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Jj is by far the worst internet dating experience I've ever had. It is a complete scam!! Stay Away!! They send you automated winks to pump you up and keep you going. They send you automated emails with the same intention. I'm not really sure if any actual human viewed my profile and actually contacted me. I also doubt if any of my communications were taken seriously by the people I sent them to because they are also getting the automated winks and emails and eventually you stop taking them seriously. On top of this, they tricked me to sign-up by advertising they were a... / Phony site


It's 3:00 a.m. 9/20/07 and I paying a credit card bill online, when lo and behold, an unauthorized transaction has taken place on 9/10/07 for $53.29 and another unauthorized transaction on 9/14/07 for $10.18. Who is the perpetrator?! I successfully cancelled my membership on 2/2/07. The site was not working for me, no problems when I cancelled. The customer rep was very courteous. So, what is this company's' problem! This is illegal in my book. I will notify my credit card company today and take care it on that end and then I'm calling True and I'm not a happy... / Bad service

Je claimed to be giving me a free 7-day trial period. When I went online ond day 5 to cancel and clicked on this link: To cancel your subscription CLICK HERE. I was redirected to another page, and clicked on another link, ( No, Cancel my membership ) thinking that I had cancelled. I continued to receive emails, and on the 10th day, went back online to cancel again. After going through the process again, and getting to the final page, I read through the whole paragraph about how they were dissapointed to see me go, etc. It was then that I realized that at the end of the paragraph, in... / Unauthorized charges


I used only on the free trials, and I would usually get it called in before they charge my card. Well this past time I got real sick and my trial had ended and I never got them called in, I mean who thinks of that when they are sick???? Well they charged me the $49.99 and well that was my rent money they took out of. I called and complained about how they took money out of my account, and I wasn't able to call in to cancel before my trial period ended. I told them I was pissed off, and wanted my money back that is my rent they took out they are getting ready to put a single... - Texas, Irving / RICO Claims

In the class action lawsuit filed against Irving-based online matchmaking giant, plaintiff's counsel has moved to add RICO claims to the lawsuit. The following excerpt is from the attached motion to amend the complaint: Specifically, the First Amended Complaint alleges a claim under the Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act, 18 U.S.C. §§ 1961-1968 ("RICO"). The First Amended Complaint alleges that defendant True Beginnings LLC ("True") committed wire fraud and bank fraud—which are "predicate acts" under RICO—in two ways: (1) through its "auto... - Texas, Irving / Deceptive Trade Practices

The United State District Court for the Northern District of Texas (Dallas) has ruled a class action lawsuit against Irving-based Internet dating service can proceed. In an order signed on December 3, 2008, Judge David C. Godbey denied's motion for summary judgment on Thomas Wong's class action lawsuit for (1) violation of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act, (2) unjust enrichment, (3) money had and received, and (4) breach of contract. The order in Thomas Wong v. TrueBeginnings, LLC, Case No. 3:07-cv-01244-N is attached. Internet dating service giant wa... / False billing after cancellation

I sent several emails to cancel trial membership and for a full refund and was never sent a reply. Then again this month they charged by card again. When I called them they said you must call to cancell and were unwilling to give any refund. I have contacted my bank to reverse charges hopefully. Something must be done to safeguard others from this company. / Stealing money and spamming email! buyer beware these people will steal your money and fill your email with fake spam. Cancel after trial? If you click on there spam they will reinstate your canceled trial account and hope you don't see the 49.99 charge on your credit card. If not they will bill you every month till you catch it. A refund? Don't make me laugh-you lose. This web site needs to be shut down. PLEASE DON"T USE THIS SERVICE THESE PEOPLE WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY AND LAUGH ABOUT IT. THEY ARE SCAMMERS OF A THE LOWEST KIND. GOOGLE TRUE.COM RIPOFF. / They are far more dangerous than any telemarketer!

The only True thing about True, is the dedication they have to deceive the public and take advantage of them. Canceling, does Not work, you will be billed, month after month, the only way to prevent this is to change your credit card number. They are far more dangerous than any telemarketer, or scam artist, because the use loophole's in the the law to acquire the customer base, Which does not matter if they are minor's, the bottom line is's Bank account... safety and concern for other's be Damn.