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Throggs Neck Houses Complaints & Reviews

Throggs Neck Houses - New York, Bronx / mold, open ceiling and walls in bathroom

Oct 04, 2018

I live in throggs neck houses and they came to my apartment to Clean the mold in my bathroom and bedrooms, I have had many problems with my bathroom ceiling and walls because of a leak that happens from the apartment above me, so my ceiling and walls are always falling out, they come they plaster and sooner or later it happens again. This time they came basically scraped my ceiling raw and walls opened and told me the supervisor of plastering and bricklayers and the plumber was coming to my apartment, no one ever showed and found they didn't even put tickets in for it, me and family cannot bath in that bathroom and I need some help cause this is ridiculous.

Throggs Neck Houses - New York, Bronx / supervisors & maintenance staff

Aug 28, 2018

We are appalled at the fact that the supervisors and their subordinates who have been having parties involving drinking and sex on the housing grounds and off-site are being transferred to other developments rather than being FIRED!!! That was a terrible management decision. Their conduct is beyond unacceptable! NYCHA is sending a terrible message just like the Catholic Archdiocese sent to the Priests who are pedophiles. Instead of taking their robes and sending them home, they transferred them to another Parish where they continued to rape children. The message both NYCHA & the Archdiocese...