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Cat Breeders Complaints | Page 5

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Ranchin Ragz Ragdolls / selling fip infected kittens

katarinaxxx on Jul 5, 2017

DeKoel smith sold me a beautiful ragdoll kitten a year ago. It suddenly became ill and after clear xrays and blood tests the vet told us she had FIP and she is 99.9% sure it came from her cattery. Once we were told this horrifying news we told DeKoel and she offered us a new kitten if we...

Chocolates ragdolls / breeder

brooke.kimla on Jun 29, 2017

Sold sick kitten. Day 1 at purchase he said it just had a cold. Well that cold never went away, vet treated several times and finally said it had chronic snuffles. Breeder says he wants it back if you don't want to keep kitten, well he didn't want this one back. He said he would provide...

Kings of Siam / cat mill

password1234 on Jun 28, 2017

We got a cat from them and it has been non stop trips to the vet. This cat was ill and either they knew that or they don't care for their animals. Stay far away from their smelly house, that should have been the indication that the animals are living in their own filth. I would never deal...

Ragalong Ragdolls/Briar Glen Farms / ragdolls/sooke, b. c.

ajc1 on Jun 16, 2017

Ragalong ragdolls breeder warning!!! I got a kitten from marilyn (Ragalong ragdolls), which I was in complete and utter love with. I had asked to see photos of her mom and dad (Numerous times) as they were not updated on her website. Marilyn kept giving excuses and only ever provided one of her...

Rideau Lake Bengals / owner

Yourstrulyxo on Jun 16, 2017

Not only do the prices change but she also sleeps with husband's :) thanks for a great experience rideau lake bengals! Wife's beware! After extremely friendly reassuring and very communicative experience, found out the owner had done this before. Definitely won't be doing business here...

Kings of Siam / balinese cat purchase

annoncat on Jun 5, 2017

I purchased a balinese cat from this cattery. The poor baby had so many health issues. The cattery is so dirty and smelly and the owners very rude and hostile people. My cat has health issues that are very concerning. I suggest anyone wishing to purchase from this cattery do their due...

Angel Sphynx / I was scammed $800.00 bucks from this leach

Sphynx police on May 31, 2017

This guys name is McCollins lagarrette he was l aid back acted like he didnt need my money becouse now i no its becouse he scams alot...his ad says hes outta boston then he says he moved to colorado and he is currently in Minnesota i should have none scam write there...just dont go by ypur...

Exposed Sphynx / cat breeder selling sick kittens

Dangergirl on May 31, 2017

Exposed SphynxPlease understand the following first and foremost. I am not crusading a hate campaign, but I feel I was treated unethically and lied to by Anthony Aldum of “Exposed Sphynx”. I have veterinary proof of the positive FIV tests done at 2 separate vet practises with two separate types of test...

Bengal Wild Tales Houston Texas / bengal kitten

David Wolowsky on May 28, 2017

We got a very cute and smart Bengal Kitten from 'Wild Tales'. On our initial visit to the veterinarian within three days of our purchase the Dr. said that out kitten had the worst case of giardia he had seen in years. When I emailed the breeder, Judith Norman, she said, "Well, giardia i...

B Ferro / f2 savahnna

Barbara1022 on May 21, 2017

I am writing to complain about my cat that I bought from donna lawver at summerwood savannas. When we pick up the kitten she handled it and it seemed fine and loving. When I got her home it took six weeks for me to even touch her I had to sit along side of the bed and just dangle a toy...

Crescent Moon Ragdolls / purchase of a female kitten

Cynthia Hintz on May 14, 2017

I did a search for a female blue bi-color female Ragdoll kitten and found her site. The whole process was not up front with me on the purchase of a kitten. I submitted a few pics of what I was looking for in a ragdoll. There should have been no question as to what I wanted in a ragdoll...

Gotier Siamese Cattery / Animal Neglect and Cruelty

TGonnella on May 10, 2017

Gotier Siamese CatteryPurchased two Siamese kittens for 1800. Was assured they were healthy and had been to the vet for shots. Veterinary signature on documents states kittens were in good health. Henri Pelletier of Gotier Siamese emailed me the pedigree but the one that arrived with the kittens had a different...

Big City Ragdolls / ragdoll kittens with fip

Upset customer100 on Apr 11, 2017

Selling kittens with coronavirus that turns into deadly FIP. What a devastating disease, leaving new owners heartbroken and kitten/young cat under two years old dying of a dreadful virus. What a truly awful experience. This breeder has a great website and facebook page with beautiful and...

Lindsey & David Goodwin - Wynstarr Cattery / Lindsey goodwin - selling sick & dying cats!

lnewman68 on Mar 27, 2017

BUYER BEWARE!!! I recently was looking for a kitten to buy for my daughter who is 7. After many hours of researching I found this lady. I was sure to ask her all of the questions that I had seen to ask before purchasing any kitten. Lindsey Goodwin assured me that her kittens were healthy and...

Wynstarr Cattery - Illinois - Lindsey Goodwin / Sickly/dying kittens

Lisa Newman on Mar 24, 2017

Bad breeder out of Illinois that claims all kinds of top cat shows awards but we have lost all our four cats from her 2yrs old and under. All passed within the last 18 moths and 3 alone in the last 6 months. Two of those three were kittens under the age of 12 months. One died of cardo...

Touch O Katz - Kimberly Benson / Egyptian mau kitten

JusticeC on Mar 22, 2017

We wanted to purchase an Egyptian Mau kitten. Kimberly Benson requested a $ 400 deposit via paypal. The cattery is located in Hamilton, Kansas. We live in the New England area. Kimberly promised the kitten will be delivered by a steward from a commercial airline. She sent pictures of the kitten...

Svetlana Siberians / Sold me a sick kitten and took zero responsibility

Hufsah on Mar 22, 2017

Svetlana Siberian is a scam with little regard for the health of animals in their possession. All they care about is making money. I want local humane centers in the area to be aware of this fraudulent operation so please share this post. If you know people who could do something about...

Cherish Sphynx / Fraud / scam

Kfry on Mar 21, 2017

Cherish Sphynx cattery is a SCAM. The site will show up as an ad. He will ask you to pay via Western Union before seeing your kitten. His site looks legit and he claims to be TICA approved but he is NOT. He has more photos of the kittens when you email him. We did reverse image search on hi...

Dragan from Serbia / shetani savannah

Dragan Jovanovic on Mar 10, 2017

We bought a F2 kitten in may 2016. We took a male named Samir. Samir is now 13months old and from the very beggining up till now we are not able to touch him or pet in any way, we can play with him but he doesn't allow any contact whatsoever, we were told that the cat is already socialized...

Roses Rags at / Selling unregistered cats

paintandknit on Mar 10, 2017

Please avoid purchasing any rag doll cats from this breeder. I dearly love the male flame point I purchased last summer from this cattery but I have waited almost a year to receive the paperwork to register him. I have provided the proof of neutering and even a stamped self addressed...