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TBC Goldens Complaints & Reviews

TBC Goldens / Dog Breeder

Dec 15, 2015

The Breeders names are Leah and Harold Winkler. There is an open fraud investigation, pending charges against them right involving eBay. This woman copy/pasted and altered a private message I sent to a breeder, advising her that her dog's registration may be fraudulent. Buyer Beware!! The breeder can now make an informed decision. (Ms Franklin is my sister.) TBC Goldens added to my message that was posted on here with "I lost my mind". I did not write that. This woman is deranged. Referring to me as a "lesbian" first of all is inappropriate, and especially on a public posting . Ashley Robert...

TBC Goldens - North Carolina, Hildebran / Awful to deal with

Sep 08, 2015

if you are thinking about getting a pup from TBC Goldens in NC., think again. The owner is crazy. Don't do it. Our 8 week old pup caught a virus which may or may not been caused at birth. She was awful to deal with. Don't buy her pups! She is a crazy person!!! Buyer beware!