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starlight auto broker Complaints & Reviews

starlight auto broker - Florida, Opa Locka / Company provided fake papers and after that started to ignore me

Apr 19, 2014

The company Starlight Auto Broker is total rip off. They provided me fault documents to my car and when I found out about it, I immediately called them. I paid $800 for the registration, but they gave me fake papers. I argued with them and told to get new papers for my car, but these scammers only told me to wait and stated to ignore me. Avoid them and share this info, maybe it will help other people.

starlight auto broker - Florida, Opa Locka / car

Oct 16, 2013

I paid 4200 on a car and and $700 for registartion. i recently was pulled over and car was impounded due to bad tag. i was furious so i called the agent and asked him to send over the right appaerwork because the car is impounded instead he tell me that the dealership said i can not get my car and i have to pay the full balance on the car to get it back which was at the time 2500. So i asked why, he never responed and start ignoring my calls. the next day i call the tow company and they tell me he came and got teh car so i call him because for one he did not tell me he was coming to get my car...