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Stroman Realty Complaints & Reviews

Stroman Realty - Florida / Timeshare Sales


I wish I had gone to this website sooner, was talked into listing my Las Vegas Timeshare just as these other people by a fast talking sales person at Stroman Realty that "assured" me had a waiting list for my type of property and and the sale would be fast...had to give them the $500.00 listing fee asap as time was wasting...people were ready to buy...this was two yrs ago, they took my money and havent heard a thing from them since! What a rip off!!! Please check them out before you invest your money!!!

Stroman Realty / timeshare fraud


Whoaaaaa... I think I win the stroman prize!!. my timeshare at ocean forest colony in myrtle beach, sc, has been listed for over twenty years (since late 80s) and i, too, was promised it would be an easy sell. I have never ever ever ever had a callback from them. sure, I called them and changed the price to rock-bottom and still no offers, no call. I will keep changing the price again... but, seriously, does anybody ever sell anything through stroman? I hate to think scam, but what else. I guessb ack in those days they only clipped me for a $79 up-front fee, but really... stroman... if you are real I think 20 years is long enough to sell this beachfront unit... cmon...