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Together Dating Service Complaints & Reviews

Together Dating Service / I was set up and then dumped on


I was set up and then dumped on with dates who where nothing like what I wanted to date. The first date I went on was with a man who was nice, but already had steady girlfriend. The second was with a man who was handicaped and could not drive. I did not sign up to be a nurse maid. The third date was nice but he was so unhappy with the service that he put his account on hold. My 4th date was a man who had just lost his wife. He was so depressing, and we had nothing in comman. I have had this account with together for 11 months and I feel like alot of others. They take your money and run.

Together Dating Service - Virginia, Falls Church / Fradulent Business Transactions

I joined TDS with the hopes of meeting the man of my dreams, someone whom is supposed to be perfectly matched to my likes and dislikes based on a point system. My first match took 3 months to receive and was a waste of my time the date showed up looking like a BUM! The next matched person took another 4 months to get and he was completly the opposite of what I put down during my interview process. I paid $4000 for a membership to this service I am now regreting and posting this complaint to hopefully deter as many people as possible from ever signing up with these people. They are frauds.

Together Dating Service - Maryland, Columbia / Fraud/Coercion


I joined "Together Dating Service" after much coercion from the representative in April 2009. The Rep even went as far as to ask me "how much do you have on your credit card?" when I indicated that I could not afford the $3, 000 fee they asked for. The fee was only shown at the last minute and then the cajoling, coercing and empty promises began. I was told I would receive a referral about every 30 days if there was no match. So, In ignorance I signed the contract and two referrals were sent out right away. The first referral stood me up at the 12th hour and the second was constantly...

Together Dating Service / Awful company


I have been extremely unhappy with Together Dating Service. They pressured with desperation tactics in an uncomfortable setting. I recently received my final match from the site and I am going around telling everyone that this is the biggest waste of hard-money. It is a scam, and they try to sell you on these romantic pictures on an album that the service works. They first lure clients, I have noticed, mainly desperate good men who mean well by placing signs on the signs with a town's name and then the domain name org. You then visit that site and a short time later, they call to 'set...

Together Dating Service / Fraudulent company


My story is practically the same verbatim as the testimonies below on this page. I saw a sign on the side of the road listed as and was lured in. I was met by a woman who looked like someone I would hang out with, related to me like a girlfriend, and completely seemed to 'understand' who I am and what I am looking for. She proceeded the sales pitch by promising that there are thousands of busy professionals, just like myself, as clients. After a two hour interview, I was confident and excited about the prospect of what was to come. Sadly, and much to my surprise...

Together Dating Service / Won't stop calling me!

I looked at the website which is run by Together Dating Service. I added my phone number, and they have called me 8 times. I've asked not to be called again, and to be placed on their do not call list. The telemarketers are rude and down right mean. Please don't deal with Together Dating.