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This is a fraudulent site run by a Mark Younger who alleges he used to work for Accenture; it is one of these scam where you are asked to pay a hefty registration fee in return for regular "consultancy" assignments. Younger also has uses the domain name

The scam is run from 26 Clonmel Road, London SW6, which is NOT a business address, and presumably the scammer's home.

If you have been scammed by Mark Younger before reading this, simply go to the Police and report it as theft; Younger has no consulting assignments to pass on to you and he never worked forAccenture.


  • St
    StacyS Mar 08, 2010

    Never mind fraudulent, how about incompetent, which ### would let a site go live with dozens of broken links and poorer English than my 6 year old; no way did this guy work for Accenture, unless it was in the mailroom.

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  • Jo
    JockH Mar 09, 2010

    How about this bit of priceless twaddle I found on the site:

    "ByDAQ is optimised so that you can be found via Google or other search engines. On ByDAQ we go to great lengths to make sure anything you produce can be more easily found to establish a real web presence."

    You'll be found allright, right here!

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