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Triangle Tech Complaints & Reviews

Triangle Tech / Rip off


I attended Triangle Tech's RHVAC program in Greensburg, PA. To anyone thinking about attending this school: DON'T!! It is a scam, plain and simple. They recruit students with all sorts of empty promises, just like all the other "trade" schools, then once they have your money, they couldn't care less. They also advertise "lifetime job placement", which is a huge joke. They ask you to supply them with copies of your resume, then claim they sent them to all of their "contacts"... in reality, they probably put them in the "round file" because you don't get one phone call. The...

Triangle Tech / Awful customer service


Has general programs but I would recommend CCAC for a more well rounded education and approval. The school is only accredited through the national association and students truly need a school/university regional accreditation (traditional 4 year Pitt, Penn State, etc) to have a possibility of credits transferring. Some instructors are incredible but inside management in the corporate office can be double faced.