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Taxmasters Complaints & Reviews

Taxmasters - Connecticut / took money to solve our tax problems with no results.

stephenmcd on Jun 20, 2011

We had money problems due to my injuries and disability's which led a foreclosure on our house. We lost everything and then got a very big tax bill from Ct & the IRS. We hired Tax Masters who wanted their money upfront but promised us a reduced tax bill. We ended up after years of back and forth with them for more and more info and then they presented the IRS with a ridiculous offer which was of course denied. They took our money knowing that they couldn't get our taxes reduced.

Taxmasters - Texas, Houston / TaxMasters Class Action


The Spencer Law Firm has filed a class action lawsuit against TaxMasters, and we are investigating TaxMasters' business practices with regard to the following issues: 1. Whether TaxMasters' performance of its work is consistent or inconsistent with the representations it makes in its initial telephone consultations with its customers; and 2. How TaxMasters actually performs its refund policy with customers who refuse to sign the TaxMasters written contract. If you have any information that relates to these issues, we would like to speak with you. Please contact our office at the...

Taxmasters - Texas, Houston / TaxMasters Investigation


The Spencer Law Firm is investigating TaxMasters on behalf of our clients. We are interested in speaking to residents of Texas and other states about their experiences with TaxMasters. If you'd like to help our investigation, please contact Kim Robards at 713-961-7770 or via email at [email protected] Thank you, Kimberly A. Robards Legal Assistant The Spencer Law Firm 4635 Southwest Freeway, Suite 900 | Houston, Texas 77027 Ph: (713) 961-7770 | Fx: (713) 961-5336 |

Taxmasters - Colorado, Ordway / Fraudulent Acts

I sent this complaint to CNN and hope that they may be able to help in that they can inform Taxmasters they are aware of their corrupt, deceiving, fraudulent tactics and acts. They are not acting for the good of the people. People like me sincerely believe organizations like this, we have no money to turn to high priced attorney's and hope with all we have that they will be sincere and helpful in everyway they know. I don't understand how people can be so hurtful and dishonest. I need the $1, 800.00 I paid Taxmasters. I need to pay the IRS. They never contacted the IRS, Tereasa Isom...

Taxmasters - Texas, Dallas / ripped me off

My husband passed away, while I was getting my paperwork in order to file my taxes that year, I discovered that he had not filed in 10 years, I lay on the couch not knowing what to do for 2 days..I saw a commercial on tv for Taxmasters, this was In March of 09, I called and yes the man I spoke to on the phone was very nice and convenced me to let them solve my problem and get my tax bill down for me. He told me the cost and chaged my card half one day and half the next day, which totaled over the 7 months right at $7000.00. and at first it seemed they were working on my case, they asked for...

Taxmasters - Illinois / Scam


IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED IN A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT PLEASE POST IT ON THIS FORM. TAXMASTERS MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THE MANY SCAMS THEY HAVE DONE. I contacted TaxMasters (TM) because the State of Illinois was auditing my company for a Used Tax which is purchasing materials out of state in which Illinois wants revenue for. Which this is too a complaint for another form. Anyway, when I contacted TM and I was told that they do handle state audits and this is something they do all the time. The sales person on the phone claimed I would have both a tax attorney and a CPA assist me at my...

Taxmasters - Texas, Houston / TaxMasters -- PLS READ -- agencies and addresses to complain to

Hi, If you've been a victim of TaxMasters, below is a good starting list of everyone you should send a letter to, detailing your experience. Signed and mailed letters are often still taken more seriously than an emailed or faxed one. You should also include any/all supporting documentation/evidence. This really is needed. The sooner these agencies receive more complaints about this company, the more they will investigate. 1. Your state's Attorney General 2. All of your state's Senators and Representatives (Federal and State) 3. All of the following: U.S. Treasury...

Taxmasters - Texas, Houston / Class Action Suit Called For

There are more than 450 complaints on here for Tax Masters under different headings and spelliings that I have found so far. I call for a class action suit.

Taxmasters - Texas, Houston / Fraudulent Bunch of Crooks

TaxMasters Illegally withdrew $1, 500 “TWICE” from my account without my written authorization, and, , after I called them and cancelled their services within the Federal 3 day Right of rescission. I DIDN'T SIGN MY NAME ON ANY DOCUMENTS FROM THEM. AND THEY DID NOT PROVIDE ANY SERVICES. They even “Created” an official looking paper check, putting my name and info on it just like an bank check, filled in TaxMasters on the “Pay to the order of” Line, put a check number on each one of 8000 and 8010, and then in the signature space put in: SIGNATURE NOT...

Taxmasters - Connecticut, Watertown / Will not refund money for services not rendered

On May 26th, 2009, I contacted TaxMasters regarding a tax problem I had with the State of Ct. After speaking at length with Corey McAllister, I agreed to have them represent me. I was told the charge was $2500 and I agreed to a 5-payment plan, deducting $500 from my checking account each month. I never signed a contract, but did give my checking account information over the phone. The next day I decided to try to solve the problems myself and thought why give TaxMasters $2500, try and negotiate with the State of CT, which I was able to do. I then called and left e-mail messages cancelling my service...

Taxmasters - Texas, huston / not professional

Yep, same story. Here is what to do: 3/10/09 I called the Texas State Attorney Generals office, There are 77 complaints on file. They reffered me to Harris County District Attorney’s office, 713-755-5836. I was informed “A special Agent has been assigned to this case, Send complaints to:” US Treasury Department Special Agent Farwell 1919 Smith St. #2270 Huston, TX 77002 No phone or Email information is given.

Taxmasters - Texas / THIEVES!!!

This company is made up of thieves!!! To give you an idea please visit the above website!!! I WANT MY REFUND OF NEARLY $5, 0000.00 that they have stolen from me!!! Who is with me to stop at nothing...this website is a gift from all of

Taxmasters - Texas, Houston / complaints board

It's almost ridiculous when I look at this complaint board regarding Taxmasters. In February of this year I had a levy on my wages that I called Taxmasters to assist me with. I owed approximately 27K and the IRS was stopping at nothing to take from me what little I brought home. I spoke with tax consultant, Brian Gordon and he insisted that he could assist me in saving my paycheck along with my home. I don't know about most of you, but I live paycheck to paycheck and if the IRS would have taken a single paycheck from me then it would have been difficult to maintain my mortgage for...

Taxmasters - Texas, Houston / REFUSES TO REFUND $5,000.00

Below is a letter sent to the President and Vice President of TaxMasters...this has been an ongoing issue since January of 2008 and we have gotten no assistance from these scam artists. Please be aware that TAXMASTERS is a FRAUD!!! Dear Mr. Cox & Mr. Clamon, In April 2008 after many attempts to have questions answered by your staff we terminated TaxMasters services. We could not speak to a representative capable of answering our inquiries about the status of our account which lead us to be aware that TaxMasters was questionable. We concluded that the services agreed upon had never been performed...

Taxmasters - Texas, Houston / Fraud and scam!


This company charged me $4, 000 under the pretense that they would renegotiate my $12, 000 debt to the IRS down to about $.30 on the dollar. They were to set up a power of attorney with the IRS and act as my agent to stop any harassment. They were to set up a hearing to renegotiate my debt and ex-IRS agents would use every trick in the book to lower my debt. I hired them November 5, 2007. In March I received a notice from the IRS that I was going into levy. I called Taxmasters repeatedly trying to get someone to tell me what they were doing to stop it. I was passed around to many different...