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Tricare Complaints & Reviews

Tricare - South Carolina, Taylors / former employee

Sep 10, 2018

I was hired for freight manager at store 05349. I worked there for about a month and ended up having to quit because I found out they were only paying me 7.36 an hour but the agreed amount was for 11.50 an hour. I was told that it would be corrected. I still have yet to recieve my updated funds. I have 2 kids to support and im struggling right now. I am extremely disappointed in the lack of professionalism with this company. I have reached out to the district manager Kenny on multiple occasions with no response. Ive been waiting 2 weeks. Additionally it seems that they plan to deposit...

Tricare - Maryland, California / Refusal to pay my bills till I argue and even after given an authorization number

Oct 15, 2015

I have breast cancer HER 2 positive, every treatment done by doctors I have to argue with tricare for them to pay my bills even I have authorization number given by them, iam stress out every time the bill comes and the doctors tell me to that tricare refuse to pay them, because of this I forced myself to be where military hospitals are accessible just to avoid argue ing and being stressout by them, Example scenario, I had my mastectomy done, tricare refuse to pay my anesthesiologist, who anaestheties me during my surgery, every treatment done I have to argue with tricare, because of their...