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Vacation Depot Complaints & Reviews

Vacation Depot - Georgia, Deland / The Real Truth About This Resale Company!!!! You have to read


Let me start by just saying that I am an agent that is currently working in the timeshare industry. I first began working in this industry in December of 2008, I have worked with multiple companies and have been exposed to the real horror and scam companies that are out there. I really think that it is funny how people that are working at these companies post blogs like the one on this website that rebuttals all of the TRUE BAD REMARKS that are made to this company. They CLAIM that they dont get paid until it is sold... please excuse my french but that is some serious bull. If thats the case...

Vacation Depot - Florida, DeLand / I got robbed


I was contacted by Jasmine Kohl. She said she had a buyer for our Orlando Grand Vista timeshare. I agreed to list with her having spoken with her manager Mr. John Hamilton and also Mr. Thomas in the legal department. I added a clause to the contract saying that if the property was not sold within 90 days as they specified I would receive the funds back. They agreed this and I had the contract notarised. It is now April 2009 and neither property is sold despite multiple statements that they have a buyer. I am now in contact with lawyers to try and get my funds back. I have left messages without reply. I would not recommend this company to anyone.

Vacation Depot - Florida, DeLand / Liars Liars Liars


These guy are crooks. They contacted me several months ago, I don't know how they got my number. The person "My Agent" told me that i filled out something on the internet. He was very persuasive, told me that they sell timeshares face to face, like the way i bought it. I told him i was unsure and he sent me some information about his company to my email. he kept calling and being pushy. I really needed the money so I finally did it. After that i spoke to him a couple of times and all i got was excuses. Then he stopped taking my calls and now i have to talk to this really rude customer...

Vacation Depot - New York / Timeshare Rental


I was contacted by Vacation Depot. The woman explained how easy it was to rent my timeshare weeks at the Marrio Grande Vista Resort in Florida. When I showed interest she put her supervisor, John Hamilton, on the phone. After speaking with John I paid the one time fee of $848.00. The day after I tried to reach him with no luck. After several messages I realized that I was speaking with a message center. They give out no information about the company. They are hired only to take messages. Right now I am working with American Express to dispute the charges so that I can get my money back. I would NEVER recommend this company to anyone. Beware of their scam.

Vacation Depot / check your complaints


I just wanted to say I actually researched this company before going through with selling my resort with them. The complaint I just read is one person. People have complaints everywhere all day, Wal mart Mcdonalds, airlines. Do you stop using any of those NO. This guy may have had a bad experience but thats one out of who knows how many. I am very careful and pretty much took a gamble with paying up front, I mean after thinking about it, was I going to let 1000.00 stand in the way of putting a 35, 000 check in my pocket. Well after waiting about a month I got offers and accepted my top offer...

Vacation Depot - Florida / Time Share Sales


We were contacted by telephone with an offer to sell our time share units. They quoted a very attractive price for the units with a charge to my card for marketing services. They took my card details to enter onto the contract, which was then mailed to me. My card was immediately billed by United Resort Marketers before I had even received the contract. When I investigated United, the internet was full of complaints that they are a scam. I checked with my resort company and they advised that companies that required an up-front marketing service fee were very suspect. They also confirmed that...