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Cat Breeders Complaints | Page 5

Pick any Cat Breeder on this review complaint board / unethical and mistreatment of kittens sold for profit

BArthur on Oct 1, 2017

After reading these reviews, l have to agree with this statement. I have had several veterinarians tell me they think Breeders are nuts. I am sure there are a few good ones out there somewhere. Kittens and cats cannot speak for themselves, we have to be their voice. The adult cats are...

Riterags / unsigned contract and unethical behaviour

percellyue on Sep 18, 2017

RiteragsReserved a ragdoll kitten from Riterags on 9/3. The breeder promised me to send me a signed contract as I put down a deposit of $1500 via paypal. After I put down the deposit, the breeder never sends me the completed contract and now she is demanding me to pay more ($2900 total for the...

Dragon Heart Cattery / breeder harassing me

Obe's mom on Sep 16, 2017

Since I left my review of Dragon Heart Cattery, I have been being harassed and threatened by the breeder. I've had to block her phone number. I have never had such an awful experience. Initially she told me she didn't know why the kitten had died, but she is now certain of the cause after I...

Dragon Heart Cattery / kitten died

Obe's mom on Sep 13, 2017

Dragon Heart CatteryWe put a deposit down for a kitten from Dragon Heart Cattery in Klamath Falls, OR. We had just recently lost our Ragdoll of 17 years. We were so excited you bring the new baby home. I hadn't done any research on the breeder before I put down the deposit but I guess I should have. I kind of...

You Tube / youtube

Marcel King on Sep 11, 2017

Hello, Would someone explain to me why a friend of mine who runs a astronomy channel has had all his MOON videos removed due to as you say "inappropriate content", how can videos of the moon have inappropriate content? so is youtube now restricting freedom of news and science. So ha...

Panda Express / ordering

BDI on Sep 1, 2017

This is the third time I've been to Panda Express and I do the drive thru due to its on my lunch break (not alot of time). And they always give me fried rice instead of white rice. Today I ordered the sweet fire chicken and green bean chicken there was NO CHICKEN with the green beans at...

Forever Loyal Maine Coons, Oklahoma City, Yukon 73099 / the breeder sent a kitten with an eye defect and refuses to cover medical expenses.

Igor Zheldakov on Aug 28, 2017

Forever Loyal Maine Coons, Oklahoma City, Yukon 73099Hi, I bought a Maine Coon kitten from a breeder, Shannon BALOGOUN (currently Bouhia) and paid her $1800 plus $400 for transportation by plain. The payment was done via money order which I sent using Priority mail I have all the receipts. I sent her three checks for the amount of $2, 200 in...

DreamCoon Cattery / maine coon kitten

Angela Foltz on Aug 12, 2017

I purchased a kitten from Dream Coon and had him shipped since they told me he couldn't be shipped via airline because the Cattery wasn't licensed to do so. I should have suspected something in that they were in such a hurry to get rid of him... First off I did not receive the correct kitten...

Spots of Gold Bengals / sick kittens and poor shipping practices

wind haven exoticsa on Aug 4, 2017

In the past year, myself and one other person received sick Bengal kittens from Spots of Gold Bengals. The other person received their male F2 kitten emaciated and sick, and after spending several hundred dollars, it died 2 weeks later from Panleukopenia - which could have been easily...

All Cat Breeders / coronavirus/fip

Pennygirl2 on Jul 29, 2017

To all cat breeders, Please do your homework..Stop inbreeding; stop overbreeding (no more than 2 to 3 times in 2 years should a Queen be bred). Otherwise, it is animal abuse. Stop commingling kitten litters. Keep each kitten litter separate. Early weaning the kittens from the mother (coronaviru...

Ritzy Kittens / scam artist

Maritza Beniquez on Jul 29, 2017

This place has a well designed page concealing a big lie. They are scam artist that sell animals that do not exist. Sadly, I fell victim but lesson learned. Never wire money to anyone stating for one reason or another they cannot accept credit cards. They got me for $950 (I should have...

Kings of Siam / cat mill kings of siam have a new name

lesmit on Jul 21, 2017

Some latest info. This Kings Of Siam has now changed it's name from what I have been told to Kiss On Site Pets, otherwise also known as KOS Pets. Do not deal with these people. They in my opinion run a cat mill. The house stinks, the kids are rough and in my opinion abusive to the dogs and...

Owhl Cattery / sally patch

Pam slusser on Jul 20, 2017

Sally agreed to sell me a calico Cornish Rex on the phone she gave me a price told me to go through PayPal, then she told me that she would check with her transporter and let me know the cost of getting the cat to Florida, I called her the next day to ask for her PayPal information it went...

Snowy Hollow Siberian Cats / cats & kittens

Christine Heilman Bakalar on Jul 14, 2017

I am writing to alert people who are looking to adopt a kitten from SNOWY HOLLOW SIBERIANS to be aware of the potential issues. I wish I had read the previously posted complaint on this site before committing serious dollars to adopting a kitten from this breeder, because our experience...

Leshia Donaldson Dimas / never received kitten, deposit sent.

Wevb119 on Jul 14, 2017

I sent Leshia $250 using Walmart to Walmart. She promised me this wasn't a scam. She texted and emailed with me for over a month. On the day we were supposed to get our kitten, she vanished. She hasn't responded to texts or calls since that day. July 9 2017 I have since found another woman...

Kings of Siam / balinese cat

annoncat on Jul 7, 2017

There are several complaints here about this breeder. Just wanted to announce that according to the FB Page they have changed their name to KOSPETS. Please know this is Kings of Siam again trying to fool people! Please do yourself a favour and search this site as well as other review site...

Ranchin Ragz Ragdolls / selling fip infected kittens

katarinaxxx on Jul 5, 2017

DeKoel smith sold me a beautiful ragdoll kitten a year ago. It suddenly became ill and after clear xrays and blood tests the vet told us she had FIP and she is 99.9% sure it came from her cattery. Once we were told this horrifying news we told DeKoel and she offered us a new kitten if we...

Chocolates ragdolls / breeder

brooke.kimla on Jun 29, 2017

Sold sick kitten. Day 1 at purchase he said it just had a cold. Well that cold never went away, vet treated several times and finally said it had chronic snuffles. Breeder says he wants it back if you don't want to keep kitten, well he didn't want this one back. He said he would provide...

Kings of Siam / cat mill

password1234 on Jun 28, 2017

We got a cat from them and it has been non stop trips to the vet. This cat was ill and either they knew that or they don't care for their animals. Stay far away from their smelly house, that should have been the indication that the animals are living in their own filth. I would never deal...

Ragalong Ragdolls/Briar Glen Farms / ragdolls/sooke, b. c.

ajc1 on Jun 16, 2017

Ragalong ragdolls breeder warning!!! I got a kitten from marilyn (Ragalong ragdolls), which I was in complete and utter love with. I had asked to see photos of her mom and dad (Numerous times) as they were not updated on her website. Marilyn kept giving excuses and only ever provided one of her...