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Wax in the city Complaints & Reviews

Wax in the city / Unfinished Services


I signed up a VIP package which was a two year contract plus one year free. It cost me $2100. I signed up in September 2009 and now in March 2010 the company has suddenly closed down. I feel cheated of my hard earned money. I am disappointed that Singapore law allows unethical people to set up business with a view to cheat the public. Also the banks in Singapore are so keen to extend installment payment schemes to merchants and also charges them a premium; but at the same time they do nothing to protect the interest of the client (like us). So the banks and our local government are both to blame for making it so easy for the owners of Wax in the City to cheat the innocent public like myself.

Wax in the city / closing down


We sign agreement with nail spa in wax in the city. I used only once and I paid by CITIBANK installment for 12 months But I understand by today in the newspaper that the spa is going to go bankrupt and citibank still ask us to pay for the installment for $ 123.80 everymonth. Please help us to solve the problem or ask Citibank to stop the payment. thank you for your cooperation, Christine

Wax in the city / Services not provided


After signing up for a package in Wax in the City, bookings for their services are almost impossible. Even if by any stroke of luck a booking is made, I have to wait for more than an hour for my service. What further infuriates me is that during the wait, there will be sales persons trying to hard sell their services. How can they try to continue to sell their service when they do not deliver to those already signed up for their package?? I feel that this is a scam to get people to sign up and pay for packages and ignore them afterwards.