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Dec 05, 2014

OMG. It was the worst experience in my life. I visited the website I communicated with the CEO, but this jerk was really rude and was shocked that I didn’t know something about their services and work. I felt myself stupid and was really disappointed in such attitude. I decided to post this comment, ‘coz it might be very helpful for other people. As well as I wouldn’t advise to deal with them. / Rude and unpleasant CEO

Dec 04, 2014

Don’t deal with the company They are rude and unprofessional. I spoke with the CEO, but this jerk was rude with me. He used impolite form of communication, and he tried to show me that he was really smart guy. Crap. I was shocked that I needed to work with such jerks. I decided to warn other people. Better stay away from them and share this info in order to warn other people.