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Southern Grove Complaints & Reviews

Southern Grove / mixed nuts (less than 50% peanuts)

Apr 25, 2019

I went to eat one of the almonds out of the can of Southern Grove Mixed Nuts I recently purchased at Aldo Inc, but noticed it very strange looking. UGH!!! Protruding from one end of the almond looks like some kind of bug eggs and webbings. (Spider eggs?). See photo below. Oh my! Can't believe I didn't eat it!!! Did I eat others already!! This is disgusting!

Southern Grove / mixed nuts

Jan 31, 2019

As you can see by the pic of your Southern Grove mixed nuts it says less than 50% peanuts. That's a lie. It has more peanuts than anything in it. I got only 2 Brazil nuts out of this whole can. Very few cashews and pecans. Had many almonds though. Not happy at all with the deceptive labeling. As for the quality of the product it is very good, very tasty.

Southern Grove - Pennsylvania, Hollidaysburg / almonds roasted with sea salt

Feb 20, 2018

I purchased the bag of Almonds at Aldi's. I portion out the Almonds into A small measuring cup. I grabbed a couple almonds & threw them in my mouth when 1 of them wouldn't break apart. I spit it out only to see a fake finger nail!! That is so gross! I took a picture of it and can send it to you if you want to see it! I hope to hear from you about this matter!

Southern Grove - Indiana, Fort Wayne / salt & pepper cashews

Feb 10, 2016

I regularly buy these from Aldi's for my husband, he loves them. Today, he opened a bag and while eating cashews from the bag noticed that one he grabbed had what looked like cobwebs hanging from it. He dumped the bag into a bowl to find a lot of the same on all of the nuts in the bag then dug a bit more and found a live moth in the cashew mix. If that is not bad enough he thinks that the moth has likely layed eggs in the mix that he could have very well eaten - absolutely disgusting! We will never buy this product again.

Southern Grove - Wisconsin, Green Bay / mixed nuts

Feb 18, 2012

I was eating mixed nuts from Aldis, then I plucked out of my mouth a Rock that looked just like cashew. I was lucky I didn't break a tooth! I have the rock and the can of nuts it came from. Should I pursue this any farther?