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Tampa Bay Surgery Center Complaints & Reviews

Tampa Bay Surgery Center - Florida, Tampa / Surgical experience at dale mabry location

Dec 31, 2016

My husband was scheduled for shoulder surgery at the Tampa Bay Surgery Center on Dale Mabry. We arrived on time to find that the office was not opened yet. They unlocked the doors shortly after but only called my husband back 15 minutes before they were ready to start. I was told to wait in the lobby while he changed and then I would be brought back to see him before he was taken in. 20 minutes later, I overhear the staff discussing that my husband is already in surgery! I was never given a chance to see him before he went in for a major procedure. I was then told that they have a schedule to adhere...

Tampa Bay Surgery Center - Florida, Tampa / Poor Service


DO NOT USE Tampa Bay Surgery Center!!! The worst experience Ever!!! They do not know up from down, which is really scary when you are thinking about getting surgery done here! They were rude, inefficient, and late. I had to tell them why I was there 3 times! It made me so uncomfortable that I left. I am SO glad that I did. I went to another surgery facility about 3 months later and was treated much better. It's SO important to have trust in the facility and the people that your surgeon uses. DO not go here!