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Total Woman Gym Complaints & Reviews

Total Woman Gym / Fraud & Forgery

Aug 30, 2011

1/15/2010 I signed up for a month to month commitment of $48 per month. On 4/6/2010 I called to cancel my account. The woman said it wouldn’t be a problem, come in and fill out a form. On 4/7/2010 my husband went in to cancel the account as it was his credit card on the account. They told him that he could not cancel the account because we were locked into a 12 month agreement. My husband told them absolutely not, we never agreed to that, and they said they would contact “corporate” regarding the matter. On 4/8/2010 we received a letter in the mail from...

Total Woman Gym / Unethical Billing Practices

Jul 27, 2011

This company does not honor its month-to-month contracts, makes it impossible to cancel membership, continues to accrue monthly fees (despite no use of facilities) and the script is "please send us your cancellation form". I have done this THREE times since January and now OWE $700 for not setting foot through the door. ON A MONTH-TO-MONTH contract which I paid 1st and last fees at conception. Beware.