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Wilmington Complaints & Reviews

Wilmington / illegal debit card charges

Dec 03, 2013

I m in the UAE and have been charged many times from APPBUY.COM WILMINGTON. At first I was charged for a little amount which I didn't mind but just today I was charged UAE dirhams 184.75 which is exactly $ 50.47 and I strongly condemn this sort of fraud now and I want my money back asap. I have filed a report to the local police and Samsung as well and they are investigating on this matter. however I want my back and I don't want anything from that website. its only a loot. Mr. Gyanendra

Wilmington / Beware of realtors selling flipped houses

Jul 27, 2011

We purchased a house, two years ago, from a realtor and his wife. They owned the property for about a year, while they flipped it. I know the idea of flipping a house is to purchase the home at a good price, put some money into it and then sell it for a decent profit. Let’s just say he got his profit, we got screwed. There were no telephone jacks in the house when we did the walk-thru. He gave us the money for two jacks after much moaning and groaning. He also complained about a few minor things that we wanted done before settlement. In return, we lived in the house for 15 monthes and...