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Nov 06, 2015

People, be aware of the illegal company I found their offer, and this company offered the job as a secret shopper. I got the check for the first assignment as well as the instructions. They asked me to wait 12-14 hours, so after that I would be able to withdraw money from the check. I needed to transfer necessary sum to some company in Madrid, and the remaining sum I would be able to keep for myself. But I haven’t done it and I’m really glad, because their check is fake and this money is unreal. / I deposited money and didn't get response from them

Nov 01, 2015

The company I have tried to wire money to them couple of times, but each there were some errors and problems. I got the instructions from the rep, who told me to deposit money and wait for the response from them. No one responded. I was patient within 3 weeks, but money hasn’t been returned to my account and the company continued to keep silence.