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TriClear Complaints & Reviews

TriClear / TriClear Class Action


From what has been pretty obvious is that is a scam, The product does not clear up acne and the company helps itself to your bank account. Fight back! Thank you to all that have commented about the scam. I am always skeptical of online products and always google for "xyz reviews" first. DNS lookup of it is registered to a: Registrant: Dan Ellis Dan Ellis PO Box 1699 Suisun, CA 94585 US Email: [email protected] If you then go further and do a look up of Dan Ellis is also the "VP Corporate Strategy, Co-Founder". TriClear trademark is also...



I have read complaints about the incentivised marketing channel but not about the product. It is GREAT and the results are proven! Try the product at Regards, Chanel Benoit

TriClear / Free Trial and charge!


I sent for a free trial and was charged for the free trial. That was ok. But then there was no return address to send it back if I did not want to keep it. I then notified customer service about this and let them know that they had also withdrew $69.00 from my bank account. I wanted the $69.00 put back and no more TriClear sent. I did want an address so that I could send the trial box back. That was last week and still have not heard anything from them. Today is Aug.1st. They took out 6.95 on July 5 and then took out the 69.95 on July 24. I canceled, they took the money and sent nothing, which I do not want either now. Beware!

TriClear / Message from TriClear customer service!


This is a message from TriClear Customer Service. We are posting this message to make sure that anybody reading this knows how to contact our Customer Service department with any problems or questions. Here at TriClear, we are dedicated to our customers, and we take Customer Service very seriously. Please contact us via phone at 800-494-7260, via email at [email protected] or via the web at Representatives are available to assist you Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 5:30pm PST, and Saturday from 7:00am to 3:30pm PST. Regards, TriClear Customer Service 800-494-7260.

TriClear / Unauthorized credit card charges


This company offers a free trial offer for 6.95 shipping, but if you don't return the unused portion of the product within 14 days they charge you 69.95 and then enroll you in a monthly subscription program where you have to pay 69.95 a month. This information is only available after you click on the terms and conditions icon that shows up halfway through the purchase process. It's a total fu***ng scam!