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Timeshare Complaints & Reviews

Timeshare - Florida, Orlando / timeshare customer service

F100 on Aug 18, 2018

I was at your Orlando location west gate resort and spa from 2018 august 3rd to the 11th.The stay was great my problem and complaint was with the timeshare presentation.My presentation was at 7:30 August 6th no it's or buts had to be their or else fine for 300 dollars.The problem with that I already had my park tickets Monday Tuesday and Wednesday.Now it was fine until the presentation instead of 90 minutes turn to be 3 hours long which we already had explain the lady that was doing the presentation we have to go we have people waiting for us to go to one of the Disney parks she completely...

Timeshare / Custom Vacations Mexico scam

brianstann on Oct 18, 2013

The Custom Vacations Mexico scam is basically another example of timeshare fraud in Mexico. Custom Vacations Mexico scammed me for over $20, 000 (United States Dollars) last April. I cannot complain enough about their poor services and even poorer morals. They claim to have the most advanced rental system that the vacation industry has ever seen. What they do have is the most advanced rip off artists the timeshare industry has ever seen. Every time that I contact them I am told that they are simply overwhelmed and that's why my request is taking so long. I paid over $20, 000 dollars and...

Timeshare / fraud

uffdaostr on Feb 22, 2013

I was contacted and talked into taking this company up on buying my timeshare. He said they bought all kinds of timeshares. This was in the spring a couple of years ago, and said we would close in Oct. Well, Oct came and went and as I tried to contact them, they just went away and I had no way to contact him. The times I was able to contact him, he said they were just waiting for funding to buy up the timeshare. My husband has since died and I am on a fixed income which was been cut in half by his death. I am really trying to get rid of these timeshares.

Timeshare - Tennessee, Pigeon Forge / Fraud/Scam

Scammed by Grand Crowne on Oct 31, 2012

We have been scammed, lied to, taken advantage of, etc, etc, etc by Grand Crowne. Two GC employees in Branson, Mo told us the sales staff at Pigeon Forge lied to us. I have their names. One has been with GC for many years, (or so they said.) But, I have called several times and asked for him and he answered the phone. We have NEVER been able to use this thing when or where we wanted. Oh, we also tried the "make your reservations a year in advance trick, , too". What a joke. We're in our sixties and cannot take vacation due to paying hundreds of dollars each month on this atrocity I will...

Timeshare / la jolla matzatan bad sales practices

mywifeandI on Mar 20, 2012

I am truly sorry to have found this website this late. my wife and i were lured into purchasing an upgraded contract with la jolla… we originally had purchased nearly 7000 about 2 years ago we only went there to look at the place since it was in construction when we first bought. We clearly told efrein our sales guy that we were ok and satisfied with the original contract we had but he insisted we listened more about the new programs and had alfredo joining our table for further explanation. He was the one whom offered the purchase of our other timeshares 5 total to la jolla and buy...

Timeshare - California, Sacramento / Bankruptcy Scare

cheri7545 on Feb 11, 2012

I am a timeshare owner with Monarch Grand Vacations. Recently I was informed that this company had filed bankruptcy, yet continue to receive notices of past due fees. What are my options? Am I still able to use this timeshare? Should I sell?

Timeshare - Florida, Orlando / selling my timeshare

funmatt98 on Jun 17, 2011

We were told by Adrianna Fasano that Realty Properties could sell my timeshare for 30, 000. It would go to trade show and be bundled for an investor. It never happened!!! I think the trade show idea is something that never happened. I have been lied to from the very start. Lots of blank promises!!! I had dropped the price down to $7499.00, they still could not sell it. It is a Gold Crown timeshare 2 bedroom/ 2 bath, close to the beach. They dropped my timeshare off their web page after one year. Every time I called it sounded like a scripted response. Nothing ever changed PLEASE DO NOT GIVE THIS COMPANY ANY OF YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY.

Timeshare - Florida, Boca Raton / Deceiving Marketing

Gave them $249.00 last year in June. They never called me, never emailed me. I did not find my property on their website today when I was browsing their website. Gina MacMenomay, Inventory Manager, 866-448-5624 ex 114 is very good at convincing you that their company is different than the others. They will aggressively present your property the same way I bought it through presentations. Many companies have been indicted because of their deception. This company is still out there. I do not recommend it to anyone. After six months they will give you a gas card for $300.00. What they do not tell...

Timeshare - Georgia, Atlanta / Scamming

I was part of this timeshare scam. A1marketing called me, they had all my Resort information. I’m not sure how they got it but it made me think they were legit. However, they took me for $1, 800. They said they would sell my weeks but now I can't get through to anyone and they haven't returned any of my numerous voice mail is there website... Please steer clear of this company so you don't make the same mistake I did. SCAMMERS!!!

Timeshare - Florida / Not refund fee


Tree years ago I had pay a fee of $895.00 to sell my Timeshare. Every time that I call them told me they can refund my fee if I mail them a certified letter requesting this. However even I did it they never refund my fee. Also they tell me a different situation. I am tired of this situation too and I know this company is a scam. I know I am not the only one with this situation with this people. And this need to be stoped. In the contract say that people who payed fee to them they deserve their refund.

