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Wynfel Advisory Services / scam

Mar 13, 2013

fake prizes, sent a mail informing that i have won the prize amount of $120, 000, 000 and it will be disburse to me after i make a payment for processing fee of $20.00 after that i received another mail regarding another kind of fee to pay in order to release my prize. i want my money of stating winning prize for making my hopes up and making me feel so stress and depressed for fooling me.

Wynfel Advisory Services / winning money and prizes

Dec 14, 2013

I received a letter in the mail stating that i have won (1, 200, 000) one million two hundred thousand in cash and awards plus an additional (50, 000) fifty thousand cash bonus. They also want me to send in (19.95) nineteen dollars and ninety five cents for a report fee within 10 days. It is signed by Artemis Poletski which is the president of the company of Wynfel Advisory Services. It seems as though they prey on us poor people that barely get by from one month to the next. I get this kind of scam mail daily in my mailbox and sometimes there is two or three of these scam letters in one day...

Wynfel Advisory Services / $20 processing fee

Nov 14, 2012

Wynfel Advisory Services asked me to send them $20 as a processing fee for a million dollars I won. Of course everyone thinks that $20 is not much and sends money in hopes to get the winning. It is scam!