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Steamy Dates Complaints & Reviews

Steamy Dates / This is big scam, so avoid it

Sep 27, 2015

Don’t use Steamy Dates, because all these dates, profiles and messages are big scam. I have used the services of the company and it wasn’t good idea at all. I have believed one girl and she scammed me in the result. I wanted to lend her money, but she got the details of my card. I have cancelled it fast and it was really on time. So, I decided to warn other people about this scam and please, share it.

Steamy Dates - California, San Francisco / Bait and Switch Tactic

Jul 05, 2015

Well it starts out where you enter your information and a photo, still no money has traded hands as yet. Then within minutes a girl writes you saying something like, I enjoyed your profile, want to get together, well that goes on, and on, so you think, this looks like a great dating site, especially the girls are all in your city, so you join. Now all the girls that sent me a message saying they wanted to date me I contacted, not one reply, not one, I sent another message and another message with no avail, so this company is a bait and switch dating site, using fake models and pictures. I...