Timeshare / Poor company to do business with/work for

I too worked for these vulchers! People are lied to just to get them to keep their appointment, driving sometimes up to 3 hours to get their, only to be told they didn't 'qualify'! $40.00 Visa or Mastercard gift were supposed to be given, 1 man drove from Chicago to Sheridan, Il. in the winter, was told just to 'keep going' to make the 'show' (appointment, even though he was running late) "your representative will be waiting for you with your gifts!" When he stated he REALLY would need the gift card for gas to be able to get back home (an 1 1/2 drive...

Timeshare - Florida / sales

In December 2007, I receive a call from U.S. Timeshare they want to know if I will like to sell my timeshare. I told yes, they said they will sell for a fee on $ 882.00. I pad them and never heard back from them. I call them about 1 time a week and I get the same answer. For the past week I am trying to call them and the number is disconnected.

Timeshare - Florida, Ft Lauderdale / Rip Off

The company told us they had a buyer for our timeshare when they contacted us over two months ago to assist in selling our timeshare. Since that date the woman working with us, Bethany, has not contacted us back nor have any of the company supervisors or representatives to handle our issues. We have attempted several times over the last month to contact and speak with anyone at this company who was in charge with no results..."Sir, Robert is busy now, let me leave him a message and he'll call you back" call still waiting over a month now. "Sir, Michelle is on the other line, she will...

Timeshare / Fraud, scam, deceiful sales practices, lies, misrepresentation

Greetings to you all, I am a former employee of a large timeshare company in Mexico. I know all the lies, misrepresentation and deceitful sales pitch they use to scam people who purchase in good faith. Let me explain you how it works. The presentation would start by telling the clients that they need to give us a decision at the end. Then, we would have breakfast and ask questions as far as their traveling needs. In the sales pitch, we were encouraged to offer a rental program (we had a training to learn how it works) where the new owner had the option to rent the weeks they would not use...

Timeshare - Arizona, Phoenix / Be Aware


My husband and I purchased a Shell Vacations Club package last December and we would like to share our story to make sure other US residents don’t end up in the same situation we are in. We were told to come to this presentation and we would get a free trip to Hawaii in a great resort. We didn’t know anything about timeshares so we decided to go to get the trip to Hawaii. They were so nice to us I have never been treated so well anywhere else. After watching a movie, listening to a long explanation of why timeshares are a great investment and a good way to save on our taxes we...

Timeshare - Florida, Orlando / possible fraud

The annual budget lists property taxes at approx. $150, 000 for Celebrity's White Sands Resort in Hawaii but the tax rolls show it at approx. $26, 000. They have not responded to our request for an explanation of that or an explanation of a projected deficit listed on a bill for a special assessment in the amount of $1, 150, 000. This is the last year of the property lease and they are threatening the members with collection charges of 40 percent plus interest at almost ten percent if they do not pay while still admitting that they may close the resort early and not be able to provide the...

Timeshare / Scam and cheating


The concept of Timeshare Companies has seen a surge in recent past. There has been approximately 40 Timeshare Companies operating 80 resorts in India with a combined membership base of nearly 2, 25, 000 members. Despite this it is unfortunate that there is no Regulatory Body in place to monitor the operations of these Companies and to protect the interests and rights of its members. is an initiative by a group of professionals to provide a forum to the members across several timeshare companies to come together for expressing their grievances/ problems and taking...

Timeshare / Ranchero Banderas, Nayarit, MX

In 2004, I purchased a one bedroom unit at Rancho Banderas Timeshare Resort near Puerta Vallarta, MX. The pitch was that I got a reduced rate for trading my other timeshare for theirs, plus if I paid off the balance within one year, I would receive a partial refund from USA Trust in Mt. Dora, FL in 2009. I received a letter back stating that Rancho Banderas never funded the program. Now I call, and my calls are not returned from their maintenance fee collector, Resorts Wst Management at 877-451-1241. As I have read in other complaints posted, when I call to try to make a reservation, there are...

Timeshare - Florida, Pompano Beach / Rent or Sell my Timeshare

On Sept. 2007 IBD-Marketing representative contacted me and told me that they can help me rent or sell my timeshare. I told them that I haven't used my timeshare since 2003 after my husband passed away. So, they told told they will advertise and sell my timeshare and that, they will contact me if there is an offer that falls between the negotiable and firm price. They told me that the advetising fee is $882.00 one time fee and a contract has to be signed by me to go through the process. I trusted this company that they are tue to their words. On Sept. 12, 2008 I signed a contract and i...

Timeshare - Florida / I can't get in touch with anyone

In August 2007 I recieved a call on our resort 'we wanted to sell they guaranted to sell withen a month a big demand on this property they said.I never signed a contract they mailed it some place else .I wanted my 1,200 they took out of my account ,and I get no re sponce.I havn,t got an e-mail.I've called get no answer.all lines are busy with complaints I guess .I just want my 1,2oo dollars back thanks Cindy