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Reviewer84779 on Sep 11, 2015

I have twice bought from This company has a problem with the delivering tickets. I waited for them on 1/9/15, but they arrived only on 7/9/15. It was one week delay and of course I missed the play. I was so upset and hoped to get apology or compensation. But the rep told me that they weren’t responsible for the delivery and they weren’t sorry for the inconvenience and money loss. It was the last time, when I have ordered from them. / the supplier didn't reply to my complaints

tux on Jul 16, 2015

I have ordered two tickets for two courts from the website I bought for July, 4. But the tickets arrived on July, 5. I called to the company and left angry messages. The supplier didn’t respond to my complaints and it was terrible, because money was taken and the sum was large. I won’t advise other people to buy from them, because they mislead and don’t provide tickets on time. / We got two tickets but bought 3

carino_ on Jun 26, 2015

My brother bought 3 tickets to the tennis from the company We got only two and were a little bit surprised. When we contacted the seller, he told us that we have bought only two. We tried to persuade him, but he refused to listen. Seriously, it was the worst deal ever. The seller refuses to return money for this ticket and insisted that we have ordered only two. Stubborn guy. / They didn't send tickets and avoid us on purpose

lux70 on May 29, 2015

I bought tickets through the company I didn’t get the tickets, but my account was charged on time. I called to the company, but there was only voice mail. I left several messages, but no one called us back or provided the tickets. These people simply deceived me and stole my money. The company is big scam, so be careful if you decide to buy from them.