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Sunshine Promotions Complaints & Reviews

Sunshine Promotions - Virginia / AND IM NOT FINISHED!!!


Get a life and grow up...There is not one thing in the presentation that is not fulfilled by the program. Everything is in the paperwork that you sign when you become a member, Just because you get buyers remorse, dont talk down a business...They have an A+ rating with the BBB and i can tell you right now that these complaints didnt come from members, because all the prices that are told to us in the presentation are right on the website that i can book all day long.

Sunshine Promotions - Virginia / VACATION STATION


Im confused on some of the stuff i read on here. The complaints i am seeing must be from people that did not buy in... Because I literally just returned from hawaii...The cost of the condo for the week was $340.00 dollars. It was wonderful, if you havent been then you should...And please if you can get me a week in hawaii for cheaper than 340.00 !POST HOW!

Sunshine Promotions / ####READ THIS####


Okay...TAKE A BREATH...No one is out to get you.. Heres some facts, Me and my wife of 22 years went and purchased the gold crown resorts membership from a sunshine promotions presentation. The membership works just like the sales people say...Me and my wife has already been on two beautiful condo stays and a cruise with the membership and never had a problem...So use it before bashing the company!

Sunshine Promotions / Scam


I have read the other complaints on here and I would just like to say that the promotional gift that you receive at the presentation is very restricted. But I have to say the membership with gold crown resorts is full proof. we just went on our first trip with gold grown and it was wonderful, location and condo was the must relaxing combination I have ever been to.

Sunshine Promotions - Maryland / scam by sunshine promotions


Recently my wife and I become a victims of carefully planned and orchestrated scam by Sunshine promotions, Gold Crown Resorts. We attended on March 26, 2010 the presentation by Sunshine promotion at their location at 901 31st NW Washington, DC During presentation we were told a lot of wonderful and promising things about the company and were offered to become a member of Gold Crown Resorts . We sing all application forms and use our credit card for total amount of 5, 593.00. However, when we come home and search the internet we found out that we were totally mislead and misinformed about the...

Sunshine Promotions - District of Columbia / FBI Investigation


Using Deceptive Advertising Practices, this Boiler Room Operation is officially under Federal Investigation. Over 300 complaints from the NAAG and FTC prompted this action. Craigslist Fraud Center created several decoy ads with phone numbers included, to see which businesses would solicit them against TOU policy. Sunshine Promotions scanned these Craigslist ads, phoned the telephone numbers in the ads using Spoofed numbers, and solicited Vacation Packages. Although 42 inch Plasma's, $2500 Cash and a brand new Lincoln Navigator were also being given away, no single attendee has ever won...

Sunshine Promotions / Misleading Phone Call re:Prize Won


I too received the same call with the same information. They are back in business in the Washington DC area. Interestingly, the first time I "promised" to come to their event, they were representing a promotions company. The second time, when they invited me back and I again promised to come, they were representing Sunshine Promotions--"we are now called Sunshine Promotions, and the sign has changed on the door" I was told. Yeah right. Like I thought they were legit up until that point.<br /> <br /> I just wish they would stop calling over and over again. There is nothing that sound...

Sunshine Promotions - District of Columbia, Washington / False advertisement of free gifts


I received a postcard stating that I had been selected to receive an 8 day/7 night cruise and if I responded within 72 hours two free airline tickets to any where in the U.S. When I called I was told that I would have to attend a 90 minute presentation with no obligation to buy any thing. After arriving in Washington after a 90 minute drive we sat through the presentation asking you to join a travel club. We were passed from one level to the next after we would not agree to join. After three hours I finally cracked and agreed to join the club. When they were going over all the details we were...

Sunshine Promotions - District of Columbia, Washington / Marketing Fraud


We purchased a Gold Crown Resort package through Sunshine promotions for $7, 000. and found out after the purchase that we were saving nothing on the publicized places that we wanted to go to on vacation packages, cruises, airline tickets, and lodging that we expected to book through Gold Crown Resorts. We were told at a big screen glorified presentation at their Washingtion DC location (before we purchased the agreement) that we would save thousands on the vacation packages that were presented to us. I have proof of listed savings on the GCR web site vs direct contact with the organization...

Sunshine Promotions - District of Columbia / &Free& Gift that costs $500


I received a postcard stating that I had been selected to receive a complimentary cruise as well as complimentary air fare for two. When I called, I was told that I would have to listed to a 90-minute presentation about a unique travel service first. I was also told that I would have to pay ONLY a $50 per person refundable deposit to hold the airline tickets, but that all other benefits would be without any charge. I made an appointment and drove well over an hour to hear the presentation. When I declined the offer to join a travel club, I was given two promotional certificates. The airfare...

Sunshine Promotions - Maryland / Bogus Winning of &Free& Resort Condo.


A caller with a very heavily accented English asked for me by name to inform me of my winning a sweepstake submitted during December 2008. Since I don't participate in sweepstakes, I promptly asked him to remove my name and phone number from his list and hung up the phone. He called me back right away to push further... For verification purposes, I asked him for his company's name again (Sunshine Promotions), phone number (7186736170), and address (901 31st St., NW Washington, DC 20007), web site (didn't give any), and his name ("Joe Shafer"). After he mentioned the winning...