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Streetdeal Complaints & Reviews

Streetdeal / Deduction of membership not only once but quarterly basis

Dec 15, 2015

I was so dis appointing with their service, i felt like cheated!!!not only once but many trying to call them but no one pick up the phone, i emailed them and replied it was a membership thats all their explaination.I want a refund starting July 2014 till now 6x88.70=532.20 because im not aware until today only. 09 Dec 2015 this is the latest they deduct on me. Misc DR-Debit Card STREETDEAL.SG 88.70 SGD

Streetdeal / They charge me for fake subscription

Sep 21, 2014

Several weeks ago I noticed two unauthorized charges from the company StreetDeal. They took about $200 and I didn’t understand for what. I called to this company and asked to explain it, and it turned out that it was fee for subscription. I told that I never subscribed for them, and the rep hung up on me. I wonder if there are other people, who had the same experience. Can you provide any good piece of advice?

Streetdeal / Charging without authorised

Jul 16, 2014

I had made a purchase from Street Deal, authorised to deduct but few days later realised that there is another deduction, when check with Street Deal, I was told it was for so called "Premium" membership. Wrote to them but all they say it's terms and conditions stated. Street Deal is definitely a cheating company and I do not understand why bank allow to deduct amount when we did not authorise them to do so.

Streetdeal / Streetdeal using credit card info for dispute transaction

May 22, 2013

22 May, I received sms from cimb notify that my card been charge for rm149 from streedeal Singapore. I don’t receive any tac for the transaction and I am confidence that I don’t make any transaction that time. This make me worry to use card for any transaction after this. How can streetdeal simply use my card? I always do online transaction and normally I will received secure tac. But the transaction on 22 May doesn’t require any tac and simply deduct rm149 from my card. Streetdeal save customer credit card info. Streetdeal is a fraud company. i am very sure that i not the only one who face this issue

Streetdeal / Feel Cheated

Apr 08, 2013

I was been charged for the premium membership and I have wrote in to terminate within the same month. They said refund will be made to me in 2 week’s time but I have waited since Jan13 till today! Call them, no ones pick up. Email replied is always the same message... Very disappointed. Streetdeal merchants also not very good. The pedicure voucher which I bought, their service level is 3/10. The pedicure staff told me they only earn very little b'coz Streetdeal charged them for commission, therefore their service is like this... omg!

Streetdeal / refund not received & bad service

Dec 27, 2012

Hi. I have bought leggings for RM22. The seller claimed streetdeal itself didn't provide money to her for her transaction and out of stock. I then claimed the refund from streetdeal and requested for money to refunded back to my streetdeal avcount. I was told it can be done within 48 hours yet I didnt get it even after 8 days now. The worst part is streetdeal never respond to any of 4 follow-up emails I sent nor did they pick up calls. I have posted on their facebook with no luck neither. Also, I have noticed many streetdeal consumers are complaining on their ignorance of calls and mail...