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Weshare Complaints & Reviews

Weshare / Sexual abuse by founder/ceo kapil sharma in paris

Oct 08, 2016

I have been sexually abused by the CEO of Weshare, Kapil Sharma, during my internship period for two months. I left that job as I was traumatised. I also learnt later that he was abusing and cheating on the person he was with. He does not show respect when talking to women. He sent various sexual related messages to me and I got to know later that he was also pressurizing other women. Heard that his partner committed suicide as she was being badly tormented by this Indian jerk. Just wanted to share my experience working with Weshare and the founder Kapil Sharma, so that other women are on...

Weshare / Unethical behaviour, salary never paid, sex-obsessed ceo

Sep 21, 2016

I worked for Weshare and the founder/CEO, Kapil Sharma, never paid me my salary. All the works were finally done for free. When asked about the salary, he proposed for sex instead. The work environment is very unprofessional. I understand when there's a friendly atmosphere at work. However, having a boss who is sex-obsessed and keeps on making sexual comments with the female colleagues and interns is very irritating. He tried to force me to have sex with him at the workplace an afternoon. He also flirt beyond limits whole day with female colleagues and this makes it very suffocating for some...