

Cozy Cats NY / Cozy cats ny service

Michellex3 on Nov 23, 2016
I am writing this as a customer of cozy cats, read this before buying a kitten from this breeder. Trust me it's worth the read. I bought my Scottish fold in late August. I've been looking for a Scottish fold for a while and this was the closet breeder near me and I saw how many people...

WildFireShine / Breeder doesn't provide valid rabies vaccination certificates; sells sick cats

mkuhppy on Nov 22, 2016
WildFireShineOn August 11, 2016, I made a deposit of $300 via PayPal on a purchase of a British Shorthair kitten from a breeder whom I found on https://www.felines4us.com The breeder then directed me to use her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BritishShorthair.wfs/ On August 28, I paid additional...

House of Indigo Sphynx / 3 sphynx kittens

Dana Schadel on Nov 10, 2016
House of Indigo SphynxLet me start out by saying these 3 babies are my life!! They are great cats!! My babies will be 2 July 4th 2017 and I still DO Not have their papers. I have asked for them about 5 times. I paid 1500 for my first kitten and 2000 for the other 2. They were suppose to be chipped and fixed...

Ragdollblues.com / Flea infested kitten

Three dogs mom on Nov 7, 2016
I paid $950 for a beautiful and sweet kitten on 11/06/2016...top dollar. Within less than 9 hours, my vet discovered our new kitten was flea infested. I have two dogs and two cats which were adopted from rescue missions or humane societies. None of my previous pets had fleas. Not one! I'm...

Broadway Darling Ragamuffins / Kitten with fip, refusal to compensate, terrible ethics

NR86 on Nov 7, 2016
Carol Ohlund of Broadway Darling Ragamuffins sold my family two beautiful Ragamuffin kittens that were born in July 2016. She shipped them to us in the cargo of a United jet, which we now hate that they were shipped this way and not carried in the cabin via courier. Shortly after receiving...

Parisavan Ragdolls / Sold unregistered, sick kitten that died and will not take responsibility

nana29 on Nov 2, 2016
Jan.26, 2016 we purchased a kitten advertised as "TiCA registered ragdoll" from PARISAVAN Ragdolls breeder Wendy Hamel. We signed a contract that the female kitten could not be spayed until 7 months of age, and registration would be provided "upon spaying". We got verbal assurance the...

Siberian Angels NY Cattery / Siberian kitten

Aisha Ibrahim on Oct 30, 2016
We bought a 4 month old siberian kitten from Siberian Angels NY. Since the time we bought him home, he was always meowing. I thought maybe he was being underfed so I contacted the breeder who in return told me to feed him more and I did so. I didnt think I had any cause for alarm because...

Red Mountain Ragdolls / Cattery

Nmhoneybear on Oct 22, 2016
We purchased a kitten from red mountain ragdolls - shilo sievers (Webb) on september 30, 2016 with ear mites and ringworm. She texted me within minutes of us picking up the baby telling me she treated her for ear mites the night before. She had taken her cats to another cattery for a...

Pellonas House Cattery / Maine coons

Jenn win on Oct 13, 2016
Pellonas House CatteryI contacted ( Myranda Obbink) the owner of this Pellons House Cattery in Belgium, regarding the purchase of two kittens, for breed show, she assured me all registrations would be transferred and I would contact a shipper regarding my own shipping. A few weeks before the kittens where to be...

DCFD Maine Coons / Maine coon kittens

Patti624 on Oct 8, 2016
This company is terrible. I contacted them in the summer and told them that I wanted to work with a reputable cattery and needed a male kitten by Christmas as we had to put our cat down. They assured me that they had a few litters and if I did not get one out of the current litters that I...

Elegant Bengals / Liar very unprofessional

SonyaW on Oct 6, 2016
Our family recently visited this cattery in Ottawa. The first thing I noticed was that the house smelt like car urine and it was a new Mattamy Home. When I seen Elegantbengals Kittens for sale they looked sick and skinny. I asked her if Mom and Dad had been tested she said yes. I then...

Epic Bengal / Cat breeder

HeartlandBengal on Sep 28, 2016
Epic BengalI paid $2800 for two cats from Epic Bengals and never received TICA registration on either cat. Issue is being taken to court. I just want others to be aware of the bad business practices I've felt with in my dealings with Elizabeth McCain of Epic Bengals She sent me originals of one cat...

Loveybug Ragdolls / Took my money and ran!

Geng Rui on Sep 25, 2016
Loveybug Ragdolls This "breeder" has been scamming people all over the globe. My friend Bill was bold enough to share his story on Facebook and now people are coming out from all over the world with similar stories. She was using 3 PayPal accounts and they have all been frozen permanently for suspected...

Loveybug Ragdolls / Fraudulent ragdoll breeder

BillDai on Sep 25, 2016
Loveybug Ragdolls I am a Ragdoll breeder and have owned a little new cattery for a year. Unfortunately, I have been forced into a terrible situation which I would like to share with other breeders. Please stay away from Kristie Schibbelhute Jackson of Loveybug Ragdolls. In May of this year, I saw photos of...

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