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United Legal Investigation Bureau Complaints & Reviews

United Legal Investigation Bureau - Illinois / Collections/ Telephone Fraud

Jun 9, 2011

What is very scary to me is that a lot of these comments are from over a year ago and these people are STILL out there doing this. I got the SAME call today, and also about 3 months ago from these people. "Officer Shane Williams" called and left a voicemail regarding a "very serious legal matter regarding my SSN" I already knew this was a scam, so I called back to get as much information as possible. They told me my account/case number and said there were 3 serious legal criminal actions that would be taken against me. 1) Bank Fraud, 2) Collateral Check Fraud, and 3) Criminal theft. According...

United Legal Investigation Bureau - Maryland / Harassing Calls


Shawn/Sean called me from 201 234 4602 ext 1048, United Legal Investigation Bureau. I looked up the "company" and found that this is a SCAM, so now I am reporting it. The call came in to my work voice mail and he asked for a name similiar to mine, but not mine exactly. Before I called back, I did a little research, which is why I am posting today.