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Total Internet Solutions Complaints & Reviews

Total Internet Solutions - Florida, Port Charlotte / A total scam

Jul 19, 2013

I called to order web hosting services after I saw their ad on CNET. Web hosting was supposed to be $3.95 per month plus first year free. I was charged $167.50 by Total Internet Solutions and they never provided me a single service. Their salesperson told me they would call me back within 48 hours of payment to transfer our website from No one called and I was over charged. Worse yet, Total Internet Solutions does not answer their customer service line. Every time I called I was sent to a general VM. I left messages, but never received a call back. Six months and no call...

Total Internet Solutions / A scam

Oct 17, 2012

This "web hosting" company scams buyers by offering various packages at reasonable prices with all kinds of promised perks like shopping cart support, etc., but then calls after you pay to say that you just signed up for a "personal" web page hosting -- i.e. one that no search engine can find -- and that you need to pay twice as much for a "public" page if you want to show up in internet searches. Totally a rip off -- made it sound like I should have known this was a personal site because people buy them all the time, but there is NO MENTION of this when you choose the package -- who would ever buy a personal site with a shopping cart? I am about to call and cancel completely.

Total Internet Solutions / Unauthorized charge on my credit card

Sep 12, 2012

There are info that they don't tell us which i found out the hard way. 1. 25 email limit - Regardless of the number of email accounts you created, they share this limit. - after a lot of emails they increase my limited to 200. 2. their 24/7 support - 99.99% of the time is taken care by the answering machine. 3. 100% of the time - they don't call me back when i leave messages. 4. Ransom fee of $35 must be paid when you decide to change your domain registrar. 5. Domain renewal fee $35 per year (day light robbery) 6. The final draw is when they charge my credit card on file when I did not...

Total Internet Solutions - California / domain hijacking/bait and switching

Aug 10, 2012

They baited me with a 90 dollar web hosting plan and then asked if I wanted it searchable by Google as a business plan. The actual cost was more than double what they said in their ad. By holding my websites away from Google unless I gave them more money, it ended up being a ransom paid. On another account, they accused me of sending spam and said they paid a fine on my behalf, which they would provide no evidence of, and proceeded to close my account. All of my websites and emails were yanked without warning and then they tried to extort money from me or else lose my domains forever. I...