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Jul 06, 2015

i was charged $88 for premium membership 2 days after i made my purchase on 25 June 2015. See picture attached. called the customer service (CS) hotline and they told me that it was in the terms and conditions when i made my purchase. the thing is there was no option or anything like that to "choose" to subscribe to the membership. CS officer said that a confirmation email had been sent to me to confirm the membership. Went to check my email and it was in the junk folder with subject "Enjoy your StreetDeal Premium benefits". Seriously, people seldom read emails with such subject. Anyway, CS... / SCAMMING CUSTOMERS BY CHARGING $88 ON THEIR CREDIT CARD

Jan 15, 2015

I'm extremely shocked to see a statement with $88 dollars charged for no reason & upon googling i realised the scam Streetdeal was conducting with their premium membership. during the purchase it was in 'fine-prints' that I am subscribed to the premium membership automatically for 2 days, the details of which are not clear at the moment. however I was charged 88$ after 2 days without my permission !! when searched on the web I was shocked that I was no the only one who was tricked by this fraudulent practice! necessary action should be taken against these kind of companies Thank you / Data compremise​d!!

Apr 28, 2014

I was emailing via my gmail account to submit receipts for cash back purchases, everything went smoothly back for the last few months. Around 2 days ago, Theepa Magantharan, a customer service executive emailed me to inform that I should submit my cash back request via an online form, via However, my effort was unsuccessful after several attempts, I called back many times without success thus I emailed my concerns. The reply was to ask me to try the following day as you guys will need to feedback to the IT department. Earlier this evening, again I was using my gmail account and... / Unclear Charges

May 02, 2013

I was not aware of this premium membership and was being charged $99 for the membership. I only realised upon the receiving of my credit card bills. I was not even given any receipt or received any email on the activation of this membership. I simply felt cheated upon seeing my credit card bill. / Premium Membership SCAM

Jan 07, 2013

StreetDeal's premium membership is SCAM! You have to pay S$9.9 every month for 10% off. But, you have to subscribe this membership for at least 6 months, if you early terminate, there will be a PENALTY fee S$54.6! They said you already aggree with the T&C, but the T&C is very hard to find. In their advertise page of the premium membership, no word state the 6 months period and the early penalty fee. So don't greedy for small advantages. For their deal, actually not good enough, even you have the additional 10% off, the price still not as good as the other deal site, last time I...